Aside for Widgets


Sidebar Widgets are a main feature of any Magazine Blogging site. To aid with that Dispatch uses a nifty little plugin and a couple of custom CSS classes to make styling your sidebar a breeze.

Widget CSS Classes

Using the namesake plugin you can now add CSS Classes to Widgets. Simple.

Dispatch Widget Classes

CSS Class: zero-paddingRemoves the padding from the widget. Perfect for adding those banner ads for maximum space.CSS Class: no-backgroundRemoves the widget color background that is set in the Customizer.CSS Class: wpsp-cardUsed exclusively with the WP Show Posts Widget and with zero-padding and no-background.Read more here

Adding your own classes

Want different color background for your widgets. Heres how to. Add you Custom Class Name to your widget. In this example we’ll go for a red color and name our class red-background. Now thats added lets add some CSS. {    background-color: #ff0000;}


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