Woman from Wild Wings Contacts Radio Facts , States Black Patrons Asked to Leave for Several Reasons

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This story was orginally posted on August 26, 2013. The irony is that the company has had repeated claims of racial discrimination since. They are involed in one as you read this.A woman contacted Radio Facts who works at the Wild Wings restaurant that asked the black patrons to leave. and asked that we allow her to be anonymous.

She states there are several reasons the group was asked to leave (below)  Radiofacts.com

You’re only getting one side of story here. I work at the restaurant and your representation of the events is way off base.

The group was being loud and obnoxious to both customers and staffers. They kept complaining about their long wait and were talking about how “whitey” was able to get seated, but they were not.

The problem was that they had a large group and insisted on sitting next to each other. We only had one area that could accommodate their large group and the patrons in that area were not done. So yes, some “whities” were able to be seated before them, but only because they were going to a different area. We also seated non-whites in other areas too…

They made this a racial issue before anything. One of the guests also insulted a deaf white girl because she didn’t respond to one of them telling her to move (she was deaf and didn’t hear them)

They were also all standing in the middle of the walkway, making it difficult for customers to leave. We asked them if they could move over, but they said they can stand wherever they want, and if we wanted them out of the way then we should seat them. The customer that was offended was offended by a particular individual’s constant use of the word “n*gger” When asked to stop, he threw out a long string of racial epithets against one of my co-workers. See the original story here


    • Actually from the respective of a black man, this sounds like a more likely story, I’m not saying that they should of been refused service but a group of anyone that large can at some point degrade into a mob mentality

    • Is everyone here a freaking idiot?…ok heres what we have..a setting in south carolina…known to have a racist flavor to it. A large group of blacks. Could be thugs but probably not. Theres an anonymous customer described as white who was way over the line in her comment..but probably not.. Then you have a business who refused to seat them due to skin color…but probably not.
      Way too many uncheckable details for an acvurate conclusion.
      What follows are scores of comments which really only show one thing..that we all have racial issues going on regardless of our personal skin color. Maybe we ALL need to just admit this…try not to be critical of others as well as ourselves and realize at least for now that we all have to be a little suspicious of any stranger.
      We all front as if we dont see color but we have eyes so we do. A solution cannot be found if the basis of the subject is based on lies

  1. How do we know that this woman is telling the truth? Why didn’t the restaurant state that the group was unruly if this is true?

    • how do we know the others were telling the truth? Number one, this story makes more sense…there were other blacks in the restaurant, if it was racial why did they allow them to stay?….maybe because they weren’t showing their ass.

  2. LOL I am afro american and somehow I believe the white version of the story. Nope I am not a sell out I just think we as blacks feel entitled and blame lot of stuff on others. Me personally I am not waiting to hours to have dinner with Obama. Let alone a Wing spot. 🙂

  3. KJ I am also Afro-American and I totally totally 100% agree with you man!!!! I have seen this too many times for myself and I have asked staff not to seat those people near me! Its not the color that I don’t want next to me its the ignorance!

    • You people who are claiming to be black are so fake. No black person calls themselves Afro-American. Get out of here with your bs. Your white claiming to be black. That is some thing that was used in the 70s and 80s fake ass people smh.

      • How tube are you to callyour own people out because they believe the story given from am employed that was there. She had no reason to lie or nothing to gain but the truth. Not days people of color where there heart on the sleeves in the way of watching how others treat them. Not considering its a two way street an using the n word shows ignorance. I as a white person chooses not to sit or associate with any person an of any color. I don’t understand the double standard the media an of the black community seating there own to disrespect others with that vulgarity. I would consider them uneducated as well as rude. I do not allow my children to say it. When they listen to songs that have vilgore words in them or Violence in them ,they are not allowed to listen to it around me or in my home or car. My son was never allowed to where his pants lose an down below his butt. My daughter was not allowed to wear close that enticed men They are both wonderful responsible adults an I am proud of who they are

        • You won’t let them listen to those songs ? I would be more worried about learning some grammar and spelling to teach those kids of yours. Sheltering children from the real world only makes them weaker adults. Trust me I know. I had to grow up fast.

          • I thought it was too much to believe but there seem to be bots or something intentionally causing racial discord. Language is off, seems like grammar but is it just a non-native English speaker? I think there might actually be people trying to turn us against each other.

      • The story sounds to be just that, a story.Only white people, when mocking blacks and George Jeffedson, refer to whites as “whitey” or honkey.This isnt the 70’s.Gthoh.

  4. one like me i refuse to wait for even 1 hour just to be sited for what? excuse me no, nada not me. It does not matter what it is, please my brothers and sisters start cooking your own meals, it better or order and pick up, is cozier at home anyway , it does not matter how small it is as long as is family we can do it. So please stop complaining and stop patronizing these restaurant and businesses that threat us folks like crap and does you no good anyway full of crease and salt and sugar. I think it time we open up our own and patronize our own brothers and sisters. we are making everybody else rich while we struggles because we want quick fix.
    What they did was not right it was wrong, and i am screaming and kicking wrong not in the 20st century anyway, but it should open up, and make us smart. if all our brothers and sisters boycotts these places you will see how things are going to change. everywhere. Think as one and see what happens.

  5. “Whitey?” I don’t know one black person that uses that term in describing white people. They would be called ni99a before “whitey.” And If this group behaved the way that this “anonymous” person say they were, why didn’t they get even louder and more obnoxious when they were asked to leave? You have 25 people being loud and obnoxious while waiting and then they get polite and orderly when they are asked to leave? It just don’t add up. If they were loud and obnoxious like some of the people I know, police would’ve been needed when they were asked to leave, cause loud and obnoxious people usually get stupid and violent when they are angry. Now I’m not saying that a few weren’t loud and using ni99a while conversating with each other cause that’s how some of us talk; but the whole group?

    • I know plenty of black people who use the word ” whitey” or “cracker” sir, & quite frankly, I’m guessing you might be one that occasionally throws that out there. Why do we always have to resort to name calling? And my God, it’s not always about race!!! Sometimes people just don’t like each other! I LOVE people from all races & I dislike people from all races but NEVER have I liked or disliked someone BECAUSE of their race. I also can just about bet you my bottom dollar that group was being loud & a least a little obnoxious because I’ve been around groups that big, waited on groups that big & been in groups that big & I can’t recall one instance that a group that big in a restaurant wasn’t loud & @ least somewhat obnoxious. So, now we’ve heard two sides to this story. I’m waiting to hear the (@ least one) other side!

