Oakland Celebrates The Blank Panther Party Throughout February

The contributions of the Black Panther Party will be celebrated in Oakland throughout the month of February as part of [...]

COVID Vaccine or African Plant Based Cure?

While many people line up to take the Moderna, Pfizer, or any of the other vaccines, there are people lining. [...]

Trump Supporter Crying a River for Donald to Save Us from the Devil

Just when you thought Trump supporters couldn't get any crazier, this lady takes the full cake, pie, casserole, and any [...]

Black Reporters were not ready for White Police Chief’s Response for Being on his Phone during Community Meeting (video)

Digital and Radio Facts: The Black reporters were not ready for police chief Edward Flynn's response when asked why he [...]

Woman Attacks and Falsely Accuses Black Teen of Stealing Her Phone (VIDEO)

Another day and another time a White Woman launches some ridiculous claim and attack on a Black teenager and his legendary [...]

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