Police Uncover Video of Arby’s Manager Urinating in Milkshake Mix


Police uncovered a video of an Arby’s manager urinating in the milkshake milk for his own “sexual gratification.” On at least two occasions, the manager allegedly urinated in the milkshake mix at the fast-food eatery, cops said.

According to police, while being investigated for child pornography, Stephen Sharp admitted to police that he enjoyed relieving himself in the restaurant’s milkshake mix while working as a night manager at a Vancouver, Washington location.

On May 10, Vancouver police arrested the Arby’s manager, who confessed to downloading and distributing child pornography and having a sexual interest in children.

After executing a search warrant, officers uncovered dozens of photos and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children and the urine video on his digital devices. On at least one occasion, Sharp downloaded the disturbing content within the proximity of the chain restaurant.

Investigators are seeking customers who bought and drank the urine-contaminated shakes. Vancouver police ask anyone who purchased a milkshake from the Arby’s at 221 Northeast 104th Ave. on Oct. 30 or 31, and has a receipt, to contact them.

According to law enforcement, no other employee knew about the manager’s fetish for urinating in the shake mix.

Sharp was charged with four counts of possession of depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, four counts of dealing depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and assault.

The library of illicit videos and images on Sharp’s devices is still under investigation by police.

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