Indiana Advances Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From Participating In School Sports


On Monday, House Bill 1041 passed through the House of Education Committee in the state of Indiana. The bill bars transgender girls from participating in K-12 sports and is just one of several bills that limits transgender people in the state of Indiana.  

The bill specifically prevents those who were biologically born as male from participating in female sports teams. The proposal allows for civil action if someone were to violate the provisions, and schools would not be obligated for complying with such. Grievance procedures for violations are required to be established at public schools, school corporations, state educational institutions, select private colleges and universities, athletic associations, private schools, and state educational institutions. 

Rep. Michelle Davis of Greenwood said in a statement that the bill resulted from “listening to the concerns of female students and parents in my district across the state.” Davis also stated that the bill’s purpose is to “protect fair competition in girls’ sports.” 

The passing of House Bill 1041 makes Indiana the 10th state to ban transgender athletes from school sports. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Texas also all have laws that restrict transgender athletes from school sports. 

Indiana’s other existing bills that involve limitations on transgender people are House Bill 1399, which prohibits people from changing the gender on their birth certificate and the permanent record made from it. House Bill 1348 is a misdemeanor for people who enter restrooms that do not align with their biological gender.  

Another bill authored by Davis is House Bill 1121, which mandates health care professionals report specific information involving gender transitioning to the state health department. The data would then be compiled into an annual report for the general assembly.  

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