Say Hello to the Presidential Candidate Known as Deez Nuts


Just when you thought the political season couldn’t get more comical, it just did. A North Carolina news Radio Station gave a report about the current poll standings for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the North Carolina area but it was the third candidate in the poll that caught the attention of everyone. The official candidate known as “Deez Nuts” actually showed 9% of people voting for him.If you are wondering who Deez Nuts is, his real name is Brady Olson and the young man is about to enter his sophomore year in high school. A Mark C. Olson, who is listed at the Wallingford address on Deez Nuts’s FEC filing, said via Twitter that Deez Nuts is “my 15 year old son.” People couldn’t elect Brady even if they wanted to but it goes to show you that anything is possible. Check out the funny clip below of the newscaster’s reaction to Deez Nuts as a candidate.


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