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Shannon Sharpe: America Wasn’t Built on Freedom, It Was Built on Racism

There are many out there who want athletes, former athletes, anyone for that matter to shut up, dribble, and stop talking about racism. Imagine that, people are tried of hearing about racism - well, imagine what it is like for the people who are always experiencing it. [...]

Are Rich Black People Treated Differently from Poor Black People?

There is a popular notion that America is not only racist, but it is also about the have and the have not's. I would say that both are true. Even among Black people and other people of color, there is a certain level of classism that exists. [...]

White Landlord Evicts Black Business Owner After Seeing Him Protest on TV

Jeremiah Johnson ProtestingLast time we checked, the first amendment in the Constitution gives us the right to assemble. I guess that doesn't apply to black business owners in the state of Iowa. [...]

Actress Keke Palmer Wants National Guard to Join the Movement

Some celebrities are posting about it and others like Keke Palmer, are in these streets trying to impart change. In this clip, Palmer is trying to convince the National Guard to march with the protesters. [...]

Romany Malco Breaks Racism All The Way Down

Awarding winning actor, Romany Malco does not pull any punches in this video as he eloquently breaks down racism from a historical context. This soliloquy, if you will, is not new but so poignant for the moment this country is facing. [...]

Muhammida El Muhajir TEDxTudu States Blacks Should Consider "Blaxit:" Moving to Africa

It's ironic that Muhammida El Muhajir did this Ted Talk at the end of 19, looking where we are this week. This has been an absolutely horrible week for Black people in America by one white woman and a police department in Minneapolis. [...]


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