Woman from Wild Wings Contacts Radio Facts , States Black Patrons Asked to Leave for Several Reasons

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This story was orginally posted on August 26, 2013. The irony is that the company has had repeated claims of racial discrimination since. They are involed in one as you read this.A woman contacted Radio Facts who works at the Wild Wings restaurant that asked the black patrons to leave. and asked that we allow her to be anonymous.

She states there are several reasons the group was asked to leave (below)  Radiofacts.com

You’re only getting one side of story here. I work at the restaurant and your representation of the events is way off base.

The group was being loud and obnoxious to both customers and staffers. They kept complaining about their long wait and were talking about how “whitey” was able to get seated, but they were not.

The problem was that they had a large group and insisted on sitting next to each other. We only had one area that could accommodate their large group and the patrons in that area were not done. So yes, some “whities” were able to be seated before them, but only because they were going to a different area. We also seated non-whites in other areas too…

They made this a racial issue before anything. One of the guests also insulted a deaf white girl because she didn’t respond to one of them telling her to move (she was deaf and didn’t hear them)

They were also all standing in the middle of the walkway, making it difficult for customers to leave. We asked them if they could move over, but they said they can stand wherever they want, and if we wanted them out of the way then we should seat them. The customer that was offended was offended by a particular individual’s constant use of the word “n*gger” When asked to stop, he threw out a long string of racial epithets against one of my co-workers. See the original story here


    • Actually from the respective of a black man, this sounds like a more likely story, I’m not saying that they should of been refused service but a group of anyone that large can at some point degrade into a mob mentality

    • Is everyone here a freaking idiot?…ok heres what we have..a setting in south carolina…known to have a racist flavor to it. A large group of blacks. Could be thugs but probably not. Theres an anonymous customer described as white who was way over the line in her comment..but probably not.. Then you have a business who refused to seat them due to skin color…but probably not.
      Way too many uncheckable details for an acvurate conclusion.
      What follows are scores of comments which really only show one thing..that we all have racial issues going on regardless of our personal skin color. Maybe we ALL need to just admit this…try not to be critical of others as well as ourselves and realize at least for now that we all have to be a little suspicious of any stranger.
      We all front as if we dont see color but we have eyes so we do. A solution cannot be found if the basis of the subject is based on lies

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  2. How do we know that this woman is telling the truth? Why didn’t the restaurant state that the group was unruly if this is true?

    • how do we know the others were telling the truth? Number one, this story makes more sense…there were other blacks in the restaurant, if it was racial why did they allow them to stay?….maybe because they weren’t showing their ass.

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  4. LOL I am afro american and somehow I believe the white version of the story. Nope I am not a sell out I just think we as blacks feel entitled and blame lot of stuff on others. Me personally I am not waiting to hours to have dinner with Obama. Let alone a Wing spot. 🙂

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  6. KJ I am also Afro-American and I totally totally 100% agree with you man!!!! I have seen this too many times for myself and I have asked staff not to seat those people near me! Its not the color that I don’t want next to me its the ignorance!

    • You people who are claiming to be black are so fake. No black person calls themselves Afro-American. Get out of here with your bs. Your white claiming to be black. That is some thing that was used in the 70s and 80s fake ass people smh.

      • How tube are you to callyour own people out because they believe the story given from am employed that was there. She had no reason to lie or nothing to gain but the truth. Not days people of color where there heart on the sleeves in the way of watching how others treat them. Not considering its a two way street an using the n word shows ignorance. I as a white person chooses not to sit or associate with any person an of any color. I don’t understand the double standard the media an of the black community seating there own to disrespect others with that vulgarity. I would consider them uneducated as well as rude. I do not allow my children to say it. When they listen to songs that have vilgore words in them or Violence in them ,they are not allowed to listen to it around me or in my home or car. My son was never allowed to where his pants lose an down below his butt. My daughter was not allowed to wear close that enticed men They are both wonderful responsible adults an I am proud of who they are

        • You won’t let them listen to those songs ? I would be more worried about learning some grammar and spelling to teach those kids of yours. Sheltering children from the real world only makes them weaker adults. Trust me I know. I had to grow up fast.

