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ESSENCE Study Reveals Insights On Media Portrayals Of Black Women

Radio Facts: From primetime television to cable news, African-American women consume more media than any other comparison groups, and today, there is more mass and targeted content featuring African-American women than ever before.

Queen Sugar Production Crew Talks the Challenges of Shooting at Real Locations

Radio Facts: queen-sugar-2 If you haven't watched "Queen Sugar," on OWN, I advise that you check it out. It's a good show thus far with a incredible backdrop. Oprah and Ava DuVernay did their thing with this one. The scenes seem so real because they are shooting in real locations throughout Louisiana as well as LA. Check out this clip of the production crew talking about the challenges of shooting such a dynamic show. https://youtu.be/MHemFyrr3Sg

Michael B. Jordan: “Black Males, We Are America’s Pit Bulls”

Michael B. Jordan, received  rave reviews for his portrayal of Oscar Grant III in Fruitvale Station, a film that tells the true story of a young father shot to death by a transit officer at an Oakland, California, subway stop in 2009.

Magic Johnson Opens Up About His Sexual Past

Earvin Magic Johnson made an appearance on Oprah's Next Chapter and he talked about his threesomes, side chicks, and his promiscuous past.

Ruben Studdard Talks Life After American Idol

Ruben Studdard talks about his life after American Idol and the highs and lows of the music industry on Oprah. https://youtu.be/56NzM2a-rsw

The Devastating Aftermath of Milli Vanilli’s Lip-Synching Scandal on OWN

On Oprah's OWN, we get to find out what happened to Milli Vanilli from group member Fab. In the early '90s, Milli Vanilli ruled the Billboard charts. Then, the duo's lip-synching scandal rocked the music industry and changed everything for group members Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus.

Syleena Johnson Confronts Her Mother, Brenda Thompson on Fix My Life

R&B recording artist and reality star Syleena Johnson has invited her mother, Brenda Thompson, to live with her after Brenda began struggling with alcohol again. However, since Brenda moved in, Syleena says, she has cussed her daughter out on a daily basis, even in front of Syleena's sons.

8 Reason’s Why Tyrese’s Comment about President Obama and Oprah Are Unjust

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has been boldly making a name for himself for years. He started his career years ago running late for an audition for a Coca-Cola commercial that he actually won and his career has skyrocketed since.
Cissy Houston

Was Cissy Houston’s Homophobia Responsible for Whitney’s Conflicts? Tom Joyner ‘s Horrific Interview of...

It certainly  would be great to hear what Bobby Brown thinks of Cissy Houston. With all due respect to Tom Joyner and Sybil this is the crappiest interview I've ever seen or heard in my 27 years of working in the industry.


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