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Ciara Talks Rihanna Beef and Record Label Rumors with the Morning Riot

https://youtu.be/Ox7bfp9kYvICiara called WGCI's Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot to talk about her new single, her relationship with Future and beef with Rihanna.

TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Black Folks and Chicken, What Gives? New Popeye’s Spokeswoman: Repulsive (vid)

" UPDATE: The corporation has toned down the character and she's much better... 2/2012 I have seen the Popeye's Spokeswoman "The Chicken Queen" (Yes, I said the "Chicken Queen") on several occasions. I personally don't eat that overly salted sh..., even though the red beans and rice is pretty good, but this woman is repulsive..

KFC’s Racist Commerical Creating Stir

When will the marketing companies EVER learn. This is SO incredibly racist. Thanks KFC for another racist campaign. There are some people who fail to understand why this commercial is offensive. The reason is black people have been linked and depicted to stop everything to eat Fried Chicken like Watermelon.

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