Pandora Launches Afro Quisqueya


Today Pandora launches the fourth in its series of new Afro Latino stations, Afro Quisqueya, a new station highlighting the rich musical history of the Dominican Republic, which is forever endowed to the influence of African music and culture.

Quisqueya is the Taino (native American Caribbean) for the island that became known as Hispañola. The DR is credited with birthing such genres as merengue and bachata, as well as countless other musical outputs that thrive on the island such as palo, salsa and dembow.

“Afro Quisqueya celebrates the legendary figures and household names who have brought Dominican music to all corners of the globe, as well as exposing the pioneers, innovators and new blood who may be lesser known to a broader audience,” says Pandora’s Head of Latin Music, Marcos Juarez. “Beyond the iconic genres of mainstream merengue and bachata, although those are heavily featured here, Afro Quisqueya includes merengue típico, early and rural bachata, Dominican salsa and son, palo music, dembow, mambo, indie, afro fusion and much more.”

The Afro Latin series was launched by the Pandora Latin team in July of this year in response to the continued growth and energy of the Black Lives Matter global movement. Afro Quisqueya joins Afro Puerto Rico, Afro Cuba and Afro Columbia in this vibrant quartet of stations honoring the African contributions to Latin music.


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