Aisha Deal: A Great Media Personality You Should Know NOW!


How did you come up with your name? I love my last name “DEAL” Aishia Deal.. it’s in a lot of my Content.

My company is “A Pretty Big Deal,” and one of my shows is “Deal After Dark,” which is all about sex but tastefully. 

Tell me about your history. Where are you from?

I’m originally from New Orleans but I was raised in Pasadena, Ca. My whole family’s in New Orleans including 2 of my siblings. I love my city. I miss my city, however, post-Katrina really changed the city, the people, Neighbors I knew and grew up with.

How long have you been in Radio?

Good question. I used to work at Interscope Records in Los Angeles then Warner Bros and Weekend Vibe for Vibe Magazine in NYC etc. I love radio, from the Mix Show, Marketing, and now behind the mic. 

What stations have you worked for?

It’s funny because I’m kinda mini syndicated. I do relationship segments ie. “Ladies, How To Shoot Your Shot,” “How to let go and move on” “Sex and Dating,”  “Situationships” “Trust” “How Long Is Too Long To Date? Etc.  I feel like I’m talking to a room full of friends lol I also talk to myself so.. lol I’ve worked and mostly still am KRNB | K-104 | V-103 | KFI LA| KJLH | B96 |The Big DM | Hot Jams, etc

How did you get into radio?

It kinda fell into my lap lol I met Mo’kelly and at the time he worked under Step Johnson in the Rap Department. I  was at a lounge, and we started talking “where do you work?”. When he said where he worked I  said “that sounds dope, I want to do what you do”, he invited me to the office and I met the Rap department. They worked Mix Show.. so it was all about working records, getting spins, Record Pools, etc 

What is your greatest passion?

Can I have TWO? I’m passionate about Music and Healthy Relationships. I’m a certified Domestic Violence Educator and Counselor. I have contracts with many school districts, and I come in and do my “Teen Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationship Workshop” I love music and love.

How does radio benefit your passions?

Radio allows me to reach people.  Radio allows me to speak LIFE into the hearts of those who need it. Radio is me. Radio gets me into the communities. Music is healing and fun. I  also love talking sh*t lol. Oh, and I’m a huge NFL fan s/o to the New Orleans Saints 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Doing a syndicated morning show with dope people. I’d love to do the show remotely from the Cayman Islands! 

What are your other hustles besides radio?

Talk s*hit lol. I have a Podcast “Shit Women Think About” on Spotify, Apple, and Google Play. It’s a mini-show meaning the episodes are 20 mins because I don’t want to lose the listeners.

Are there any misconceptions about you? 

People don’t expect me to be cool, approachable, or funny; I’m funny AF, lol I’m a great Chef!

What don’t people see that you wish they could see?

My fear of rejection, being judged, Me telling myself that I’m just as good as everybody else. Not having control over what people may say about me. My looks are the least interesting thing about me.

What drives you to keep going?

My wants and needs, my passion, Showing young girls they can work in radio too, they can be a PD too, MD too, a Boss too, have a child and still go after their dreams too, take the first step towards their dreams too.

Who are your greatest mentors?

Stevie Wonder, Geo Cook, Troy Marshall, Albert Butler, Matt Smith.. the list goes on. I hope to have more ladies to connect with. Men run Radio, for now, lol

Anything else? Yes.

Thank you, Radio Facts, and Thank YOU, Kevin xo


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