    • What is.messed up is the word ni99a… U get to pc it all the way to bed…while my head registered nigger..either use the real word or some other appropriate adjective…to substitute 9s for gs is just childish and leaves the recipient with the racist burden. Thanks

  6. As much as I have been to Wild Wings in North Charleston, SC, I knew that didn’t sound right! I love that place, but what 2-hours for food, not me! I too believe this version because I have seen it over and over; especially at The Cheese Cake Factory! I think its wrong to make them out to be racist when they aren’t. That’s what’s really sad because some of us would just automatically take their word and run with it before hearing all the facts….. It’s all on facebook which is wrong. Don’t try and bring down Wild Wings for your ignorance. SUPPORTING WILD WINGS!!

    • Some of us are worldly enough that we’ve heard blacks cry wolf before. Playing the race card is such a normal way to deal with things for some folks, that the rest of us are not surprised. For instance, if Al Sharpton told me the sky was blue, I would have to consult an expert.

      • your claim of “I am not a racist” begs me to question your veracity. Just by saying you voted for Obama tells me you judge not by the content of their character , but the color of their skin. Surely you knew Obama has no character

        • Your are racist, simply because you take every situation to bring president Obama into the conversation….fast forward 3 years…this is the reason you have Donald Trump as your Presidential candidate….you should be privileged to see the smile on my face…

          In other words .. because YALL spend 8 years “HATING” President OBAMA….YALL had no time to groom a candidate….SO SWEET…so you gona be mad and making these same old tired comments for 8 more years…CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU…

      • Why are we making a bigger deal about their decision to wait 2 hours…here is the problem in black American…until someone is dead…we stand in agreement with the systemic racism…its disheartening to know someone can ANONYMOUSLY claim, to be a witness and so many of us in are ready to declare their story is TRUE…

        This is just another reason why we HAVE TO DECLARE THAT “BLACK LIVES MATTER”…here is a quick lession of systemic racism.White business ONLY want your black dollars, your God given talents, and your passion. they will let you in, but you must be on your BEST BEHAVIOR… If the basketball team behaved like the swim team did at the Olympic it would still be a national story in both countries….In the initial story the US Olympic committee called the members of the swim team KIDS, and said they were out having fun…so what they fabricated the story…see that’s systemic racism called White Privilleged…and the presidential campaign of DONALDSON TRUMP, has tapped into that white privileged, that says..I nolonger have to be politically correct, someone even, black folks will agree….YALL BLACK FOLKS, SHOULD AT LEAST REQUIRE THEM TO GIVE THEIR NAME BEFORE YOU DECLARE THERE STORY IS TURE…

  7. The group should release the tape they must have if their account of events is true. They said they were kicked out because one member of the group began taping. If that is true, then some, maybe all, of the “being asked to leave” part of the evening is on video. The group has that video. They are obligated to share that with everyone, because it likely will be decisive in arriving at the truth. They have a duty to release it. The longer they keep it hidden, the less believable they are.

  8. When will some black people learn? Being loud, insulting and obnoxious does not get you good service or leave a good impression on others. They need to practice basic good manners when in a public place.

    • THANK U! Or people in general. ITS ANNOYING TO PULL THE RACE CARD…. 25 people and they all prob were obnoxious. I wouldnt want to serve them!

    • Really, you should all tell the samething to white folks, l have witness groups of white folks at football games, show their white ass, only to be labeled as a TRUE FAN…

      and let’s be clear lm not talking about tailgating, l mean before game breakfast, and after game dinner, especially if their team lose… l have witnesses it at 5 star restaurants when toldders are crying and to appeased them allow to roll around in the floor , and older children slap “the fuck” out of their parents… So if you on the business of giving helpful advise PLEASE GIVE IT TO THE WHITE COMMUNITY TOO,

      BUT, you will dismiss most of what l stated while you honestly know it to be true, it’s called WHITE PRIVILLEGED

        • You’re actually criticizing his spelling and grammar with that comment?!?! Way to go in your effort to prove you’re superior.LOL. So typical. I guess that’s why you decided to go the anonymous route, genius.

    • Why did it take the restaurant 2 hours to ask this rowdy bunch of individuals to leave
      It seems they should have realized long before 2 hours that this group was making other customers uneasy.

    • I totally agree with you. Black folks want respect from others but they have never shown any respect. Last month at the airport, a Black woman cut the line twice dividing my family patiently waited on the line at the security check point that she knocked down my husband’s luggage. She came right behind my back and said, “I’m first.” Then she cut the line the 2nd time right in front of me and said, “You see! I’m ready.” I told a Black officer who held up her personal belongs before they could get through the X-Ray machine and made her wait much longer than expected.

      One the way back home at a different airport, a Black woman cut in just to plug in her phone charger while a White woman was already standing in front of the power outlet with her tablet on the counter. That Black woman’s reason was, ” I’m ready, ” and would not take her charger off the power outlet right in front of that White woman. She went on arguing that she was ready. That White husband yelled, “You have no manner and no class. ” Finally, that Black woman took off her charger and waited for another power outlet.

      • What you witnessed were situations of INDIVIDUALS..all of you are in a highly stressful place. Cut people some black..i mean slack…your first two sentences portray a person way more ickier tjan an impatient black

  9. I find it hard to believe a co-workers version of events especially when that person doesn’t have the guts to back it up with her/his name but opting to stay anonymous. Makes one wonder why why why??????. Regardless Wild Cafe only responded after the complaint about being refused service was posted on facebook which doesn’t give a good look for them. I say boycott this cafe can’t believe a group of 25 who had been there before without causing any problems was refused service because 1 repeat 1 white person felt threatened by their presence, well let that 1 white person make up for 25 people who weren’t there for a free meal all i can say 25 customers who won’t be spending their money at this place anymore. Rot in hell Wild Cafe from New Zealand.

    • Grace;

      The cafe responded via Facebook because that is where the corporate offices found out about it. It seems the Manager of the cafe spoke with the party at the time of the problem and asked them to leave. Had the party not posted this incident to FB than the corporate offices would never have known. IOW, your assumptions lack pretty basic logic.

      I would suggest the individual worker in this story wishes to remain unknown because the corporate offices have already replied and as a worker they are not allowed to talk to the press. These are pretty simple PR rules and part of HR requirments for a job. IOW, if your not a PR person you have no right to talk to the press as a rep. for the company and doing so could result in termination.

      Sadly, waiting for a long time in a popular cafe is a common thing and when you have a large group it is better to call ahead or opt for another location – although chances are you will have to wait at that place. I have been in groups that have waited for 45 min to 1 hr at the Olive Garden, Tony Pako’s, BWW and TGIFridays among others and not once was that group 25 people.

