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Trayvon Martin

Eddie Murphy’s’Coming 2 America’ Gets Purchased By Amazon For $125 Million

Word on the streets is that Amazon bought the rights to the highly anticipated sequel to Coming to America. The other word on the street is that they will allow it to be streamed on December 18th. This day will be like a national holiday for some and you can include me in.

2020 US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Used Her Platform To Honor Seven People Killed For Being Black

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)Naomi Osaka gives her 2020 US Open winner’s speech after her championship victory. She was the first finalist since 1994 to come back and win after losing the first match. She said she changed her attitude because she didn’t want to lose in less than an hour.

EDEN BodyWorks’ “Beyond the Label” Ignites Powerful Conversations and Inspires Women Across the Globe to Transcend Societal Boundaries

[caption id="attachment_189777" align="alignnone" width="400"] EDEN BodyWorks’ “Beyond the Label” Ignites Powerful Conversations and Inspires Women Across the Globe to Transcend Societal Boundaries (PRNewsfoto/EDEN BodyWorks)[/caption]EDEN BodyWorks' "Beyond the Label" Ignites Powerful Conversations and Inspires Women Across the Globe to Transcend Societal Boundaries-- Wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, mentor. Every single day, women are classified and inevitably boxed into labels based on the roles they play in the world. While labels hold significance, they'll never have the capacity to embody the beauty and fullness of the lives they are placed upon.

Jamie Foxx Speaks at Trayvon Martin Peace Rally

Jamie Foxx attended the Trayvon Martin Peace Rally in Florida and makes a profound statement.

5 Current Stories That Prove America Isn’t Always So Beautiful

They lyrics to "America the Beautiful" read as such, "O beautiful for spacious skies/ For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties / Above the fruited plain! /America! America!

George Zimmerman fight with DMX Speaks Volumes about the value of a Black Man’s Life

Some news just makes me wanna Vomit, hurl up all my food... Trayvon Martin would have celebrated his 19th birthday today and it's Black History Month but instead of talking about Trayvon what's making bigger news in publications like USAToday and Time is his murderer, an overzealous portly "mall cop" with a gun by the name of george zimmerman.

George Zimmerman’s Wife Seeks Divorce and Half the Money

 By  - Rebecca ‘Rain’ RodriguezWe can place this under the category- Everyone saw that one coming.Shellie Zimmerman, 26, was married to george zimmerman for almost seven years. She stuck with him through the Trayvon Martin trial. She lied for him and faced charges of her own for those lies.

Oprah Says Trayvon and Emmett Till are the Same In Her Mind

In an interview with The Grio about her new movie The Butler, Oprah Winfrey compares Trayvon Martin's murder to Emmett Till's. "It's so easy during this time... Trayvon Martin paralleled Emmett Till, let me just tell ya. In my mind. Same thing.

George Zimmerman Juror: ‘In Our Hearts, We Felt He Was Guilty’

In an ABC News exclusive, "GMA's" Robin Roberts talks with the woman known as Juror B29.https://youtu.be/eG8KZEJGtco

#FACTSONLY Interview with JAY Z Part 2: He Discusses Trayvon and More

In Part 2 of the #FactsOnly interview, JAY Z gives Elliott Wilson a glimpse into his views on respect and competition within the music world; the shared stories between sports and hip hop music;

Al Roker Speaks on Being a Black Man in the Media

Al Roker dropped by Sway in the Morning he addressed a question about being a Black man in the media and he discusses the George Zimmerman trial and the prosecuting not doing a good job.

Hot 97 Reads a Powerful Letter to George Zimmerman

Hot 97's Ebro enlisted Shani Kulture to read a letter to George Zimmerman written by a black male that posted the letter on...

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