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Criminal Defense Attorney Breaks Down OnlyFans Model Killing her Boyfriend Self Defence Strategy (video)

The woman who killed 27-year-old Christina Toby Obuseli was his girlfriend, OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, 25. They started the volatile relationship in Nov of 2020. There were numerous complaints in their apartment building about noise problems and them constantly fighting, and the police had to be called several times.

Recently, she kicked him out of the apartment, then the couple made up, and a couple of days later, she stabbed him to death on April 3. Neighbors complained again about noise coming from the apartment, having no idea he had been stabbed.

She stabbed him to death and then went to a mental institution claiming that she was suicidal, and some are stating she was in the process of establishing a defense for herself by doing so.

Clenney called her mother before calling 911 while her boyfriend was bleeding from his stab wounds. You could hear him saying he was losing feeling in his arm during the 911 call. She claims he grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against the wall, threw her on the floor then allowed her to get up.

This criminal defense attorney is stating Clenney may have a defense for self-defense. He has an interesting take on what he predicts will happen.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Christian and has already raised 80k of 100k.

The family states …

“On April 3, 2022, 27-year-old Christian Toby Obumseli was murdered in Florida a week before his 28th birthday. It is unconscionable to make sense of our new reality. That someone’s selfish act ripped Christian away from this world. It is not enough to say we are shocked and hurting–We are utterly devastated. His murder leaves many unanswered questions and creates a void that can never be fixed or filled. Not even with time.

Christian was extremely compassionate with a desire always to uplift those around him. He did not deserve for his life to be cut short by a heinous act of violence. We will never forget his infectious smile that could light up any room or his caring spirit. He will forever be remembered by his grandmother, mother, father, brother, extended family and friends.

Please keep the entire family in your prayers through this unimaginable, tragic time. Amid our deep grief, we also face a long road to justice for Christian. We humbly ask our community to come together and support us during this time. We need financial assistance to cover postmortem transportation of the body, funeral arrangements, attorney fees, litigation, counseling, and bills for the family as we seek justice for our beloved brother and son. No amount is too small.”

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