          • I thought it was too much to believe but there seem to be bots or something intentionally causing racial discord. Language is off, seems like grammar but is it just a non-native English speaker? I think there might actually be people trying to turn us against each other.

      • The story sounds to be just that, a story.Only white people, when mocking blacks and George Jeffedson, refer to whites as “whitey” or honkey.This isnt the 70’s.Gthoh.

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  8. one like me i refuse to wait for even 1 hour just to be sited for what? excuse me no, nada not me. It does not matter what it is, please my brothers and sisters start cooking your own meals, it better or order and pick up, is cozier at home anyway , it does not matter how small it is as long as is family we can do it. So please stop complaining and stop patronizing these restaurant and businesses that threat us folks like crap and does you no good anyway full of crease and salt and sugar. I think it time we open up our own and patronize our own brothers and sisters. we are making everybody else rich while we struggles because we want quick fix.
    What they did was not right it was wrong, and i am screaming and kicking wrong not in the 20st century anyway, but it should open up, and make us smart. if all our brothers and sisters boycotts these places you will see how things are going to change. everywhere. Think as one and see what happens.

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  10. “Whitey?” I don’t know one black person that uses that term in describing white people. They would be called ni99a before “whitey.” And If this group behaved the way that this “anonymous” person say they were, why didn’t they get even louder and more obnoxious when they were asked to leave? You have 25 people being loud and obnoxious while waiting and then they get polite and orderly when they are asked to leave? It just don’t add up. If they were loud and obnoxious like some of the people I know, police would’ve been needed when they were asked to leave, cause loud and obnoxious people usually get stupid and violent when they are angry. Now I’m not saying that a few weren’t loud and using ni99a while conversating with each other cause that’s how some of us talk; but the whole group?

    • I know plenty of black people who use the word ” whitey” or “cracker” sir, & quite frankly, I’m guessing you might be one that occasionally throws that out there. Why do we always have to resort to name calling? And my God, it’s not always about race!!! Sometimes people just don’t like each other! I LOVE people from all races & I dislike people from all races but NEVER have I liked or disliked someone BECAUSE of their race. I also can just about bet you my bottom dollar that group was being loud & a least a little obnoxious because I’ve been around groups that big, waited on groups that big & been in groups that big & I can’t recall one instance that a group that big in a restaurant wasn’t loud & @ least somewhat obnoxious. So, now we’ve heard two sides to this story. I’m waiting to hear the (@ least one) other side!

    • What is.messed up is the word ni99a… U get to pc it all the way to bed…while my head registered nigger..either use the real word or some other appropriate adjective…to substitute 9s for gs is just childish and leaves the recipient with the racist burden. Thanks

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  12. As much as I have been to Wild Wings in North Charleston, SC, I knew that didn’t sound right! I love that place, but what 2-hours for food, not me! I too believe this version because I have seen it over and over; especially at The Cheese Cake Factory! I think its wrong to make them out to be racist when they aren’t. That’s what’s really sad because some of us would just automatically take their word and run with it before hearing all the facts….. It’s all on facebook which is wrong. Don’t try and bring down Wild Wings for your ignorance. SUPPORTING WILD WINGS!!

    • Some of us are worldly enough that we’ve heard blacks cry wolf before. Playing the race card is such a normal way to deal with things for some folks, that the rest of us are not surprised. For instance, if Al Sharpton told me the sky was blue, I would have to consult an expert.

