Has the End of the Historic and Tragic ‘Karen’ Era Begun? (video)


We are bearing witness to what mgiht be the end of the ‘Karen’ era thanks to legislation introduced by New York’s Gov Cuomo. Amy Cooper, the white woman who was walking her dog in Central Park and who refused to leash her dog after being asked by a black male bird watcher by the name of Christian Cooper threatened to call in the false police report weaponizing her priveledge in the process and she did just that.

What’s more tragic about the era of ‘Karen’ is that it’s actually not new. There are countless times that it was used by racists white women to prosecute black men for crimes that even they themselves committed even killing their own children like Susan Smith who is actually up for parole in 4 years.

The list is way to long to mention here but it is a law that other states should incorporate.

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