KABC Desperate? Station Rehires Black Conservative Larry Elder

 width=Someone told me I look like this clown, I knocked the sh… out of that old man for insulting me like that (lol). Larry was getting very desperate. I think he was having a really hard time finding a job. I mean a black conservative talk show host? Imagine that. There are so many. Wonder if he thought THAT was racism? (whew, I kill me).I got an email from him a few months back where he was trying to get people to pay subsciption rates for a podcast he was going to do. Podcast radio show + subscription rates = desperate. When I think about it, what better time for a station like KABC to fullfill 2 requirements, hire a black Radio DJ and hire a conservative who is against black people… Great move! OK, for those who care… here’s the story…Larry Elder is back on KABC/790 AM, and judging from the online comments at our website and others, his fans are thrilled. For KABC, it means sending a signal that the days of experimentation are over, it’s time to get back to talk radio basics. In other words, bring back what works: compelling content. (read the whole story here)

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