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Naphtali Jimi Bruce asks the industry for help before Eviction

GoFundMe page set up for $1000 need

Hello!  I am a former music radio personality (“DJ”) for almost forty (40) years who now needs your help so I can move away from Charleston, South Carolina ASAP and avoid a sudden eviction threat, please.
Even though I never fell behind on my rent, paid it on time every time and was a model, mature tenant, always trying to help management benefit from my many years of tenant associations, the once friendly landlord guy, Steve, did a “180” on me on March 1, 2019, with an email saying he would “not renew” our “month-to-month” lease which began, May 15, 2017.  He has given no reason for his action and has refused to negotiate, even though he knows I am looking to move north, closer to my 94-year-old, disabled mother in New York City.
I relocated to Charleston, South Carolina twenty-eight months ago to accept a possible change of career opportunity at On-Demand Publishing (Amazon) in Customer Service. They didn’t even try to help me find housing after I relocated from N.Y. !  My current housing situation at River Oaks tiny duplex “efficiency” apartments where they found “white mold” in my apartment and relocated me temporarily to “clean” it, a year ago, in May 2018.
Why Steve would threaten me with eviction at this juncture is a mystery, however, I gotta get out of here and need your help to quickly raise a security deposit for a house (not a tiny “shoebox” like I have stayed in here at River Oakz) where I can regain my self-sufficiency and add to my Social Security fixed income.
At my age, I am technically one of our country’s “senior citizens” and his discrimination-like mistreatment of me suddenly would create a hardship of catastrophic proportions should it force me into homeless status and wreck my new, freelance home-based business plans, which are just beginning to bear fruit here in early 2019!
It’s like “Deja Vu all over again”!  Unbelievably, this is the second time I’ve been threatened by eviction since I decided to try South Carolina as a place to reinvent myself following almost forty (40) years as a music radio personality. At “lease” (pun) this time, I have a little SSA cushion – but it isn’t enough when I am trying to move interstate.
Please ask any questions you have to qualify your donation and remember, no amount is too small.

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