      • your claim of “I am not a racist” begs me to question your veracity. Just by saying you voted for Obama tells me you judge not by the content of their character , but the color of their skin. Surely you knew Obama has no character

        • Your are racist, simply because you take every situation to bring president Obama into the conversation….fast forward 3 years…this is the reason you have Donald Trump as your Presidential candidate….you should be privileged to see the smile on my face…

          In other words .. because YALL spend 8 years “HATING” President OBAMA….YALL had no time to groom a candidate….SO SWEET…so you gona be mad and making these same old tired comments for 8 more years…CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU…

      • Why are we making a bigger deal about their decision to wait 2 hours…here is the problem in black American…until someone is dead…we stand in agreement with the systemic racism…its disheartening to know someone can ANONYMOUSLY claim, to be a witness and so many of us in are ready to declare their story is TRUE…

        This is just another reason why we HAVE TO DECLARE THAT “BLACK LIVES MATTER”…here is a quick lession of systemic racism.White business ONLY want your black dollars, your God given talents, and your passion. they will let you in, but you must be on your BEST BEHAVIOR… If the basketball team behaved like the swim team did at the Olympic it would still be a national story in both countries….In the initial story the US Olympic committee called the members of the swim team KIDS, and said they were out having fun…so what they fabricated the story…see that’s systemic racism called White Privilleged…and the presidential campaign of DONALDSON TRUMP, has tapped into that white privileged, that says..I nolonger have to be politically correct, someone even, black folks will agree….YALL BLACK FOLKS, SHOULD AT LEAST REQUIRE THEM TO GIVE THEIR NAME BEFORE YOU DECLARE THERE STORY IS TURE…

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  14. The group should release the tape they must have if their account of events is true. They said they were kicked out because one member of the group began taping. If that is true, then some, maybe all, of the “being asked to leave” part of the evening is on video. The group has that video. They are obligated to share that with everyone, because it likely will be decisive in arriving at the truth. They have a duty to release it. The longer they keep it hidden, the less believable they are.

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  16. When will some black people learn? Being loud, insulting and obnoxious does not get you good service or leave a good impression on others. They need to practice basic good manners when in a public place.

    • THANK U! Or people in general. ITS ANNOYING TO PULL THE RACE CARD…. 25 people and they all prob were obnoxious. I wouldnt want to serve them!

    • Really, you should all tell the samething to white folks, l have witness groups of white folks at football games, show their white ass, only to be labeled as a TRUE FAN…

      and let’s be clear lm not talking about tailgating, l mean before game breakfast, and after game dinner, especially if their team lose… l have witnesses it at 5 star restaurants when toldders are crying and to appeased them allow to roll around in the floor , and older children slap “the fuck” out of their parents… So if you on the business of giving helpful advise PLEASE GIVE IT TO THE WHITE COMMUNITY TOO,

      BUT, you will dismiss most of what l stated while you honestly know it to be true, it’s called WHITE PRIVILLEGED

        • You’re actually criticizing his spelling and grammar with that comment?!?! Way to go in your effort to prove you’re superior.LOL. So typical. I guess that’s why you decided to go the anonymous route, genius.

    • Why did it take the restaurant 2 hours to ask this rowdy bunch of individuals to leave
      It seems they should have realized long before 2 hours that this group was making other customers uneasy.

    • I totally agree with you. Black folks want respect from others but they have never shown any respect. Last month at the airport, a Black woman cut the line twice dividing my family patiently waited on the line at the security check point that she knocked down my husband’s luggage. She came right behind my back and said, “I’m first.” Then she cut the line the 2nd time right in front of me and said, “You see! I’m ready.” I told a Black officer who held up her personal belongs before they could get through the X-Ray machine and made her wait much longer than expected.

      One the way back home at a different airport, a Black woman cut in just to plug in her phone charger while a White woman was already standing in front of the power outlet with her tablet on the counter. That Black woman’s reason was, ” I’m ready, ” and would not take her charger off the power outlet right in front of that White woman. She went on arguing that she was ready. That White husband yelled, “You have no manner and no class. ” Finally, that Black woman took off her charger and waited for another power outlet.

