Keith Sweat, Tank and Jacquees Have Interesting Confrontation at V103’s Winterfest

Keith Sweat hits the nail on the head. “I’m the king of gettin’ that bag.” No veteran act gives a sh$t about being the King of R&B after so many years of putting in the work. But when you are young you think it matters. When you get older you realized it doesn’t. This is in response to the recent huge online and social media debate as to who the King of R&B is. Considering the genre has dwindled tremendously over the last few years with the marriage of rap/singing (auto-tune) which gives rappers who can’t sing the ability to sing too, true R&B is making a comeback. Kudos to Big Tigger

V-103 Winterfest 2018What happens when you get Tank, Jacquees and Keith Sweat back stage at the same time?Posted by V-103 The People’s Station on Saturday, December 15, 2018

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