Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s “Hustle Harder:” Great Book for New Entrepreneurs and Music Hopefuls

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I’m currently reading 50 Cent’s book that premiered this past April “Hustle Harder.” Not only is 50 brilliant he gives great practical advice for young entrepreneurs as well as young music industry hopefuls. He exposes a more vulnerable side that strays from his “You owe me money” persona that often gets a lot of laughs and shares online, except for the person at the other end of the loan.

He talks about the duality of being 50 Cent and now more “Curtis Jackson” as he evolves into a businessman and television producer.

Curtis admits knowing his music career was over and accepting it and reinventing himself instead of sitting back and critiquing the new crop of rappers talking about how much they suck and how hip hop ain’t what it use to be. He eloquently says the same things I have said about radio people who sit back and say “Radio ain’t what it used to be.” The industry changing is inevitable, you being stagnant then bitter doesn’t have to be if you are willing to adapt.

Great read.



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