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On Episode 11 of State of the Culture, The Group Discusses Tekashi 69’s Controversies,...


On this weeks’ episode of State of the Culture, the group talks about Netflix’s new hip-hop competition series ‘Rhythm and Flow,’ Waka Flocka retiring from hip-hop, how controversial 6ix9ine is, and more.

Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, Remy Ma, and Jinx discusses all the controversy pertaining to Tekashi 69. This year the rapper has been robbed multiple times, allegedly kidnapped, jumped and recently has his video shoot shot up. Scottie Beam explains that she is not fearful for the rapper’s life, but that 6ix9ine has been starting problems and upsetting people over the internet. She also explains how he goes to different cities and states asking to fight other rappers whom he doesn’t like or has problems with. The group also speaks on how Waka Flocka is retiring and is deciding to grow and be with his family. They also discuss their segment of Black Excellence and gave props to Michelle Obama for releasing her new book ‘Becoming’ and Serena Williams for her Woman of The Year Cover with GQ, and more. You can watch new episodes every Monday on Revolt.tv and Revolt’s YouTube page at 5 pm ET and every Tuesday on Revolt’s television station at 10 pm ET. You can watch the full episode down below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqZXYjWTXZ4&t=40s
Hip Hop Got a Shot in the Arm (Guest Post)

Hip Hop Got a Shot in the Arm (Guest Post)

rfocus.orgWe get a little history lesson on the art of battle in hip hop music and how the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef has created some excitement within the genre and beyond.  Check out the post below. Guest Post from Words of the Intelligent Ignorant By Renard Michael Mayfield Hip Hop got a shot in the arm from an art-form of “the battle rap” and diss record yesterday (Saturday 02/25/2017). Remy Ma sent out a tweet of her with a link to a SoundCloud track with excellent artwork of her diss track ShETHER that is aimed at Nicki Minaj. Before I go into just talking about that one, the art of the diss goes all the way back to Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee. Many remember the long standing battle between Kool Moe Dee and LL Cool J. While some felt LL won with Jack The Ripper, he did “Knock” out Kool Moe Dee with Momma Said Knock you out. We can never forget Ice Cube ripping NWA along with Jerry Heller on No Vaseline (on Death Certificate). One of my favorite battles/beefs features the South Side of Chicago’s own Lonnie Rashid Lynn, better known as, Common, and the West Coast Royalty, Ice Cube. After taking a line in “I Used To Lover H.E.R.” a little too personally, Cube’s Wack 10 MC (or a .22 to quote the record), released Westside Slaughterhouse. Common’s “The Bitch in Yoo” was the response, and he let the world know his bars are ready and even performed the joint in the House Of Blues in LA. To talk about diss records, I can’t leave out Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” which could only be purchased as a B-Side (vinyl) or bonus track on CD, when you bought a copy of “How Do You Want It”. The battle between Nas & Jay-Z felt like it came out of no-where, but you knew it was real when you heard Jay-Z’s “TAKEOVER” and the line “You made it a hot line/I made it a hot song and challenge his sales and credibility of Nas’ catalogue. Nas didn’t just sit back, he answered with ETHER. Many knew he couldn’t end Jay, but felt the battle was won by Nas with that track. The beef was over when Jay brought Nas out on stage and announced he had signed him to Def Jam (with agreement with Columbia Records obviously). Back in the day, diss records took a long time to come out because they were actual album cuts or release only as white label vinyl for DJ’s as promos only. In recent years, the battle game is a lot quicker. Twitter and Instagram beef is sped up by the internet. We got a taste of that on “Stay Schemin” in the beef between Common and Drake. The back and forth via the internet and videos and concert clips was played out via Drake and Meek Mill and fans got to benefit from it. Our entertainment made our thumbs tired as we clicked through on our phones as we wanted to know more. Now back to Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. As hip hop music fans know, Minaj came to prominence during a time that Remy was behind bars (and one can only imagine the bars she wrote, and hell even spit in battles). When Gucci Mane released “Make Love” feat. Nicki Minaj, the words, “Oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here? One Platinum Plaque, album flopped, b*tch, where?” there was wonder into who that was about. There was an alleged response on PHreshers “Wait a Minute,” but Remy Ma wasn’t finished. I must say, I woke up from a nap seeing the hashtag #ShETHER everywhere and what had Remy Ma really said. A quick Google search sent me to Remy Ma’s official twitter account and seeing she had a track ready for us with a link to her SoundCloud. I wanted to click on that link instead of borrowed tracks from DJ’s and other options like YouTube. When I did click on it, I kept playing it over and over. I was already loving the title ShETHER and using the play on words referencing the closing record’s title “Ether” from the infamous back and forth between Jay-Z and Nas. There has been debate over is this the best diss by some. I don’t personally think so, but the best part is that we get to listen to it all. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube and many other online options, the release is quick. I have also seen Apple Music talking about come listen to the track there, so don’t think Remy isn’t going to get a few dollars from this too. Now the real question is when is Nicki Minaj going to clap back. We don’t want to wait. Oh, and we do see all of the jokes and memes of people suggesting that Nicki Minaj is just waiting for Drake and Lil Wayne to email it to her. That is a whole different debate. All of this being said, there is no other genre of music were the battle and beef can manifest itself into actual music and we get to experience the creativity. We are fans and we want more.  
BET Experience at L.A. Live Pics: Ro James, BJ the Chicago Kid, Bibi Bourelly and more took the BETX Music Stage 1

