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97.9 The Beat in Dallas Wraps Rickey Smiley Morning Show


Digital and Radio Facts: 97.9 The Beat in Dallas has decided to end the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to bring in Mark in the morning. Smiley sent a tweet to his fans thanking them for their support and letting them know about the change. Veda Loca will be the permanent replacement. No word on why Rickey's show is out but it's usually based on ratings or the station wants to go in a new direction.

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      • If you guys are looking for a great radio station to listen to, download Tune In Radio or I Heart and listen to Power 105 or Hot 97. I love Ebro in The Mornings. Dallas doesn’t have great radio so give these reputable New York stations a try. Z100 Elvis Duran in the morning is good too. Don’t knock it. You’ll love it!! I from and love in Dallas and love these stations.

  1. Smh… This is the dumbest move that has been made, since K104 dropped Skip Cheetum and that team..! Expect your rating to drop!

  2. No more paternity test Tuesday??? No more political and health facts by the Dr.? No more Praise break??? How am I going to find out what’s going on in Heaven with James Brown and Michael Jackson???

  3. You gotta be freaking kissing me???? Nobody wants to hear Veda Loca loud butt in the mornings. Oh and she’s not funny. Guess it’ll be Steve Harvey now ✌????✌????✌????✌????

  4. This is bullshit, y’all have really lost a LARGE % OF YOUR LISTENERS. I ONLY listen to 97.9 for the Rickey Smiley morning show. ✌ thank god for tunein radio, I’ll be listening to him on a different station!

  5. This is horrible Rickey started in Dallas now y’all let him go it makes no sense. I can listen to him on the internet but I rather have heard him on 979 y’all have made a really bad move and are going to lose lots of listeners. Love you Rickey Smiley and will always support you

  6. Did it have anything to do with Ricky talking about racism/white supremacy and its damaging effects on a YouTube video about two weeks ago?

  7. So disappointed to hear that Rickey Smiley and the morning show will no longer be on 97.9.
    He brought more than laughs very informative and inspiration. Loved Gary with da Tea, terrible decision. Have to find another station. Miss you Rickey keep up the good work.

  8. This has really hurt my heart. Why in the heck would y’all want to get rid of Rickey Smiley? This is crazy. My husband listens to another local station that has changed it’s format as well and he hates it. I’m done with 97.9.

  9. There’s NO WAY I’m going to listen to Veta yelling, and talking about getting hit from behind, and picking hair off of her face… I’d rather Kick Rocks !!! So I️ guess they decided to go with Loud and Vulgar and Loud !!! S

  10. Her mouth is too vulgar for radio, I don’t listen to her in the afternoons so I definitely won’t be listening in the morning. Thank God for online streaming I’ll catch Ricky one way or another.

  11. This is unfortunate. Guess I need to find another morning show. I like Veta, but not in the morning. It’s too early in the morning for her shenanigans.

  12. I thank God for allowing you to have time with us in Dallas, you will be surely be missed. But it come a time when it’s time to complete another test that God has in store for you. Keep it pushing and stay lifted in god and you will always succeed.

  13. This is soooooo jacked up!!! how are they!?!?!? Rickey’s show kept the listeners informed an gave insightful info. They could have gradually brought this on… I like Veda… she is not for mornings tho…I don’t want to hear about all the vulgar stuff she says when I’m taking my kid to school.

  14. No !!!!!!!!!!! Bye Rickey.Headcrack, Brat,Gray with da tea and Ms. Juicy Baby. I looked forward to waking up listing to your morning show.. Dam Dam Dam. ..What the french toast is going on..

  15. I like Vida Loca, she cool and funny, but for my ride home. Shit, I’ve been lost for the past two days not hearing Rickey Smiley Morning show. Damn, Damn, Damn……….

  16. Veta Koo but idk about a whole morning show.. Ricky, head crack and Gary was the shit.. head crack funny af.. I loved his energy in the AM!

  17. I will miss listening to Rickey Smiley and the morning show. Gary with the T especially. My sister knew not to call while I was on my way to work because she knew I love listening to Rickey Smiley and the gang. What other radio station is worth listening to?

  18. I am so mad! Rickey Smiley show was very smart, spiritual, and funny. They kept the urban community informed and enlightened on the important issues going on. Gary with the tea was my favorite with his wittiness and Head Crack was so intelligent. I still haven’t gotten over Nannette Lee from K104 leaving years ago and now this…smh I guess his show was too real for the radio. What a shame.

  19. Listen – i love Vida – But Rickey Smiley was WHY awe listened to ONLY 97.9 the beat in the morning. Bad movie radio one – y’all are about to lose a ton of loyal listeners… damn shame – bye Rickey, Headcrack, Brat, RockT & Juicy…. y’all will be SO MISSED!!

  20. I have no idea what I’m going to listen to in the mornings. Rickey Smiley show brought laughter, spritual, and very informative information which was exactly what I needed in the mornings. My day could start out bad and turn 97.9 and there is Rickey with the gospel and Pastor Rush who will give an uplifting speech… I hate this and ya’ll have screwed yourselves with this decision 97.9 the beat


  22. I don’t want to listen to no dam Veda in the mornings!! Loud ass mouth!! All she talk about is sex jokes, Dillion, and Mint Denstry!!!!!!!! I will not tune in until 10am when she sign off!!!! Uuuuggggh!!! Ricky Smiley was always putting LIGHT on the TRUTH!! And I guess they didn’t like that so they shut him down!!!!

  23. If anyone wants to still catch Rickey Smiley in the morning,log on to Rickey Smiley morning show .com and you will get to listen to the morning show.

  24. Thank God for TuneIn radio I’ve been listening and will continue to listen on the other stations but I enjoyed listening in the DFW area keeping me up on the news even though I don’t live there anymore! Such a bad move getting rid of Rickey and the crew on 97.9 the beat! They make my work day better!!! Bad decision!!!!!!!!

  25. Bad move, the station will definitely loose loyal listeners. I being one of them! Bad business decision.. was the reason for the cancellation due to the knowledge Ricky bought to the community.. I think Jeff Johnson & all the other black educated men intimidated ‘white america”

  26. Bad call I’m listenun to 97.9 no more! Oh Rickey you will be missed????it’s funny how they ended the show right after they interview the channel 8!weather lfsy????hmmm bad call

  27. Very bad move I tried listening, it was extremely boring I’m now tuned into a different station because I don’t like it. Veda was more interesting during evening hours. You have given Veda some big shoes to fill; nothing like Rickey Smiley and the crew please bring them back.

  28. 97.9 cheap as hell, they hate to give a brother his money. He worked for it so he deserves it. They could have at least brought Ebony Steele back ! This is a joke


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