Teenager Dies in Attempt to Save Her Puppies From House Fire

    Teenager Dies in Attempt to Save Her Puppies From House Fire

    A tragic incident occurred where 15-year-old Rhianne King lost her life trying to save her dogs from a house fire. According to her siblings, Rhianne loved her dogs more than anything and instead of trying to save herself by escaping out her bedroom window, she ran towards the flames to try and save her puppies.

    “She was trying to get the dog and the smoke got to her because, by the time my sister left her room, the smoke had already engulfed the entire living room,” said Kaelyn Wells, Rhianne’s older sister. “It just shows that she was selfless and would rather risk her life to save those puppies than try to save herself.”

    The incident happened early on Sunday morning at the home where Rhianne's mother, younger sister, and brother lived on State Road 113. The fire started around 7 am and the mother attempted to go back in to save Rhianne but was injured in the process and had to leave.

    Rhianne's older brother James King, 17, said it was a terrifying morning. “I turned around to see if I could escape from my door,” he said. “I opened it – too much smoke and immediately closed it then my door handle came off. Then I heard my mom tell me to push out my ac to get out through my window, so I was able to get through. After that, we were gathering up all the dogs that we found trying to see if Rhianne was anywhere.”

    Although Rhianne did not make it, she managed to save one little puppy. Two other puppies, a bearded dragon, and a ferret also died.

    The family believes the fire was electrical and it started behind their fish tank near some space heaters they had.

    “My family’s been in shambles since,” James said. “My mom’s the most worrisome right now, she’s barely keeping it together, so I’ve just been trying to help everyone calm down.”

    The family said Rhianne loved photography. She had previously attended Firelands High School but was currently enrolled in online schooling and was in the 10th grade.

    “My little sister was my angel,” said Wells. “She was my best friend, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do without her. She was everything I wish I could’ve been and more and seeing her on that table was the worst thing I could’ve ever seen. I raised that kid.”

    The family said they’re now trying to find a new home and make arrangements to bury their little sister. They informed that the community support and prayers they’ve received have meant everything.

    Source: Cleveland 19 News

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