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Artis Hughes, Cleveland Bus Driver Who Knocked Girl into the Future… Fired

(see the hilarious video below)Unfortunately the bus driver, Artis Hughes, who gave an award winning uppercut to a female disorderly bus rider who hit him and spit in his face got fired after he got up and knocked her ass into the future.

Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” at No. 7 & Rising on the MediaBase Charts

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What a “Beautiful Surprise” to See Tamia Still Holding Down Her Spot on the Mediabase Urban AC Charts

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Radio Shows Revenue Gains Again in Q1 2012 Digital, Off-Air, Political Spending Shine

Radio posted its third consecutive Q1 increase in 2012 with a 1% rise to $3.814B. Surges in Digital (+10%) and Network (+8%) and...

Prepaid Cards Generally Deemed Rip Off: Tom Joyner still offers his new one to 8 Million Black Listeners

Amidst the recent heartfelt story of a DJ who fell from grace, got involved in drugs and alcohol and was booted out of...

When DJs were Stars: Saginaw radio station W3 (WWWS) Soul fans, Disc DJeys reunite

AM Memories fly as the disc Radio DJeys who made WWWS -- W3 Soul -- a voice of Saginaw's black community reminisce about the radio station's 40 years on the air. "We were like movie stars," says Dante Toussaint, 63, who still spins jazz from 7 p.m. to midnight on the station, now WTLZ-FM, 107.1.

Elroy Smith Featured in Philadelphia Enquirer/Talks about state of the industry

One of Radio Facts favorite innovative urban programmers Elroy Smith is featured in the Philadelphia Enquirer this weekend and he talks about the state of radio.....--------------------------Cutbacks, double shifts:The static of hard times. Radio is losing ad dollars, while listening dips slightly.

Salem Media of New York Announces New Radio Personality

WNYM (970AM) The Apple announces another addition to its distinguished cast of New York's favorite talk show hosts. Effective January 5, 2009, Dennis Miller will move his witty, intelligent show of political and social commentary to WNYM (970AM) The Apple. The show will air Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 1:00pm.Joe D.

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