5a1f9c8f/3d7-47aa-a379-e06415ae0cd1_658eff0b-0986-47fd-a3c9-6ffc663890e7_region3LORENZO THOMAS LAUNCHES NEW STATION FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS AND DJS IN TRANSITION
Live from the Mia
After a few months of planning, Nationally recognized Air Personality Lorenzo Ice- Tea Thomas launches on the Original Internet Radio Network a new format/station for what he calls the missing demo with the all-new Live From the Mia. The popular dj targets the 90’s with Classic R & B, hip hop music and today’s hits. Lorenzo Thomas commented, my Team Lifestyle and I are thrilled to be taking our talents beyond terrestrial radio. “There’s a void,” Lorenzo repeated. “If you are 50 and under, it’s safe to say you grew up on Classic R & B and hip hop music music. I am excited about the filling OF the genres of music that is not being targeted by most radio stations across the country. The station’s true target is 25 -65 and Thomas added, “for years I have BEEN screaming about a void between your 25-54 and the 18-34 radio stations where artists like 2PAC, Biggie, Aaliyah and TLC need to be the foundation and now I can do it”.This move is not only about the listener,” shared Lorenzo, Thomas looks to help those that are in need of assistance in jump starting their careers. Live from the Mia and Team Lifestyle has teamed up with credited institution Miami Media School to provide a launching pad for graduating aspiring Air Personalities to showcase their talents for inquiring Program Directors. Vic Mendez – Director of Education states, “Miami Media School is thrilled to partner with legendary radio personality Lorenzo “Ice-Tea” Thomas and Live from the Mia. This partnership will benefit our future media stars by providing valuable internships and the opportunity to learn from of the industry’s best.” Thomas stated, “I often hear PD’s say they can’t find new talent. Well, I wanted to provide the platform for new aspiring air personalities and those veteran DJ’s who might be out of work and need a radio station to show their god given talents. Too often ,DJs lose their jobs and their fans wonder what happen to them. Well, now, with this platform, their voice can be heard immediately. A lot of times it is easier to find a job when you have a job; thus I provide the job”.CEO Anthony Daughty is A record industry veteran who is very enthusiastic about how Live from the Mia will be a vehicle used to expose and break new artists. AD added, “radio stations are not into breaking records anymore, but that’s what we intend to do with this station.” After 11 years at WEDR 99 JAMZ Lorenzo expressed his excitement about his new side project, “I am passionate about the music, but I am truly excited about the future and ability for listeners to hear their favorite music by using any device. I want to be ahead of the emerging levels of technology. People listen to radio differently and just by using your Bluetooth you can listen to Live From the Mia in your car.” The station is true target is 25 -65

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