      Neither you nor I were present and while you take the account of the party as gospel and dismiss the employee, I actually think the truth is somewhere inbetween. As the party admits they had been in the cafe before it seems they had no problems in the past. Therefore what was the difference? Oh, yes, they had a group of 25 that wanted to sit together. That is a tall order for any establishment and would require waiting. I was once in a Texas Roadhouse and waiting with my wife when a group of 8 or 10 people who had been waiting became upset that they were being “ignorned”. The manager explained to them – where everyone could hear – that he could seat them near the bar but they objected and that the only booths large enough to hold them were occupied and if they would like to wait they could but that was all he could offer. They became upset and began accusing him of ignoring him. He tried to say, “no”, I just don’t have an area to seat you. After more heated words he asked them to leave and apologized that they were unhappy. He even offered them coupons for a free entrie which they took after calling him an “a**hole”. And, oh, the group was not black but a mixture of college students from UofM. It happens, relax.

      What if the party was loud? What if the party did make fun of or demean a deaf patron? What if the party was using the word n***a and it made others uncomfortable? As someone who has managed a bar, I can tell you that I have had to have conversations with patrons about language, tone (please lower your tone) and on making fun of other patons. It is never easy or fun to do this but it is necessary as no patron is more important than another and once you ignore mistreatment or foul language you will drive away more patrons than you attrached – no matter how good your food / drink maybe. It just could be possible that this is what happened.

      Assuming you could be from the US but now in NZ, I would like to add that racisim isn’t the grand issue in the US that it is made out to be. Consider that we have a black president (twice elected), Minorities sitting on the SCOTUS, 436 black and minority elected officals throughout America (at current count), not to mention the minorities in the world of sports / entertainment and education that are flat out “rockstars”. Are some people “racist” in America? Sure – but then again, please tell me a Country in the world as diverse as America that has elected as many minority candidates or has as diverse an offering in entertainment, sports and education. The truth is – this can’t be done as no other majority “white” country has and equal record on electing minorities than does America. France, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain or even your home of NZ – nope. So please, don’t always assume something is about “race” just because someone communicates that was they way they “feel”. They have a right to “feel” that way but not a right to thier own “facts”.


    • Maybe if you would educate yourself you would know that this restaurant is owned by A BLACK man… Grow up and stop showing your ignorance.

  10. When my friend first told me this story,i very skepical.Ive been to wild wings,staff have always been friendly and very professional.I told my friend..that I found the story hard to believe.And that there had to be more to the story.I told her about the time I was with my family ay Dennys Rest.and this group of young black men.Sat next to us and began cursing and dropping the N”word.I could see my wife and son were upset.So I asked for some respect for my family.I got it”but it really could have gotten ugly……and im a black man!


    • Or protest the white mothers leaving their babies in shopping carts in Wal-mart. Or White teens stealing prescription meds or using household cleaners to get high and kill them selves.

      All in all that has nothing to do with what is going on in this article.. Grow up and stop pointing fingers at one race cause one is no better than the other.. Thats the real deal

  12. KJ,and KINGPIN…Nice try “trolls”. NO self respecting person of Color would call themselves “AFRO-AMERICAN”……..not since the 70s. Nice try for a WHITE GUY!!!

    • Are we REALLY so full of ourselves to believe that we know enough of ANY given people group to KNOW how each person in that group speaks?? S…M…H!

  13. I knew there was more to this story.. That kind of in your face racism does not happen in the USA, which is why I am many others were skeptical. Thanks for the poster for having the courage to tell her story.

  14. It is hard to trust someone who would reveal their identity on such a matter. As far was we know this could be the said shift manager that requested the group to leave and as seeking sympathy for the situation. I am not negating the actual comment just the validity of it.

  15. I knew there was more to the story, this is why I keep my mouth shut until I hear both sides. This side actually sounds more believable than the original story, simply because I know how “we” can be sometimes. I see it way too often, and then “we” get mad when we’re treated a certain way.

  16. This is an anonymous caller to a talk radio show. That’s about as credible a source as a couple of Internet trolls called KJ and KINGPIN claiming to be “Afro-Americans.”

  17. As a server I can believe this lady’s story. At work I get this attitude all the time. I’ve even had the “pleasure” of having to deal with a large crowd of blacks..I did everything they wanted or asked of me. One man even asked for a special order which we don’t normally do (because it involved something we didn’t have on hand, but we went to the grocery store next to us and got it) but he was so nice that my manager said of course….that man was great, his company on the other hand was racist and just mean. Telling me that it was my turn to wait on them hand and foot, saying that its about time a white person steps up and does something for the black folk(s), etc…I just smiled and gritted my teeth, but inside I wanted to give them a scolding their parents never did. Throughout it all my manager was listening, when they called me white bitch, he had enough and kicked them all out…he let the nice man know that he could stay and even took the price of his meal off the bill. The others started screaming racism and they called the cops….we took the group and the cops out to the video room and let them view the tape together. They then said we editted the tape somehow and that cops always side with the “whites”.. Cops took them and escorted them out the door and told them never to come back. The nice man left too, looking embarrassed but he was told he could come back and he did about two days later and was apoligizing left and right..he even left me a tip of $75.00 and something extra for my trouble…another $50.00. As far as her not giving her name….. I dont’ blame her, look at what is happening to the guy who wore the obama clown mask in the rodeo…he is recieving death threats and hate mail. Who wants the hassle??

  18. Really sad what this nation is becoming. I enjoy food From many cultures and have been to black owned restaurants and had no problem and I was treated respectfully and enjoyed my meal. There are unruly folks of every race, unfortunately our president has muddied the water with his lack of leadership. As i stated earlier “really sad”.


    • JO – If you spend more time with a dictionary and less time insulting a race of people – you would know how to spell – DUMMY!!!!

      • Watch for it. It seems like bots, trolls, I don’t know what, are posting in a way to inflame tensions between the races. Read carefully and use critical thinking. Don’t let them twist you.

  20. It’s funny a white lady makes a statement full of the obvious stereotypes about black people (loud and obnoxious) and people are quick to believe the “white version” lmao You guys are pathetic. What “loud and obnoxious” people are going to wait for 2 hours to be seated at this restaurant or any other restaurant for that matter. So basically it’s expected to be believed that these folks were acting this way the whole time yet weren’t told to leave sooner? Ok yeah that makes a lot of sense.

  21. I’m confused…because I live here where this situation happened. So if this is true why the spokesperson of Wild Wings didn’t say anything of this sort nor said the crowd was rowdy…It sound like a lie and what you are stating is not in any of these people character.. Furthermore, your side of the story is a little bit too late. You should have reached out to your Corporate Representative and advise them of the situation prior to it getting out of hand. They also called ahead of time to reserve a table because they had a large party that need to be seated. Do you even work at Wild Wing Cafe or someone that’s just trying to cover up racism?

