Congratulations to Usher on His Grammy Nomination for Climax

 width=Usher is at it again with another Grammy Nomination for Climax as the Best R&B Performance.”CLIMAX” SPOTLIGHTED ON “SONG OF THE YEAR” LISTS INTIME MAGAZINE, ROLLING STONE AND NPR:”SINGLES OF THE YEAR” LIST”The lyrics are about a harsh break up, but the delivery is so heavenly you barely notice.” SPOT ON”TOP SONGS OF 2012″ LIST”What 2012 sounded like: Now you can relive all those moments one after another””but don’t blame us if you walk away with a certain Usher song stuck in your head.”″FAVORITE SONGS OF 2012″”This song was the Prius of 2012: the most popular hybrid on the road, a highly functional blend of Usher’s old-school R&B testifying and producer Diplo’s future-touching electronic atmospheres. Mileage: amazing.”V

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