Fans Concerned Ryan Seacrest Had a Stroke During Radio Broadcast (video)

Fans are concerned that Ryan Seacrest may have suffered a stroke during a broadcast of his radio show. He appears to be struggling with the teleprompter and missed the taping of his show with Kelly this morning. Is @RyanSeacrest okay? Not making light of this. He went from normal to his speech being off and his eye shutting halfway. #ryanseacrest #AmericanIdol pic.twitter.com/9LCKTLjxpe— M.

He's Back! But Why Did Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Walk Away Two Years Ago?...

Download this episode (right click and save)In This Episode of the Digital and Radio Facts Radio Show... we talked to Cory Condrey who is back after a hiatus of nearly two years as hip hop music’s spiritual radio personality  "CoCo Brother." He has decided to form his own syndication company this time called Radio Condrey. The first show “CoCo Brother Live: The Weekend” has already started and he's accomplished quite a bit since his time off.

RDub Gets Slammed by the Sharks on Shark Tank “Radio Market Sucks”

Well, at least he tried but even Brian McKnight couldn't convince the Sharks that RDub's idea was a good one. RDub's biggest mistakes were only asking for $75.000 and there is nothing unique about the show that he holds the key to. It has been/is being done by hundreds of other Radio DJs for decades and apparently the Sharks, who are not radio vets could see that. While his presentation was well rehearsed, it was hard to figure out what Rdub was asking for money for.

Inspiration 1390AM Adds CoCo Brother Live with Cory Condrey to Line-Up

Inspiration 1390AM announced today the addition of CoCo Brother Live to its line-up beginning Monday, June 25. CoCo Brother Live will air weekdays from...

Another Urban radio Vet Dies/Memorial Service

Originally posted on 2011-10-24 01:15:14

Doug and DeDe say Goodbye to Urban Radio, Guess who’s Picking them up….

Dede returned to the Doug and Dede show and was STILL not paid according to our sources, by Urban Radio (who owns that company, someone from Chicago radio?) She is returning provided she can do it from home and AURN has picked up the show. Sources state if it wasn't for the Doug's strength at WVAZ in Chicago, the show would have been over. Doug is smart....