  22. Posted on Facebook by a friend of a friend… (if it matters, she is indeed WHITE)

    “So many misinformed individuals re this story. Mike london (a prominent member of the community and music industry…y’all ever heard of FOCUS?) and 24 members of his family and friends chose to patronize this establishment for his cousins going away celebration. The establishment was notified of their intentions of patronizing the restaurant 72 hours in advance. Although WW doesn’t take advance reservations the group was told they would be accomodated. Upon their arrival they were asked to wait until an area could be cleared for them. While they were waiting 2 white women entered the estsblishment. While one of the women from mikes party was conversing with the hostess, one of the white women rudely interrupted them and told the hostess she needed a table and in tthe process stepped on the foot of the woman from the party of 25. There was no apology. The woman from the party excused herself and joined the 24 others and made the comment to one of the members of her party I can’t believe that just happened. To which the white woman responded something to the effect of yeah that just happened..get over it bitch! The 2 women were seated first and told management they did not want the party seated in their area b/c they felt threatened (even tho they were the oned who precipitated the confrontation). B/c of that the party was made to wait 2 hours for a table while the other women enjoyed a carefree meal. When the party asked why they were still not seated after 2 hours they were told b/c the 2 women felt threatened by them. someone in the party was tthought to be vivideotaping the conversation by the manager. Not sure if they were or not but in any case the party was asked to leave.”

  23. first of all if its a large group of course they going to be loud, whats wrong with that, and for her to say that a large group can only sit in 1 place that’s a lie , i always go to WWC u have out side and inside where large group can sit, so instead of letting those other people have a seat they would’ve put tables and chair together, she was just straight racist ,,, there is no excuse. for her to put them out… who is she just a shift manager..

  24. I don’t care who you are or what your skin color is, I don’t want to hear ANY Racial stuff, that includes “cracker, Whitey, Nigge_, or anything else. If you think you can use the “N” work, because you are black, then go ahead, but there are black people that are offended by this word, just as whites are. If you do use that word, then get used to hearing it, when the KKK marches around using it, so grin and bear it, if you are that ignorant.
    I’m sick and tired of obama and all of his Racist BS that he keeps bringing up. Trayvon Martin was a Violent Criminal, who made Zimmerman the Victim of a Race Based Hate Crime.

  25. The original comment that said this was under the name “LuckyChucky”, but we are supposed to think this was a woman? (the poster “Julie” reposted an earlier comment).

    This has been discussed on the Wild Wing Cafe facebook page extensively since last week. However, the anonymous poster writes this comment days later, after it becomes national news, but none of this (other than the mention of a “deaf girl”) was mentioned on the facebook page before.

    “Whitey” is something that white people THINK black people say.

  26. Although the story by the “employee” is most likely made up, there is a fair amount of detail on the Wild Wing Cafe facebook page, if you are willing to dig for it.

    The actual issue appears to have started when there was an argument between some members of the group and a party of two women (some people say that one was a “deaf girl”). The stories differ, but most agree that one of the women stepped on the foot of one of the people in the party, and that led to a brief argument. Apparently, the argument calmed down and everybody went back to waiting.

    The real problem happened when the women were seated near in an area that was being cleared for the group. They said they didn’t want to be near the group. Most any reasonable manager would have just put the women somewhere else (especially since they were the ones who asked). Instead, apparently, the manager told the group they couldn’t seat them where they had been planning to.

    There are some people on the facebook page who are saying that the female who stepped on the foot was a “deaf girl”. That is possible and could certainly explain the argument being bigger than it needed to be.

    Either way though, the original incident was clearly over and the obvious answer was to accommodate both.

  27. This is BULL … I live where this place is and this is so far from the truth… the news and radio are telling false and not full stories. The people were loud and disrupting people. Then a def girl stepped on one of their toes and they started yelling and trying to fight her cause she didnt say sorry… SHE WAS DEF…. and thats the other part of the story no one wants to tell cause they want to make this about race.

  28. @ Mr. Toby “Crackthawhipp” Walker you say colored folk might feel comfortable at their own restaurant, last time I checked the crayon box white was a color as well so who are you referring too?

  29. “”Whitey” is something that white people THINK black people say.”

    Uh, hello… has everyone already forgotten about “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa State Fair?

  30. @Chris I gotta agree with you…I read some of the comments on this story I gotta agree whitey is not a term commonly used by black folk. Not saying it can’t happen…just saying less likely to happen. I can remember getting into an altercation with a caucasian guy and the MP’s arrived, so everyone had to tell their side of the story, well how about his wife told the MP’s I called her husband a “White Ni@@a” I’m like really, who says that? Even the MP had a look like…”I know she lying”

  31. People are absolutely ridiculous all you can do is point the finger at someone if that would have been a group of 25 white people 25 Asian / Mexican people or any other race at that matter of a party of 25 people they would have had to wait just as long . Come on people get a hobby to invest your time in besides drama / racism . And at the same point if any of those races would have been obnoxious they would have been asked to leave just as quick it surely wasn’t because the color of their skin it was their behavior . I know I’m a local resident that was at the family oriented resturant when this all when down. So basically it’s time for this society to grow the hell up and get over themselves and the color of their skin try looking in the mirror at your features not your color. And to end it all I’m going to say your lucky it wasn’t my deaf daughter that was disrespected the way that little girl was because regardless if you were black white tan green blue or yellow the last thing you would be complaining about would be getting asked to leave from a resturant or what color you were because we would of all been asked to leave by the police and ambulance drivers you have to respect yourself before you can respect others . One thing I’ve learned by being raised by a marine from the south is manners and if you can’t use them you deserve the consequences whatever they may be…

  32. Don’t believe this story, wild wings us LOUD anyway so to say the group was loud is ridiculous. If the incident involved a deaf girl, and the fact she stepped on someones foot, doesn’t excuse the fact of her stepping on someone’s foot. How was the person to know she was deaf? The group waited to be accomodated and were asked to leave AFTER the manager realized she was being taped so it wasn’t about the group being loud, because they would have been asked to leave way before the 2 hour mark

  33. So basically everyone from the company who is speaking in defense is lying??? Did you ever stop to think that because this is a corporation the marketing department has given the restaurant and its employees specific instructions not to comment on an on-going investigation. Some people are probably tired of watching/hearing their work place get slandered so they decide to speak out publicly against the group of idiots who are taking money out of their pockets. Has any other African American ever had an issue with discrimination from this same restaurant that serves chicken wings and beer?? I’ve never heard of one. Aren’t their black people that work their? I’ve seen them.

