Florida Resident Opens Fire on Home Invaders, Sending Them Running for Their Lives (VIDEO)


    A Florida resident opened fire on home invaders sending them running for their lives. The heart-racing video shows the moment the three suspects turned and ran as the resident shot at them.

    Escambia County Sheriff’s Office footage shows the men gathering and holding a conversation before one of the assailants opens the door and pushes the man inside. The incident took place on July 7.

    Two suspects forced their way into the home while the third remained outside, standing guard with what appeared to be a gun in his hands.

    Deputies said one of the intruders picked up the homeowner’s weapon after he dropped the gun, while trying to fend off the attack. However, the victim made it to another part of his house, where he kept more firearms and could ward off the assault.

    Cops said gunfire could be heard on the Ring camera footage, and then all three attackers can be seen scurrying from the scene. They fled in a getaway car being driven by your 4th driver.

    Cops arrested two suspects after three of them were identified on the footage. Cops picked up Da’Torrance Hackworth, 20, and Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr., 18, who now face a list of charges, including home invasion and illegal gun possession.

    Police are still searching for Joseph Roman Sanders, 18. The 4th suspect has yet to be identified.

    No charges will be placed for the victim who shot at the men. In a recent interview on Fox, Sheriff Chip Simmons supported the rights of homeowners to defend themselves.

    “If someone breaks into my front door, barges in, and attacks me or my family, they are going to get shot,” Simmons said. “I afford that same consideration to the residents of my county.”


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