Black Man Almost Lynched in Bloomington, Indiana (video)


With black men being found hanging from trees as of late and all of them being labeled as suicides, most people knew that something wasn’t quite right. Those men and countless others didn’t live to speak their truth. Vauhxx Rush Booker lived to tell his story and a portion of the attempted lynching was caught on video. On the day America celebrated its independence about a few minutes before 8 pm, Vauhxx Rush Booker called 911 after being assaulted in the woods by a group of racist white men.

Remember, this was “Independence Day” and we wonder why so many black people don’t really honor that day in the first place. When the Indiana Department of Natural Resources came to the scene, they refused to arrest the racist men who assaulted him. Booker said he was pinned to a tree, and a group of men threatened to break his arms and made the statement “get a noose,” while telling Booker’s colleagues to leave the area.

The video appears to show one woman who was with the racist group pleading for them to let Vauhxx go. Booker said the individuals, who had Confederate flags, and made statements about “white power” claimed he and his friends had trespassed on private property, which didn’t even belong to them, on the way to a party he was invited to. Check out Mr. Booker’s full recount of the situation via his Facebook post.

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