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The Top 10 Best Gospel Artists and Best Gospel Songs

Radio Facts would like to thank Lin. Woods for this submission. [...]

Dynamic Music Acquired by BMG Production Music

BMG Production Music (BMGPM) – the world’s fastest-growing production music company, servicing the film, broadcast, games and advertising industries – today announces its acquisition of award-winning production music company Dynamic Music, bringing the label and contributing producers under its umbrella.The deal marks an evolution of the relationship between the two [...]

24/7: In 24 Years the Seven Truths I Now Know About The Music Industry

Yeah, I'm Pretty Sure These Things Are True...Radio Facts has been in business for 24 years. In that time, as the CEO, I've had a LOT of ups and downs. [...]

2020 BMI Pop Awards Publisher of the Year Goes to Sony/ATV Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 13: Music executive Big Jon Platt attends the EMI GRAMMY After-Party at Milk Studios on February 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. [...]

Musician Kashif Found Dead

Radio Facts: Originally posted on Sept 25, 2016 18:05:05Kashif Saleem, better known simply as Kashif was found dead yesterday by a neighbor in his apartment. He lived alone and authorities state he died of natural causes and may have been dead since Sunday reports eurweb. [...]

Vintage Black Radio DJs

Radio Facts: WOW, NOBODY guessed who these people are. We don't know our urban radio history anymore... too bad. [...]

That Time When Al Jarreau Took Europe By Storm, Over the Rainbow and…

Radio Facts: Look to the Rainbow: Live in Europe – Al Jarreau (Warner Bros. – 1977)by A. Scott Galloway The first time most folks heard Al Jarreau, they had no idea who - let alone what - he was. [...]

Edwin Hawkins Dies

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Pleasanton, CA – Edwin Hawkins, the four-time Grammy® Award-winning leader of The Edwin Hawkins Singers’ 1969 million-seller, “Oh Happy Day,” died January 15th at his home in the Bay area, after a bout with pancreatic cancer. [...]

10 Great Resource Sites for Aspiring Music Publishers

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: How important is music publishing? [...]

Radio Facts Reader’s Poll: Top Black Singing Groups of All Time

Radio Facts did a poll with our readers to find out who they thought the Top 12 BEST R&B Singing Groups of All Time are. Here are the results. 12. [...]

RADIO FACTS: The Undeniable Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time

Radio Facts: Saying this upfront, compiling a list of Top 10 anything is a recipe for more blowback than solidarity no matter how you slice it. [...]

That Time When WAR Shouldered the Weight of the World…Smoggy-Eyed

Radio Facts: WAR – The World is a Ghetto (United Artists – 1972)By A. Scott Galloway“To us, the whole concept of the musical idol and the fan has become passé’. We are street people…our music often comes from the street level. [...]

Legendary Production Trio Organized Noize Top The Charts Again With Janelle Monae’s #1 Hit...

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Originally published November 15, 2018 – Legendary production trio Organized Noize has quietly crept back to the top of the charts with the success of their latest banger, Janelle Monae's hit song "I Like That," as the track reaches #1 on Billboard's "Adult R&B [...]

James “Big Jim” Wright Found Dead

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Originally posted Sept 30, 2018 – We're sorry to report that James "Big Jim" Wright has died yesterday. The multi-talented producer, songwriter, and music director was a keyboard player that worked consistently with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. [...]

Producer’s debate with Radio DJ on Urban Playlists Missing one Major Element

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Originally posted August 7, 2014. Radio Facts: In the video (below), music producer Carvin Haggins expresses his dismay over the current state of urban radio's playlists. [...]