Guns Found At ASAP Rocky’s Home Unrelated to 2021 Shooting


Police confirmed the guns found in the home of ASAP Rocky were not used in the 2021 shooting. Authorities ran the serial numbers at Rocky’s home and ultimately left the weapons there. 

Authorities had seized multiple guns from his Los Angeles home following his arrest at LAX last week. TMZ reported that police searched ASAP Rocky’s property and walked away with several firearms. 

Law Enforcement sources said detectives planned to run ballistic tests on the weapons, which could be determined whether Rocky was the person who fired at a victim in the November 2021 incident. Law Enforcement also did extensive background checks on the guns to deduce whether they might be stolen or possibly belong to someone other than rocky. 

In a newer report, LAPD sources say they’re in possession of a video of the shooting, “presumable from a surveillance camera.”

“If the video is clear enough, it could be bad news for ASAP. The video could be even more powerful evidence than the gun itself,” TMZ reported, noting the District Attorney has not made a decision about charging ASAP Rocky. 

TMZ cited sources that are close to ASAP Rocky saying cops determined the guns were “lawfully purchased and legally registered,” and are not connected to the 2021 shooting. 

According to more details on the incident that came about after his arrest, police elected not to give notice to Rocky or his team in order to simultaneously carry out a search at his home. Rocky was later released from custody after posting bail set at $550,000. Rocky has not been charged with any crimes and was recently seen dining with Rihanna days after his arrest. 

The alleged victim stated Rocky and two other people approached him last fall and shot at him several times amid an argument. The unnamed individual claimed a bullet grazed his left hand during the incident.

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