      • What you witnessed were situations of INDIVIDUALS..all of you are in a highly stressful place. Cut people some black..i mean slack…your first two sentences portray a person way more ickier tjan an impatient black

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  18. I find it hard to believe a co-workers version of events especially when that person doesn’t have the guts to back it up with her/his name but opting to stay anonymous. Makes one wonder why why why??????. Regardless Wild Cafe only responded after the complaint about being refused service was posted on facebook which doesn’t give a good look for them. I say boycott this cafe can’t believe a group of 25 who had been there before without causing any problems was refused service because 1 repeat 1 white person felt threatened by their presence, well let that 1 white person make up for 25 people who weren’t there for a free meal all i can say 25 customers who won’t be spending their money at this place anymore. Rot in hell Wild Cafe from New Zealand.

    • Grace;

      The cafe responded via Facebook because that is where the corporate offices found out about it. It seems the Manager of the cafe spoke with the party at the time of the problem and asked them to leave. Had the party not posted this incident to FB than the corporate offices would never have known. IOW, your assumptions lack pretty basic logic.

      I would suggest the individual worker in this story wishes to remain unknown because the corporate offices have already replied and as a worker they are not allowed to talk to the press. These are pretty simple PR rules and part of HR requirments for a job. IOW, if your not a PR person you have no right to talk to the press as a rep. for the company and doing so could result in termination.

      Sadly, waiting for a long time in a popular cafe is a common thing and when you have a large group it is better to call ahead or opt for another location – although chances are you will have to wait at that place. I have been in groups that have waited for 45 min to 1 hr at the Olive Garden, Tony Pako’s, BWW and TGIFridays among others and not once was that group 25 people.

      Neither you nor I were present and while you take the account of the party as gospel and dismiss the employee, I actually think the truth is somewhere inbetween. As the party admits they had been in the cafe before it seems they had no problems in the past. Therefore what was the difference? Oh, yes, they had a group of 25 that wanted to sit together. That is a tall order for any establishment and would require waiting. I was once in a Texas Roadhouse and waiting with my wife when a group of 8 or 10 people who had been waiting became upset that they were being “ignorned”. The manager explained to them – where everyone could hear – that he could seat them near the bar but they objected and that the only booths large enough to hold them were occupied and if they would like to wait they could but that was all he could offer. They became upset and began accusing him of ignoring him. He tried to say, “no”, I just don’t have an area to seat you. After more heated words he asked them to leave and apologized that they were unhappy. He even offered them coupons for a free entrie which they took after calling him an “a**hole”. And, oh, the group was not black but a mixture of college students from UofM. It happens, relax.

      What if the party was loud? What if the party did make fun of or demean a deaf patron? What if the party was using the word n***a and it made others uncomfortable? As someone who has managed a bar, I can tell you that I have had to have conversations with patrons about language, tone (please lower your tone) and on making fun of other patons. It is never easy or fun to do this but it is necessary as no patron is more important than another and once you ignore mistreatment or foul language you will drive away more patrons than you attrached – no matter how good your food / drink maybe. It just could be possible that this is what happened.

      Assuming you could be from the US but now in NZ, I would like to add that racisim isn’t the grand issue in the US that it is made out to be. Consider that we have a black president (twice elected), Minorities sitting on the SCOTUS, 436 black and minority elected officals throughout America (at current count), not to mention the minorities in the world of sports / entertainment and education that are flat out “rockstars”. Are some people “racist” in America? Sure – but then again, please tell me a Country in the world as diverse as America that has elected as many minority candidates or has as diverse an offering in entertainment, sports and education. The truth is – this can’t be done as no other majority “white” country has and equal record on electing minorities than does America. France, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain or even your home of NZ – nope. So please, don’t always assume something is about “race” just because someone communicates that was they way they “feel”. They have a right to “feel” that way but not a right to thier own “facts”.


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