Atlanta TV Journalist Annihilates Racist Viewer’s Email on Atlanta Mayoral Race

CBS46 Host Sharon Reed
The recent win of Keisha Lance Bottoms as the new mayor of Atlanta is not sitting well with certain people in the city. Bottoms who is Black ran a close race with white opponent Mary Norwood. A recount is underway. As tensions run high during times like these a journalist/anchor on CBS46, Sharon Reed, was not spared when a racist woman sent a poorly typed email saying she hopes the host gets fired. In what the Atlanta journalist proclaims is “Just another day at the office. Not the first time I’ve been called that word. Here’s an email I got from Kathyrae1962 tonight. And here’s my response….” CBS46’s Sharon Reed makes sure the viewer knows it may be a good idea to learn to spell before you challenge someone. In this clip, the racist viewer attacks Sharon’s character as a… well racist (?) by calling her a “Niger” (one g). It’s not hard to imagine the woman probably just woke up in a cold trailer park and had yet to put in her teeth before heading off to the 10 grade for the 8th straight year.


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