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The Breakfast Club Radio Show Interviews Cipha Sounds, Talks about how Hot 97 Did Him Dirty

cipha sounds The Breakfast Club Radio Show Interviews Cipha Sounds Cipha Sounds stops by The Breakfast Club Radio Show to talk leaving his radio gig to pursue comedy and much more: - Mentoring Yee
  • - Do you miss radio?
  • - Why did you do mornings?
  • - Fun fact: Offered job at Power
  • - How Hot 97 did him dirty
  • - Envy breaks down their history
  • - Breaking Rihanna, Rick Ross, and Clipse's "Grinding" on the radio
  • -How he started the first podcast ever
  • - History with K Foxx
  • - VH1's Hot 97 Show
  • - Did Breakfast Club shake up Hot 97?
  • - Telling bad jokes
  • - Mister Cee
  • -His food addiction
  • - Stand up Comedy
  • - Tru Tv Show
  • - Why are you and Jay so tight?

Saving the "Urban Radio Announcer" from Extinction

Where is our Creative? The current state of the urban radio Radio DJ is not only in danger of becoming extinct, it's easily up for grabs according to trends in urban radio.

Saving the “Urban Radio Announcer” from Extinction

Where is our Creative?The current state of the Black radio Radio DJ is not only in danger of becoming extinct, it's easily up for grabs according to trends in Black radio.

The Pro Broadcaster’s Guide to GREATER

Use Your Leverage Leverage your Success and Outsource your Weaknesses. I can't tell you how many Pro Broadcasters that I talk to who do NEITHER. Your past success is your leverage or your 'money in the bank.' Invest it and us it wisely by morphing it into something else.

To the Industry's Unsung Heroes and Sheroes, Radio Facts says Thanks

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to submit names for an awards ceremony for nominees. I did and was glad to see a majority of the people I put on the list were on the list of the finals. I thought long and hard about who I picked. When I saw the final list, I was disappointed.

Radio Facts 21st Anniversary Issues: 2 Magazines "Make Room" and "Giving Back"

We are thrilled to announced the first of 2 Radio Facts 21st Anniversary Magazines. The first "MAKE ROOM" spotlights industry innovators, entrepreneurs and those who used their leverage to take a radio gig and turn it into a greater opportunity. This issue is about inspiration and we are very excited about it.

Angie Martinez Exits Hot 97

20 Year industry vet Angie Martinez had one radio gig in her entire career at Hot 97 which she resigned from after 20 years of service yesterday.

Nick Cannon Steps Down from 92.3 Now Morning Radio Gig Because”¦

Nick Cannon is stepping down from his M-F morning show with 92.3 NOW in NY. He will continue to host the successful weekend program,...

kevRoss Channels Ted Williams: “Big Jules Needs a Radio Gig Too”

For all the urban announcers out of work, hopefully you will not have to be HOMELESS before you find another gig. Just promote...

Wendy Williams’ TV Show Starts Tomorrow: Why is she holding on to Radio Gig?

It took Wendy 20 years to get to this point, as an urban Radio DJ, it has to be bittersweet. In addition, she must have an insane love for radio (WBLS) to try to stick with it AND TV. Wendy is one of the most unique urban radio personalities in the business.

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