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YOUR THOUGHTS? Donnie Simpson, What’s Next?

Radio Facts: rfocus.orgWell folks, radio is a business, one that is struggling to make ends meet right now and remain relevant with growing technological competition that is not only catching up but leaving commercial radio in the dust. A LOT of the blame falls on radio for not being up to date, ignoring technology and the greed that took place with consolidation and owning as many stations as one could even by overpaying for them. Lesson learned NEVER buy real estate or a business at the top of a boom.  Outside of that, corporations now have to contend with their OWN form of consolidation by saving money and utilizing talent in the best most profitable concepts. We all love vet talent and obviously from the emails, comments and phone calls I’ve gotten everybody (or at least MOST people) love Donnie Simpson…but what was WPGC to do? Corps(e) (the new Kevin still says “Corps(e):” The new Kevin likes that) have to justify expenditures now and how do you justify low ratings and a refusal of the talent to update the show? With all due respect for Donnie, WPGC had no choice. I give them credit for taking the high road and trying ot meet Donnie s0mewhere in the middle and I’m sure they gave him a great package, I’m sorry Robert Scorpio had to leave as a result but I’m also glad Michael Saunders has a fresh canvas to work with.  As Joyce Littel so eloquently stated to the press "I was always prepared for this day" (being terminated or laid-off) so we must all be.  Our careers MUST transform various stages and this is NOT an industry most people can grow old or retire in.

The next person to take over Donnie’s show will probably not make as much as Donnie did which is another issue. Should a station contend with low rated show and can they, at the same time, justify that now “erroneous” expense. The old Kevin would have been more direct in this statement but the new Kevin will say, I’m on the CBS and Donnie side on this one. I can truly see both sides. I also see Tiger’s side, the most likely replacement for the show. CBS management really likes him and they speak highly of him whenever I talk to them. Nobody can argue it’s his turn to shine but what’s next for Donnie or dare I say, is it time for Donnie to move on to something else?

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