Blacks Committing Suicide: Not Likely to Involve Hanging Themselves from Trees


The recent deaths by hanging of five Black people, four men, and one transgendered woman have only added to the purging of ill persuaded and the often denied existence of hardcore racism.

It is woven into the American fabric. The days of hanging black people trees have been rare (or rarely reported) since the 60s and was almost exclusively attributed to the Ku Klux Klan. To see this happening today is not only disturbing, it’s suspicious. Those found dead are Robert Fuller, Malcolm Harsch, Titi Gulley, DeAngelo Warren, and an unidentified black man who were all found hanging from trees recently.

When Black people commit suicide they rarely do it to make a point or to stir suspicion as to HOW they died. They usually just want to check out. Pills, turning on the engine in a closed garage and shooting oneself in the head is a lot easier and quicker than jumping off a bridge or hanging oneself. In addition, hangings usually take place where there are no other options like a prison cell, which is a whole different story in itself, but to plan that out and inflict upon oneself is not only questionable in a time of despair, it’s labor-intensive.

You would be hard-pressed to find a black person who believes these were suicides, especially when the brother of one fo the victims, Malcolm Harsh, had made plans to get together a few days after his death occurred. In addition, even in a time of a black man’s or woman’s greatest despair, a hanging is extremely rare and odd.


  1. There is video of Malcolm Harch’s suicide. I’m not surprised you don’t know that. As soon as it was proven to be a suicide the media went silent on the case. Now carry on with your facts.

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