Radio Host Matt Mittan, taken off air after questioning Glenn Beck’s SANITY?

ASHEVILLE “” A local radio show host was suspended after questioning the sanity of the popular syndicated radio and television political personality Glenn Beck.Matt Mittan, host of the show “Take A Stand “ on WWNC 570-AM, was taken off the air Thursday after a Wednesday show in which he made “inflammatory remarks about another host,” said program director Brian Hall. “He’s been suspended for 24 hours “¦ he’s had his hand slapped,” Hall said.Transcripts or podcasts of the comment were not available on the Radio Station ‘s Web site, but a podcast that began shortly after Mittan’s initial remarks was. “I’ve never attacked Glenn Beck. I voiced concern about his mental stability based on what I heard on a show this morning and what I see as a deterioration of his cognitive capacity over the last few weeks or the last couple of months,” he said. Mittan could not be reached for comment. Co-host Agnes Cheek responded to a Facebook message saying the omission of the podcast with the comment was unintentional.[source]Beck gains popularityBeck has gained a burgeoning national conservative following for political commentary blasting liberals, the Barack Obama administration and what he deemed government excesses. Mittan, who espouses what fans call libertarian-leaning views on his popular show, said he was trying to “express a true compassionate concern” for Beck, who has admitted to struggling with addiction and mental illness. He also berated critics for flooding the Radio Station with e-mails and calls, saying they should be concerned with more important issues.One said the host was being condescending and that “raising concerns about Glenn Beck’s mental state is only a righteous way to sland er or smear him,” according to an e-mail Mittan read on the air and said was signed “non-Kool-Aid-drinking Brian.” Some fans though said it was wrong for the Radio Station to punish Mittan who is a “valuable community resource.” Joseph Howard, an Arden psychotherapist who practices in Asheville, said he has listened for years to Mittan’s shows, during which he interviews local elected officials and allows callers to ask them questions.”I think it’s stupid. A radio host needs to be able to give his opinions “¦ and it will hurt the show and hurt the community because he provides a good informational service,” Howard said. [source]

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