    So this Mike London/Brown guy decides to wait almost an entire month to go to a news channel claiming discrimination, what sense does that make?? Why not the next day? Why wait a month to have your voice heard if it was so traumatic to you and your group? The fact is, well you only have the “facts” of the group. Their side. No one else has publicly stated their side because they are conducting an internal investigation because, well, that is what corporations do. Mike Brown obviously has never worked for a corporation so he probably knows that if he gets a head start on his smear campaign then it will be hard for people to get a word in edgewise. He would have gotten so many people that feel sorry for him to go ahead and side with him and then he has all these people crying foul. Did I read that he was or is part of a gospel group???? Are they famous? He must need money to fund the group. Maybe he needs money to go on tour. So he and his cohorts are claiming the racial tidbit, right? Did someone say he is a man of God??? Well this looks like the Devil’s work to me. He’s using the vast majority of African Americans to rally against a company that he claims was discriminatory for what reason? Because he said so? Because race is such a sensitive subject these days? He’s smart. He is probably saying “Well people know I am in the church choir and I lead a gospel group and I was asked to leave a restaurant, so why not claim it’s because I was black? People will believe me because why would I lie? I’m in charge of the church choir! Of course they will believe me!” Aaaannnndddddd now he wants to laugh all the way to the bank right? He wants his 15 minutes of fame and milk it for every second and every cent he can get out of it. In the meantime, he has no idea what kind of problems he is causing for other people and their families.

    People like him deserve a special place in HELL. Yes, I said it. HELL.

  34. Fact… I’m black. I grew up in Charleston. I am also an employee at this very same Wild Wing.
    What this young lady (whoever she is), is telling the truth.
    This group was being unruly, and that picture they took outside was of them refusing to leave, while the police were on the way.
    Fact… You cannot threaten to, “kick her white ass” or act unruly in any establishment without being asked to leave.
    Fact… We have turned down more white patrons in my years of working there then anyone else, for this very same reason. Just being black doesn’t give us the right to act how we want then get offended and cause an uproar when we don’t get what we want out of the situation.
    It just kills me that, because the black man said this one thing we all wanna believe it, them if the white man says something, then surely it must be a lie.
    I have been in a lot of situations that did warrant this kind of attention, but…
    Fact… These was some ignant mufuckas!
    Fact… I even know a few of the party members, but that doesn’t change that what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.
    When the truth view out, there’s gonna be a whole new beast unleashed, and that’s the media attacking black peoples credibility when a real situation like thus occurs…
    Think about that…

  35. Hey Maya, are you an idiot? Of course there are more places to sit than one specific area of a restaurant. Is there something wrong with being loud in a restaurant? Well, depends on what kind of a restaurant you are in. Can I be loud and cause a ruckus while you are eating dinner? Can I yell in your ear while you are gnawing on chicken wings? Can I threaten your daughter/friend/sister who is hearing impaired?? Can I heckle the employees who have no control over the volume of the restaurant? Or the amount of open tables? Can I act like I have no class or any common sense when I am in your restaurant? Hey Maya, have YOU ever experience racial discrimination while you were in this restaurant? You obviously know the place very well so you are comfortable spending your income there. So are you one of the many jumping on the race bandwagon?

  36. Hey “Nachural”.. Learn how to spell. Yes the delay from the marketing side of the company is why this ultimately has spread to negatively affect that company. Unfortunately, they don’t know the meaning of “damage control” and felt the need to apologize. However they apologized for how the man felt, not apologized for racial discrimination. Obviously perception is everything and to the general public, that apology assumed guilt on the company’s or restaurant’s behalf. Maybe you don’t know how to read or maybe you just didn’t care about the news account that stated that the restaurant was conducting an internal investigation of it’s own to collect the facts from their side before releasing any more statements. You know some people would like to keep their jobs so they aren’t exactly going to publicly comment when they were instructed not to. But some people know that other people who are full of sh*t will throw a race card to benefit their own pockets, while taking money out of another’s pocket; those people are going to start making the anonymous comments because they WANT to take a stand. They want to call out this ass clown who is negatively affecting their business and means of income. But I guess since he has a gospel group that people are making sure that they mention… “Have you ever heard of the group ‘FOCUS’?”…. then he must be telling the truth right? Wrong. He is promoting his gospel group. He is employing all of his little weasels to name-drop his group and probably promising them success and money of all sorts since he is going after a corporation claiming racism. Who on this site gives a rat’s ass about his gospel group???? Not me. Why are they relevant? They aren’t. Or are they???? To any one with common sense, they will see what the big picture really is. He is a low-life trying to use his position in a Church of God to catapult his gospel group to stardom but has no means of doing so. But wait…. we go into a restaurant and act like fools and decide to claim racism when we are asked to leave. BINGO!!!! And then we see dollar signs…

  37. So is this site turning off comments or scanning them to pick and choose which ones get posted? Everyone I know that is trying to comment has comments that aren’t being posted.

  38. Kim-

    No one waited two hours to eat. Not to mention, if this girl accidentally stepped on someone’s toe, and these ‘young black professionals’ were so upset, then why would they get in her face and threaten her?

    Do you call that waiting peacefully? Would anyone with common sense say “Oh, I’m sure it was an accident” or “Why would she do that intentionally?” But that didn’t happen. They surrounded her and threatened her. From what I understand, she went and sat in the bathroom until her table was ready. They were trying to intimidate her.

    Of course a restaurant manager would try to accommodate them if there was no further incident. But when someone pulls out a video camera or phone or whatever they used, that too is a form of harassment when you are asked to stop.

  39. db
    Posted August 26, 2013 at 3:51 PM
    How do we know that this woman is telling the truth? Why didn’t the restaurant state that the group was unruly if this is true?

    This sounds more PLAUSIBLE because this is what we have come to expect from these “rain forest” rejects. Look at OPRAH and her lies throwing the race card in Switzerland. I say this story sounds more like reality

  40. I’ve had extremely long waits at wild wings. I finally walked out the door and this was for a party of five. I’m white. Maybe it’s reverse discrimination.

  41. Damage already done….the original story was everywhere….the above (which I believe) won’t reach a fraction of the original’s audience.
    An election year in ’14 and the leftists are playing the race card constantly…..it’ll get worse before November ’14.

  42. look to all the black on white crime including murders that they have been EMBOLDENED to commit from the race pimps Sharpton and Harelip Jackson the rhyme master have fostered..

    I have recently been assaulted by one of them and he had no clue how close he came to his demise. I will not hesitate to defend my life limb and property

  43. Well, I see the haters and the racists are here in force today spewing the venom they have been commanded to repeat by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

    Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have, for years, incited violence against the black community. Now, hear how The Pig squeals when confronted with its assumptions of White Privilege.

    The racists and the Nazis posting here should go back to masturbating on their guns, Bibles and AM radios and leave the rest of us alone!

  44. I have never met any people more racist or prouder to be racist than blacks. They were called Negros back in the 60-70s and the popular ones sang like no other folks. It seems that they bought into the victim culture now, and want to hurt a white person just for fun. It is a shame, there are plenty of great black folks but the government controlled mindless N words should and do make white folks afraid. Blacks everywhere are criminals, all over the land they are a curse upon society.

  45. As Matin Luther King said:
    … when we will be judged not on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character…

    Seems that is even worse.

    Dream on.

  46. You have to be stupid to walk into a restaurant with 25 people and not call ahead or expect to have a long wait if you don’t call ahead.

