XXL Fires Editor Elliott Wilson: Magazine is going in a “new” direction

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As the paper publication industry continues to struggle along with other forms of media, the rap industry has been hit the hardest. Several extremely successful blogs dedicated to hip hop have given the paper magazines a run for the money… LITERALLY… and in an industry and genre where content is king, blogs are much more equipped to break news, do reviews and interviews and provide viewers with up to the minute instant access on any and everything hip hop. XXL has certainly felt that heat and whether or not that heat is based on their decision to terminate veteran hip hop editor Elliott Wilson is unknown.

Wilson’s tenure began in the early 90 where he was the founder of Ego Trip magazine, he later became the editor of The Source, at one time, the top hip hop publication in the industry and the one that was consistantly the negative talk of the industry . Wilson later went to XXL which is/was made of several former Source alumnus where he often enjoyed taking pokes at his former employer. Wilson is currently working on an authorized biography of Jay-Z.

Deputy Editor Vanessa Satten will hold interim duties until a replacement is named.


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