20-Year-Old Woman Will Lose Both Legs After Battling COVID-19


    A 20-year-old Florida woman will lose both of her legs after battling a severe case of COVID-19. 

    Claire Bridges of St. Petersburg was born with a serious heart condition and was quickly admitted to the intensive care unit after contracting COVID-19. While on life support, Bridges developed more complications and a life-threatening infection. Bridges’ best chance at survival is to amputate both of her legs. 

    COVID-19 can cause blood clots and some patients have been known to develop gangrene, which can be fatal if left untreated. Amputations at the fault of COVID-19 are something that is rare, but not unheard of. 

    Friends and family of Claire Bridges raised more than $45,000 in one day via GoFundMe to help lighten some of the financial burdens during her stay at the hospital and will also assist in her adjustments to her new way of living. 

    “You’re incredibly strong and I think it’s safe to speak for everyone, we are all here rooting for you!” a donor commented. 

    Bridge’s roommate Heather Valdes told WFLA that Bridges was vaccinated against COVID-19. Although vaccines reduce a person’s risk and symptoms of becoming severely ill with COVID-19, it’s not guaranteed and it’s more than likely that Bridges’ heart condition put her at a greater risk. 

    Although amputations are most common among people who are high risk, a healthy 43-year-old man named Bryan Thompson lost his left leg below the knee after contracting COVID-19. Thompson admitted to Clarion-Ledger that he’d rather give his leg up rather than his life if that means seeing his son and wife again. 

    Heather Valdes told WFLA that when Bridges found out that she would have both of her legs amputated, she said she want bionic legs. While not expecting that answer, Valdes stated that it was an example of how much of a “positive bright light” Bridges is.


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