  47. Got cell phone? Learn how to use the video. Practice at sporting events, parties and or just for fun. Then then time wherever an incident arises video tape.

  48. Remember this joke? An airliner was experiencing engine problems, so the pilot announced that all luggage be jettisoned. As the engine problem escalated the pilot announced that all “African-Americans” to be jettisoned from the plane. That is when one astute little niglet said to his mamma, “we still niggars ain’t we.” She concurred and avoided being jettisoned. Moral of the story? Don’t forget who you are.

  49. Black people can’t do anything quietly, except for steal, or damage property. To hell with Syria, bomb the government money wasting communities that we call ghettos.

  50. I have many times seen unruly patrons in sports bars both black and white. Although I am not fan of BWW I can understand the restaurant not wanting a large group of people already showing their butts coming in the place. This type of “wait” is not uncommon for large groups showing up without a reservation.

  51. This employee needs a raise. To deal with a large hostile crowd like that and keep her cool even after they played the race card with her like that earns my respect. We need to put people like that in their place. We will not stand for false racial victimizing tactics any longer.

  52. This story has more twists and turns than a hi-way. Now all of a sudden they were being rude and obnoxious and IN THE BEGINNING, they were asked to leave cause ONE customer felt threatened…this stinks to high heaven. To all people….if you go to a restaurant, whether is a party of 2 or 25, please walk away if you have to wait more that 5 minutes to be seated. I would never wait that long ANYWHERE to eat. I could have went home an prepared a complete meal in that time frame. Now they wanna make you all look like the bad guys cause you went media mad in the establishment. Just chose your dinner establishments wisely and NEVER wait that long ANYWHERE to eat.

  53. Sounds similar to oprahs claim an employee at a handbag store told her she couldn’t afford a purse until the employee stood up and told the truth. Notice how quickly that story dropped from the headlines and became a non-issue. Look I will stand with anyone who is discriminated against, but we have become a society of government dependent liars and good people are going to stop standing up simply because we can’t trust you anymore.

  54. I’m not pretending to be black because I am white. I am not trolling either. This is a public website and not only black folks get to comment on it. I get why the folks who were asked to leave the restaurant would be upset. I have a large family and when I go to some restaurant I have been short tempered with the staff because people get seated in front of me. I stopped that because my oldest is now working as waiter and I now know the whole story of how it is difficult to find an empty table for seven (my family’s size) when we are out. The tables are generic and designed for four people, usually. Seven doesn’t work. Also, when I go to some Mexican restaurants here in Texas I get seated after the Mexican guests, even if it just me and my wife! But I don’t complain about it. I know that I’m not going to change their mind about me. I just choose not to go to their restaurant again. There are plenty of real Mexican restaurants in town that don’t care if I am white or not.

  55. Her story doesn’t entirely make sense, I believe most of it but what gets me is why did it take 2 hrs to clear out a section of diners to seat 25 people together even if previous diners had filled the section right as they arrived who take 2hrs to eat? Typical turn over in a chain is 40 mins, you just stop seating that area till you have enough tables together, tops an hour! So yeah had they pulled their heads out of their asses they could have seated the group quicker, got them out of the way and avoided the whole our world has gone crazy about race thing …. And btw there is no such thing as white privelage, what there is such a thing as is stupid people who act bad and those that don’t step up to say or do anything, and last time I checked, those types come in all colors!!!

  56. Unfortunately, the negro has managed to pass down from generation to generation the “slave mentality”. I heard a Black say that on a news show recently. They maintain–in their DNA–the memory of being taken care of by the white man and still find themselves in that ‘box’ today because most live off the charity of the federal government. I don’t know if it will ever change because it’s a never ending cycle.

  57. How typically black of them. With blacks involved this could easily have gotten violent. I only hope someone had a gun, knew how to use it, knew the law and was prepared to follow the law. Everyone needs to be prepared when black thugs like these are around to protect themselves to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe if enough Zimmerman’s are around black thugs will all be eliminated or they will become part of civilized society. Enough is enough.

  58. It is astounding to see all the black folks on here trying to figure out some way to make this all the fault of a racist manager. Restaurants are more than happy to take black people’s money. What they are not willing to do is suffer them acting like animals and disrupting other patrons.

  59. Instead of “Wild Wings” substitute “Sizzler”, or “Waffle House”, or “House of Pancakes”, or “McDonalds”, or “Detroit”, or “New York City”, or “any rap video shoot”, or “a weekend in Chicago”, or “rural Tennessee if you happen to be a white couple”, and you get the same result. Well, for that last one you get raped and killed, but you get the idea.

  60. From my observation of groups of blacks in public, I believe the account of this woman. If I were her, I too would not make my name public. That’s just common sense in Obama’s America where blacks feel they can get away with anything. One poster said blacks do not use the word “whitey”. I don’t know what word they use in private but in public they do use “whitey” among white people because they want whites to know what they are saying in order to intimidate. They know that in current America, whites must kowtow to them. I remember back in the 70s when on Sundays hordes, literally hordes of blacks would drive an hour across town to descend upon a new shopping mall. They would walk around in ranks forcing white shoppers off the walk. You never saw them with shopping bags from the store. They never bought but spent hours disrupting commerce with with loud rude behavior. Obama has only exacerbated a race problem that will always be there. It will be there until blacks assimilate. Have you ever been to England? Go there and see how blacks are. They are fully English. Close your eyes and you don’t know if a white or black English person is speaking. Many American blacks, simply do not want to be fully American. In England, blacks say they are English or Brits. They do not say they are African-Brits. Until the day blacks wise up, don’t go to “wing” restaurants. Problem solved.

  61. I tend to think this restaurant worker’s version is the truth. I’ve never seen more than 5 blacks in a groups who were NOT loud, obnoxious and abusive toward whites. As for asking them to leave: Who would have the nerve? What if they started assaulting customers and talking even more abusively? If the police were called it would cause an even bigger scene. I favor complete segregation: let blacks trash their own restaurants, and the rest of us can enjoy our meals in peace.

  62. I believe the server. My daughter is a server and has had similar problems with black patrons. Of course many other customers do similar things, they just can’t throw the race card. One 16 topper had a couple of people bolt and the others refused to pay. Two black women attacked an off duty deputy that was working security. It would have cost the 14 remaining members of that party a few dollars each but two of them ended up in jail.

    Don’t ever expect an unannounced party of 25 to be easily seated. The Wild Wings that I’ve been to couldn’t seat a single party of 25 even if they wanted to.

    I’ve received poor service and have sometimes complained but usually I just leave never to return.

  63. I see outraged comments about boycotting this restaurant. I agree. Would all large, loud, abusive groups please boycott this restaurant. Signed, the rest of us who would like to eat in peace.

