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YEA Networks Premieres ‘KiddNation’ TV


YEA Networks announces that KiddNation TV debuts today in Dallas and Houston featuring YEA Networks’ The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Hosts Kellie Rasberry, J-Si ChavezBig Al Mack and Jenna Owens are back on FOX TV after appearing on FOX’s Dish Nation for 4+ seasons.

A daily 30-minute show, KiddNation TV expands on the daily radio show’s existing content and follows the hosts outside of the studio. It will feature popular show staples such as A-List Celebrity Interviews, “Love Letters to Kellie” and “Does That Make Me Crazy?!” In addition, viewers will follow the cast and crew behind the scenes and out of the studio. Shows will also be available for streaming a few days after they air on KiddNation.com.

Kellie Rasberry said, “I’m really excited about expanding our KiddNation family to include a TV audience! And it’s truly fun to be at this stage in my career and have a new creative challenge. We’ve always been very open about our personal lives on the radio, but with KiddNation TV, we’re allowing the audience to know us on an even more intimate level. I’m excited to hear what people think!”

“Kellie, Al, J-Si and Jenna are Texas radio icons, and we’re delighted to bring them back to TV every afternoon,” said John Kukla, VP/Creative Services for KDFWKDFI. “They are so much fun to work with, and will be a great addition to our lineup in Dallas AND Houston!”

Dallas-based Distillery Media has been tapped for production of the series.

KiddNation TV will air weekdays in Houston at 12:30pm on FOX 26 and in Dallas at 4:30pm on FOX 4 More, Channel 27.

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