Black Billionaire Robert Smith to Pay $140 Million After Tax Scandal


Black billionaire, Robert Smith who became a Black superhero after he paid off the student loan debt for all Morehouse graduates in the Class of 2019. His amazing gift totaled $34 million and benefited more than 400 students, parents and guardians at the HBCU.

While that gift was nice, now the billionaire will be paying Uncle Sam much more. According to sources close to the case, Smith will pay about $140 million and acknowledge wrongdoing to end a four-year U.S. tax investigation involving assets held in offshore tax accounts. The good news is that Robert Smith will not be prosecuted for this and he will continue as the CEO of Vista Equity Partners.

Now that Uncle Sam got Robert Smith to pay up, I wonder if they will go after Mr. $750, Donald Trump? Asking for a friend.


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