  64. gee, what makes more sense??? “whitey” just decides to throw out 25 “upstanding citizens” who want to pay a lot of money to eat because another “cracka” was threatened for no reason or were the “youthful antics” of this group REALLY loud and obnoxious. having been in restaurants, malls, stores, movie theaters at one time or another and had the “joy” of experiencing this type of behavior, I’m guessing choice number 2….

  65. It seems in at LEAST the past 5 years, there has been an escalating black culture of entitlement, disrespect and when all else fails – play the race card.

    You are no longer responsible for ANY of your actions? You are not responsible for yourself? Your successes? Your failures? It’s all someone else’s fault right? – and of course, it’s always Whitey. How about making YOURSELF accountable?

    Takers vs. The Makers

  66. I knew there was more to this “story”. All chain restaurants have video cameras. Of course we all know we won’t be seeing that anytime soon. Anytime you get a group of them together like this, there is going to be cussing, insults thrown around, complaining. People like these have no business in a Wild Wings Cafe, none whatsoever. They are better suited for the Golden Corral, Ryans or the Chinese Buffet down the road. Someplace they can get away with little or no tipping, which is what they are known to do. If I was eating in the restaurant and saw them, I would have intentionally slowed myself down.

  67. They are the new royalty since they, those wild ones, can get away with anything. Now they want money too for not getting their way. What slime.

  68. Its to bad….I seen this same behavior in food markets…retail stores…its mainly poor home parenting and gang culture…black leaders have to come down on this comportment day after day…and hour after hour…never letting up…

  69. We can also presume that while the group was waiting to be seated the servers were arguing over which unlucky soul would be condemned to have to wait on the table. From many years’ experience I don’t have to go out on a limb to state that this group, attended to promptly, courteously and orderly would have left a tip in the $1.50 – 5.00 range ($0.06-$0.20)

  70. Working in the restaurant business my entire life I have a hard time believing the complaint. No restaurant would just refuse service because of one patron found another offensive. Refusing anyone service is a big deal and the company just wants to make it go away (customer always right). Having dealt with large parties of obnoxious people (of all races) it is the least pleasant part of the job. And a two hour wait makes a nice person obnoxious and turns obnoxious people into “disruptive of the whole restaurant” people. Im sure the manager was aware that the complainers would elevate the complaint, so this person put their job on the line to do what she felt was right for the restaurant, patrons, and staff.

  71. Anybody who says that they wouldn’t wait two hours to be served at Wild Wings just doesn’t know what they’re missing.

    NOWHERE will you find better monkey biscuits than those they serve at Wild Wings, well worth the wait !

  72. Unfortunately, the people who got the seats, first did not leave. Even the waitress who would like to make a new set of tips would have been pleased to seat a new set of guests.

    If there is a line, I go elsewhere. I can’t wait more than 15 min for food. It only gets SO good. No food is worth the wait that they endured. I’m sure that some of them were able to get to the bar and order drinks. They were probably drunk. But, there seems to be good odds that between 25 Africans, some of them were drug addled upon entering the establishment.

    Why do people who unanimously vote for the TAX NAZI socialist Democrats think that they should go into a private enterprise small business that the government is taxing out of existence and cause trouble?

  73. @ Grace: Are you kidding me?? No white person is going to go public with their name on something like this, because they don’t want death threats from every psycho black racist thug out there. Next thing you know she’d be the subject of threatening tweets with pics of thugs waving around their guns. You clearly don’t understand the level or racial tension we’re dealing with right now. Your racist self-righteousness is misplaced.

  74. I don’t care what color you are, it is simply rude to show up at any restaurant with a group of 25 people without reservations and then expect to be seated all together in a timely manner. Any group of that size expecting the service level they expected is certainly representative of a group which feels special entitlements.

  75. Back in school, if you did not know the answer in a multiple pick question – the general rule was to pick “C”. In today’s culture, if you don’t know the answer – just pick racism. It always seems to be the default answer for everything.

    Just remember to follow the four rules of Obama no matter what..
    1. Steal from the rich
    2. Lie about your past
    3. Cheat every chance you get
    4. Blame others for your problems.

  76. Party of 25 just walking in off the street? Call ahead and make a reservation. And I believe these people got out of line, seen large groups of blacks in action, they are an embarrassment to civilized folks.

  77. Totally believe this girl!! Wild Wings is NOT and has NEVER been racist ! However, Im so glad they kicked those Ignorant Idiots out of there facility . Hopefully they wont come back either! But i will be going ! Went yesterday! GOOD JOB WILD WINGS!!

  78. In my experience of waiting tables I already knew this story. The group of blacks when arriving into a restaurant is known as a “Soul Train”. You can even sing the opening soul train song to alert fellow waiters and waitresses. The staff will then try and pawn the group on other waiters as they know no money is to be made off of this table for the amount of extra time and effort they will require.

  79. @Toby Waller, it’s funny that you would say that because the Managing Majority Owner of Wild Wing Cafe is African American. His name is Muhsin Muhammad, he played football for the Carolina Panthers. So we do have our own restaurants……lol. It’s called Wild Wing Cafe……It’s hard to know where the truth lies in all of this. Maybe this group was a little antsy, maybe a lady did call one of them a b*tch while bumping into one of the young ladies while coming in. Maybe it was the same lady that called her a b*tch that said she felt threatened. It’s gonna play itself out as usual, everyone divided along ethnic lines making assumptions but not really sure of the truth. I’m african american and I’m neither for or against either one of these groups in this situation. I’m for whats right, I’m for justice in every way, In fact I’m for everybody. If there’s an injustice here, it needs to be dealt with swiftly. We just need to have some real honest conversations about how we perceive one another. God help us all!

  80. Anyone familiar with the manner in which most blacks behave in this sort of situation knows that this woman is being absolutely truthful. They feel entitled and they behave in exactly the manner described–talk loudly, behave in an obnoxious manner, demand attention, get self-righteous and abusive when they are asked to tone it down or to behave in a civilized manner.

    No, not all of them behave in this manner, but I have seen it more times than I can count and I have a number of black acquaintances and friends who will tell you the same thing.

    Ever been sitting in a movie theater when a black woman gets a cell phone call? Don’t even think of asking her politely to please be quiet or move to the lobby . . . you will be the target of such a string of abusive language as you have never imagined . . .

    “You don’t tell me what to do, @%$&_@^%#&(^#@”!!!!! Don’t you be gettin all up in my face. F@#$ you, mother-f@#$@#! I be all in yo’ sh!#! Etc. etc.”. . . usually at the top of their lungs.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the woman who made this call was telling the Gospel truth.

  81. This anonymous staffer is just as trust worthy as the alleged yet unshown video that the accusers have. Release the video or I’m prone to believe the staffer what with rash of racism hoaxes flying around right now. Just search “black teen sent self racist text messages”.

