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TSU, Apple coding course gives alumni, community a chance to retool amid pandemic

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University is giving its alumni and others affected by the coronavirus an opportunity to retool. The University is partnering with Apple to help those individuals learn how to code and design apps.The “Everyone Can Code and Create” course will be offered online in the fall through TSU’s National Center for Smart Technology Innovations, which is supported by the tech giant. Scholarship applicants must show how they have been impacted by COVID-19.Michael Davis Jr. and his wife, Keyosha, to attend coding class in the fall Dr.

Jay Z's Business Acumen Bites an Apple

Radio Facts: Why is anyone surprised that Apple is in negotiations with TIDAL? While there may be more to the deal behind the scenes, Apple music wants to be Number One at ALL costs.

Denzel Delivers Very Inspiring Message to Film Students

Acclaimed actor, Denzel Washington spoke to a group of film students and gives them some very sound advice.

Industry Challenge: Is Donald Sterling Audio Doctored?

Let's face it, all white people may not be racist but it certainly appears Donald Sterling is but how can he be racist (according to his grand Hair Club-ness)? He has black people working for him doesn't he? Shame on you and your thoughts! Perhaps it is YOU that are the racists? Clippers owner Donald Sterling is stating the audio tape that has now made the international rounds (knocking the Mimi and Nikko sex tape out of the number one position) is inaccurate. We would like to take THIS time to thank Mr.

iTuneCharts.com Releases the Most Advanced Tracking Software for iTunes Songs and Albums Downloadable Sales

iTuneCharts.com was developed to cater to consumers of the music industry and advertising and marketing firms. With its efficiency to chart your artist's music...

Matthew Modine Slated to Play the Man that Fired Steve Jobs

Film actor Matthew Modine has signed on to the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic entitled jOBS, which stars Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple...

Radio Station Apps: No Longer Welcome in the App Store

Analysis: Single-station radio playing apps are no longer allowed in the App Store.Apple's become more relaxed about the iOS App Store recently, with...

American Top 40 turns 40 "¦ Remembering 1984

The Apple Macintosh is introduced; Los Angeles hosts the Summer Olympics, but the Russians don't show; and Virgin Atlantic Airways makes its inaugural flight.

Don't Mind Moving? Best Places to find Work this Spring

Radio Facts: I saw this interesting article online this morningWhere The Jobs Are, Spring 2009A quarterly survey reveals the cities expecting the largest employment...

Don’t Mind Moving? Best Places to find Work this Spring

I saw this interesting article online this morningWhere The Jobs Are, Spring 2009A quarterly survey reveals the cities expecting the largest employment growth--and losses--across the country.Thanks to last year's strong harvest of apples and the jobs that followed in juicing, packaging and shipping, Yakima, Wash., has the strongest employment outlook in the country for the second quarter of 2009, according to a quarterly survey by employment services firm Manpower."This is an agricultural base, a huge apple-growing region," says Bill Cook, director of community and economic development for Yakima.

Music industry still not thrilled with iTunes control –

Music industry still not thrilled with iTunes controlEven though Phil Schiller announced that Apple negotiated to eliminate DRM for music sold via the iTunes Store and relented on the one-price-fits-all pricing model, it turns out that music industry executives are still wary of the control Apple has on the industry.Music industry still not thrilled with iTunes control - Ars Technica.

Erica Farber Leaving R’R

As the industry continues to shift and online media continues to dominate and grow, mainstream trades are making changes. R&R's 16 year president and publisher Erica Farber is leaving. Her last day is Jan 30. The publication will integrate into the Nielsen Business Media Co. concurrent with Farber's departure and Howard Appelbaum, publisher of Billboard and VP of entertainment for Business Media, will add R&R to his responsibilities, uniting both music industry brand s under one leader.