Joe Budden Says There’s Nothing But “Geeky White Kids” Running Hip-Hop Media Outlets Following Rolling Stone’s Best 200 List


    Rolling Stone recently released their 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time list and Joe Budden says the list is not valid because of the individuals who are creating these lists. 

    On one of Budden’s most recent podcast episodes “Joe Budden Rips The Rolling Stone’s Best 200 Hip-Hop Albums List” he expresses how numerous outlets have white people who know little about the hip-hop experience giving their opinion on what they think is good hip-hop music or not. 

    In the episode, Budden says “Not to make it racey, because I’m on a weekend vibe today, but the elephant in the room for a little while has been, it’s nothing but geeky white kids running some of these hip-hop outlets, and they hide behind the hip-hop outlet. I can tell by how yall post it, what yall post, the paragraph you post” 

    Budden goes on to say that he is not trying to highlight that these people are white. He is trying to make a point that there is a disconnect between the people that are making these lists and clickbait headlines. “I gotta filter all of that” Budden said. 

    Members on the podcast discuss with Budden how hip-hop used to be acceptable to all types of people, no matter their race, religion, etc. However, times have changed because of the disconnected people that outlets are hiring behind the scenes. 

    “The people they are hiring to report on what we’re reporting, how the f— would they know anything about this?”

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