Dancing with the Scars: Surgeon Facing Malpractice Suits Dancing with Twerking Nurses During Surgeries

Give Boutte THE Boot – Dr. Windell Boutte Performed Surgeries like she was Cleaning a Chicken for Momma and Nem

And I thought the shows about how pigs are processed on Netflix was bad enough. You have now been warned that you might want to have a family member watch your surgery just in case the surgeon wants to hire a DJ during the procedure.

It appears a Georgia surgeon by the name of Dr. Windell Boutte is under the gun after leaving patients under the knife while jammin’ to hip hop music in the operating room. You need to cut it…

Not only did the surgeon FILM the events, she must have pissed somebody off as more than 20 videos popped up on YouTube of her using the operating room like it was Ladies Night at EBTina’s local nightclub in the neighborhood strip mall.

In one of the videos, nurses can be seen opening the backs of their hospital gowns and twerking while the patient is on the table looking like a half-done autopsy. One woman went to the doctor to get a little nip and tuck before her wedding day to be cute and ended up with brain damage after she was left on the table for 8 hours by Boutte … probably during a marathon Soul Train line in the operating room. Where do I hand in my resignation for a lack of understanding?

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