BET Experience at L.A. Live Pics: Ro James, BJ the Chicago Kid, Bibi Bourelly...

The day continued with amazing performances throughout the fan fest at free stages spread throughout the convention center. Ro James, BJ the Chicago Kid, Bibi Bourelly and more took the BETX Music Stage sponsored by Nissan, Dreezy, Desiigner, O.T. Genasis, Kevin Gates, Fat Joe and Remy Ma gave crowd pleasing performances at the BETX Main stage sponsored by JG Wentworth, and exciting acts Kodie Shane, Jacquees, Chloe x Halle and Jovaine hit the Coca-Cola Music Studio stage. #‎betawards2016‬ ‪#‎radiofacts‬ @radiofactsblog 543105670.443485277  543105674.443485314  543105678.443485297    543105688.443485331 543105690.443485336   543105890.443485457 543105892.443485474 543105898.443485477 543105902.443485471  543105920.443485512  543105984.443485583 543105986.443485590  543106000.443485598 543106030.443485603 543106042.443485614 543106054.443485629 543106058.443485639 543108742.443487351 543108756.443487358 543108760.443487352  543108776.443487437   543109164.443487933 543109166.443487952  543109170.443487960 543109324.443488001 543109348.443488006 543109362.443488011 543109364.443488016 543109384.443488021 543109500.443488046 543109502.443488038 543109506.443488041 543109552.443488063 543109554.443488057    543109688.443488169 543109694.443488179 543109698.443488184 543109704.443488174 543109770.443488194 543109774.443488214 543109780.443488201 543109790.443488211 543109804.443488204 543109812.443488219 543109814.443488234 543109824.443488254 543109828.443488251 543109832.443488241 543109834.443488248 543109842.443488272   543109862.443488280 543109868.443488285 543109880.443488296 543109898.443488313 543109918.443488335 543109920.443488338 543109956.443488360 543109992.443488459 543110018.443488475 543110196.443488759 543110232.443488764 543110374.443488794 543110462.443488871 543112610.443491050 543112618.443491060 543114112.443493119

OH NO! Remy Ma Victim Sues Universal Music Group, Claims They are Responsible for...

Radio Facts: Filed Under: Great Legal TeamIf Makeda wins this case, the labels better start turning all rappers into nuns and priests....