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Yayo Pushes Mom to Move After Home Shooting

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50 Cent’s G-Unit sidekick Tony Yayo is begging his mother to move out of her neighborhood after unknown assailants riddled her home with bullets. The rapper insists the home was just a rand om target and his mother doesn’t have a price on her head – but he’s desperate to find her a safer place to live.

The only problem is his proud Haitian mom wants to stay where she is in Queens, New York. Yayo says, “She don’t want to move. I begged her plenty of times… (but) my mom’s values are different. She feels like she prays and she’s got God on her side. “I’m trying to explain to her, `Mom, I’d rather somebody come and shoot at me than shoot at the house for no reason.'” According to reports Yayo’s mother lives just a block away from where 50 Cent was shot nine times in an attack on his life, before he was famous. “She’s still staying in the same area. She should have listened and moved,” the music mogul said.

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