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Celebrating today’s World Radio Day, the Dutch tech-startup XS2RADIO launches a platform today enabling publishers of news, special interest-and industry sites to start their own radio station.

With this new technology, XS2RADIO aims to shake up the traditional radio system.

The XS2RADIO platform enables publishers to set up their own radio station using their existing content to reach out to their audience whenever they want. At very low cost the XS2RADIO end-to-end platform gives publishers the opportunity to start new media channels, to reach a targeted audience through their own site traffic and to set up new business models. Written text is automatically converted into spoken radio items of high quality in nearly real-time, without any human involvement.
XS2RADIO has developed an advanced platform that turns RSS-newsfeeds into radio stations, by combining high-quality human text2speech, radio-style audio design and the extra option of adding other audio content like jingles, music and commercials (via an ad-exchange). This unique platform combines high-end radio technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and is still being enhanced further.

User data are stored safely in the XS2RADIO platform. Based on user data XS2RADIO will be able to offer content of ultimate relevance to the audience: customised news, weather forecasts, stock exchange rates, traffic information and commercials that are fully targetted to current topics or the personal interest of users. Available in over 30 languages, the XS2RADIO-tool can be used world wide.
XS2RADIO Ó was founded by media and marketing entrepreneurs Richard Otto and Sebastian Plasschaert. The Dutch radio icon and media entrepreneur Erik de Zwart is also involved in this new project. 

Richard Otto: ‘XS2RADIO will break the existing, petrified radio world wide open. Currently, there are only two radio news stations in the Netherlands. Our technology offers news sites the opportunity to reach radio audiences at any time, even when driving or cycling. Publishers can use their own site traffic to service their target group of listeners or, of course, to reach entirely new audiences.’ 

Sebastian Plasschaert: ‘Publishers’ audio content will become available to travelling listeners via platforms like Android Auto and Apple Car.  With XS2RADIO you can reach your customers, by just making use of your existing content. You can skip radio items and –in the future- search through them with the specially designed XS2RADIO-player. The XS2RADIO-player reacts to voice commands (Alexa / Google Assistant / Siri), so mobile audiences keep total control over their news consumption, even in dense traffic.’ 

XS2RADIO is negotiating with a number of publishers the implementation of radio on their platforms. Go to www.XS2RADIO.com for a demo of the end product for audiences. You can also apply online for a demo of how the platform works.

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