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‘Redding News Review Unrestricted’ Reaches 1,000-Episode Milestone


‘Redding News Review Unrestricted’ Reaches 1,000-Episode Milestone

Talk Host Rob Redding this week is celebrating the 1000 episode of his talk show Redding News Review Unrestricted.

Redding says the show which has subscribers in more than 20 states will reach the important milestone since starting in of 2014 today.

“Very honored to have so many fans who in me what I do,” Redding said. “ I forward to another 1000 with all my fans in a growing number of states.”

Redding who conducts his show of New York the two years says the show is responsible for two .com best selling books year, his autobiography “Out Loud” and “Sinister Citizen.”  It also has produced best selling books “Why Black Lives Matter” and “Unthinkable.”

“Numbers don’t lie,” said Redding, who also relies heavily on a social base of close to 20,000 .

Redding built his base for the show from his nearly 20 years on national radio in all 50 states as “America’s Independent Voice.” Listeners have typically equated his brand with , straight talk about politics and a mixture of cutting edge journalism.

Listen to the show on the Redding News Review web site, ReddingNewsReview.com.



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