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The Big Send is a campaign to send 10 million handwritten “Please Vote!” letters from grassroots volunteers launching on Thursday, April 30, 2020!

Radio Facts: Women's March Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with Vote Forward to launch a letter-writing campaign to increase voter turnout: The Big Send! Together we will send 10 MILLION handwritten letters to voters on October 25.

The Big Send is a major grassroots campaign spearheaded by Vote Forward to write and stockpile 10 million handwritten “Please Vote!” and “Please Register” letters to be sent by mail in October asking voters to cast their ballot in the 2020 elections, encouraging our fellow citizens to participate in our democracy.

The purpose of The Big Send campaign is to mobilize and motivate voters to turnout for the November 2020 General Election. The Big Send campaign will organize and empower volunteers with the information to write, seal, and stamp handwritten letters. These letters will be stockpiled and mailed en masse in late October.

“It will take All of us contacting voters in their homes to ACTIVATE the vote! Join us for The Big Send. Your participation matters.”– Emiliana Guereca, President Women's March Foundation.

The purpose of the launch on April 30th is to kick off The Big Send campaign and organize partners to make a collective announcement across social media, email lists, and formal press to boost visibility.

The Big Send is a timely response to the COVID-19 crisis, bringing together a coalition of leading grassroots organizations to inspire volunteers to write letters and help increase voter turnout this fall. Writing and stockpiling handwritten letters to voters is both the safest and most effective way to contact voters right now and make an impact on the 2020 elections.

Vote Forward Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): @VoteFwd, #TheBig Send, #votefwd, #vote2020

WHAT: The Big Send Spearheaded By Vote Forward, Women's March Foundation & Swing Left

WHEN: Call To Action: APRIL 30TH

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