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Pusha T Releases New Song with Lauryn Hill Entitled, “Coming Home”

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Pusha T is keeping his momentum going by releasing his second song of the week featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill.

The track, called "Coming Home," was produced by Kanye West and Mike Dean. “It speaks to just giving hope to those who are coming home and telling people who are locked up and behind the wall that we waiting on them, and we going to be out here as a support system when they get home," Pusha shared in an interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio.

Pusha also expressed how happy it was to work with Hill on the song.  “I just made the request. She expressed that she likes my music, and she’d see about it," he revealed. "It was just super important to me to definitely have her on it. Lauryn, her discography, it means everything. It’s insane, so this wasn’t about ever rushing or being on a time limit. It was just about getting the song done right and to both of our liking.” The artist isn't just rapping about the criminal justice system. He's also putting effort towards making a change. Pusha recently announced that he is collaborating with Brittany K. Barnett’s Buried Alive Project and MiAngel Cody’s The Decarceration Collective to launch the Third Strike Coming Home Campaign. The initiative will work to free people serving life in prison today under the much-criticized “3 Strikes” anti-drug law. Pusha has already donated $25,000 to the campaign. "Coming Home" follows the release earlier in the week of Pusha's song, "Sociopath" featuring Kash Doll. That track was unused on the rapper's recent album Daytona. Take a listen to both songs below! https://youtu.be/9bx_r7H7eF8 https://youtu.be/xq3eNq43C-0

J Prince Speaks On Drake, Birdman & His Upcoming Memoir ‘Respect’ On The Breakfast...


J Prince Speaks On Drake, Birdman & His Upcoming Memoir On The Breakfast Club Radio Show

Having just released his memoir, The Art & Science of Respect, J Prince stopped by The Breakfast Club Radio Show to drop gems in-between the exciting stories of his own experiences while in the rap game. Sitting with The Breakfast Club Radio Show, Prince talks about talking Drake out of releasing that response record to Pusha T, trying to convince Biggie and Puff to leave LA before Big was killed, and getting set up by elected officials. Check out the full interview below: https://youtu.be/o2_OS8yq3qs      
Kanye West

Tino Cochino hangs with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Chris Rock, Jonah Hill and...

EDITOR'S NOTE: I like this. "Postcard from the Road" and want to say thanks to Lisa Dollinger and Tino Cochino for sending us this press info about Kanye's event. 
I want to share the following "Postcard from the Road" from Tino Cochino, Host of YEA Networks' nationally syndicated show Tino Cochino Radio, the fastest-growing personality-driven radio show in the country. 
Tino Cochino Radio was launched to stations nationwide in mid-March by YEA Networks, which quickly signed on 25 affiliates for the next generation audio brand – including more than 50% of the 25 largest Hispanic markets in the U.S. Hosted by Tino Cochino and newly-named co-host Jackie Hollywood, Tino Cochino Radio provides Rhythmic and CHR stations with an innovative combination of topical and relatable on-air content, engaging, original video and social content, and a popular podcast.
Tino wrote the following after attending Kanye West's Album Listening Party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last night, where Kanye debuted his eighth studio album, Ye:
"I’m on my way from L.A. to Kanye West’s Album Listening Party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After about a 3-hour flight, we land in Jackson Hole…right next to a flock of private planes. We enter Grand Teton National Park, the views are amazing! Then I thought…there's going to be NO service here! THANK YOU for keeping us connected Ye! Everybody is out here. Lil Yachty was on our flight. Also in attendance: Def Jam Chief, Paul Rosenberg, Scooter Braun, Kim Kardashian West, Pusha T, Chris Rock, Jonah Hill, Fabolous, Kid Cudi, etc. The album is amazing. Everything. Lyrics, message, production. Thank you, Mr. West and the fam at Def Jam Records for the invitation and hospitality. I can't wait to share this experience on-air. Also, I gotta let you know there are a few more gems on my IG stories @TinoCochinoRadio, plus you get a little sneak at some of the tracks from “YE”."
Attached are photos of Tino Cochino taken at Kanye West's Album Listening Party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photos feature Tino with Jonah Hill, Chris Rock, Kim Kardashian West, and Kanye West.
Thanks for your interest in Tino Cochino's "Postcard from the Road"!
Kanye' s DONDA Music Joins Forces with Jay Z's Roc Nation

Kanye’ s DONDA Music Joins Forces with Jay Z’s Roc Nation

Radio Facts: kanyejayzYeezy and Hov have been collaborating for years and the partnership has garnered success. The dynamic duo killed the Watch the Throne tour and now they plan on linking up their labels. Kanye West's creative company DONDA has partnered with Jay Z's Roc Nation to manage all DONDA Music.  DONDA's House, which is the nonprofit portion of Kanye's imprint that is named in honor of his mother will still behave independently as a nonprofit organization. The music partnership will focus on Kanye's international recording brand and worldwide touring ventures. DONDA is the vision of West, who officially launched the brand in 2011. The company has directed music videos and content for several artists, including the likes of  Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Big Sean and others.   DONDa is also the brain behind   the concept, design, and production for West's "Yeezus Tour." Congrats to Kanye and Jay Z! We like to see people in the industry making power moves.