Police source: Miami hip-hop DJ not in LA chase

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Investigators now say  Miami-based hip-hop musician DJ Khaled was not  the man police were chasing for more than three hours early Tuesday morning.The chase covered several miles of freeways and roads in the southern areas of Los Angeles, and ended when the suspect’s car, a white Bentley, stopped along a street not far from Universal Studios.Late Monday night, police received a call that a woman had been assaulted, and were told the suspect was armed and possibly suicidal.When the chase ended, police surrounded the car for more than an hour. Later, officers were seen approaching the luxury car, and prying the door open. The man inside appeared to be injured, possibly from a self-inflicted wound. Police had earlier observed him holding a pistol to his head.The man  was taken to an undisclosed hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigators told KNBC television that the suspect was a businessman of  Pakistani origin,  but would not release any  other information until his family was notified. The Los Angeles Times reported the man, identified as Mustafa Mustafa,  was apparently distraught over the loss of his business.DJ Khaled  released a statement on his MySpace website that he is very much alive and working in Miami on Rick Ross’ new album. [source]



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