Attention Whores or Valid Point: John and Ken broadcast live in SUPPORT of Arizona Immigration Law


I once worked with John and Ken when I was at Cox in LA.   The whole cluster of Cox Radio Stations SUCKED, especially KACE, our Radio Station and John and Ken were the cool Kings of the outlet. I remember Tammy Bruce always walking around with a chip on her shoulder as listeners would constantly take digs at her by asking her questions like what kind of razor she used to shave her beard. I also remember Jhani Kaye at KOST who was one of the best programmers I’d ever met.   The corp did try to have some camaraderie amongst the on air staff. John and   enders in Los Angeles. Truth be told there ARE some people who think the new Arizona immigration law is appropriate, many of those same people think the uproar in opposition to it is to make sure other states, who are considering similar laws, don’t jump on board. John and Ken are all for it and even had the balls to go to the Arizona State Cap to broadcast their support (laugh). They were lucky they didn’t get their old asses kicked (laugh).   Their plea is to Boycott the Boycott.   The two KFI radio vets encouraged people to support the law as many of KFI’s listeners do and spend as much money as possible to support Arizona companies.   Let us pray..