  82. this version of the story sounds much more believable. Large groups of family/friends tend to be louder and more obnoxious than smaller groups, regardless of race. I’ve also seen blacks try to use the race card a large number of times when there’s nothing racial about it.

  83. Blacks are the most racist group of people in America. They use the N words like normal people use “the” and “and”. Blacks are so racist they feel they can use that word based on the color of their skin, and whites cannot, based on the color of their skin.

    MLK would be shocked to see that blacks are more racist than whites ever were!

  84. As everyone knows, this is typical behavior for niggas. They make lots of noise, then “claim” they are being “discriminated” against. The usual result is that they don’t have to pay their bill. Plus, they’ll also try to sue for an even bigger payday. Just niggas bein niggas.

  85. A resteraunt like this LIVES or DIES on how quickly they can turn a table over; one group eats and leaves and the next group is seated.
    Usually the tables seat four or six. For thirty minutes, maybe 45.
    A large group – 25 – is a pain in the butt.
    If I walk into a resteraunt, and the only seating is in an area where a party that size is eating, I walk back out. They are loud and obnoxious, Black or White.
    Tables have to be held empty- no paying customers – to accumulate enough for a large group.
    Groups that big take longer to order, serve, clean up after, and they usually LINGER forever.
    That isn’t a meal, it’s a reunion.
    If you have that big a group, MAKE RESERVATIONS, go where they handle big groups.
    If I owned a fast food place I wouild limit party size to 6, no more.
    Its not Black, White, Pink or Brown.

  86. 1st of all N. Charleston is like the Watts of the low country.
    Secondly playing the race card is the intellectual equivalent of sticking one’s tongue out and saying “nana nana boo boo”. Childish is as childish does.

  87. As long as the hustlers teach the youth they are victims and playing victim gets them freebies and free passes on beating down old folks and three year old little WHITE girls they will keep doing same
    NOTICE they always attack in teams of two, three or more vs ONE old person or a defenseless one
    COWARDS need to meet up with a few LEGALLY armed citizens patrols

    NOW !

  88. For those doubting the employee because they want to be anonymous…well if I was counting on a min wage tip job to support myself in this economy I guess I would be careful not to lose that job either. And I have heard blacks hurl racial epitaphs at whites all the time including whitey and very often cr–ker! I don’t have to have been there to believe this account because I have seen similar incidents and bad behaviour many times.

  89. In other words it’s typical TNB, then the usual whining and pulling the race card. A race war IS coming, the 87% who aren’t black will be looking for some serious revenge on the 13% who are!

  90. 2 hour wait my azz. I worked in restaurants for years. Nobody has paitence to wait 2 hours to eat with 25 people in the group.

    20 minutes is the new “2 hours”.

  91. Wild Wings and the employee want to keep as low a profile as possible, wouldn’t you!!!! These idiots feel entitled to retaliate against anyone they feel “diswaspecdid” them. It’s unfortunate that a great percentage of blacks haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities they have for education and real advancement. Instead they feel their advantage is to act like jerks, retaliate with force which only furthers their decline. This POTUS has taken the black population back generations. What a shame and waste. And they wonder why we cross the street or lock our car doors when blacks approach.

  92. WOW! Now it looks like the real story is coming out…there is always two sides to a story! And it doesn’t look as clear cut for the homy’s as it did imagine that!

  93. I knew there was more to the story. In this day and age of political correctness and media bias – I found it hard to believe that a group of blacks would be refused service just for no reason.

  94. Have you ever tried to get a party of 8-10 seated during dinner hour? If the few large tables are taken, you have to wait much longer. I can’t imagine trying to seat a group of 25. Most intelligent people would call ahead or go in earlier to arrange with the staff, not just show up and expect to be seated. Don’t blame the staff or the patrons for getting frustrated with a group of 25 blocking the waiting area.

  95. Who shows up at a restaurant with 25 people, no reservation and expects to be seated together? A group looking for trouble, thats who. ‘Nuf said.

  96. refreshing comments. I’m not surprised but I’m glad this side got out.
    I’m not sure that it has to be pointed out but the comments from Black people here are something I would point out to anyone who thinks that ‘they are all alike”. I’ll use this incident and comments as reinforcement for that point if I ever feel a need to point that out to someone.

  97. When I first read the story in Which the “customers” were claiming racial discrimination, I had a feeling that they were not telling the entire truth. Perhaps they were waiting on Obama to speak up and interject himself into this situation like he did with Trayvon and the Black Professor in which the Police acted “stupidly”…….. We have the biggest bunch of race baiters as leaders now a days, Perhaps they are just looking to feed the flames.

  98. DB said how do we know the woman is saying the truth? Point taken. However, let’s ask another question. How do we know this black group is saying the truth? This group is initiating a complaint and therefore are the prosecution. In this country, a complaint has to be proven before defense is condemned! Anotherwords, “innoccent until proven guilty”. That used to be our system of jurisprudence.

    However, jurisprudence is quickly eroding through racial slurs, actions and crimes by blacks who are attacking whites …. it’s time to get a handle on this hypocrisy, hate and intimidation and follow our system of jurisprudence. If we don not do so quickly we are going to have a Civil War

  99. Hey Lamaj, I don’t know of anyone using the term “Whitey” either, now “White Cracker” is another – eh. Oh, and Anymouse (a.k.a. anonymous) that claims to work there and back this story, could you at least use a handle to have more credibility, I mean you could be a total fab.

  100. A hoax. Exactly. More b.s. from Obama’s ‘could have been” son’s and daughters, empowered to act up by our race-baiting president and attorney general. Sadly, too many of Obama’s “could have been” kins have no reservation about lying, or a bevy of other immoral acts to attain what they want. Many of Obama’s “could have been” sons and daughters see everything as a racial affront to them, despite the fact that the only racist gestures often come from them.

    There are a lot of decent, black people, but sadly too many are just ill mannered, savages.

  101. I am white and I have never been “asked to leave” a restaurant, but I sometimes leave of my own accord. I find the anonymous version of the incident completely credible. I will say that at another chain restaurant I have gotten horrible service and if I had been black I would have felt “singled-out” or discriminated against. But since the manager was black, I am sure this wasn’t the case.

  102. Yep. I ran Restaurants for 20 years and experienced this exact same scenario many times. When I first read about this party of Blacks being denied, I knew it was a scenario like this.
    “Black Entitlement Attitude”…and They belligerently wonder why other races think so low of Them.

  103. i am glad i am 65 and can now stay away from these nasty miscreant evildoing racist haters. i don’t even go into a store that is within 5 miles of an urban area unless it’s unavoidable. a pox on their homes.

  104. Tipping: NOT a word in the Obama n……….er,………..black Democrat’s vocabulary.

    Blacks are ALWAYS entitled, and tipping is foreign to Obama’s “peeps”.

  105. This sounds like just about every black-based movie I have ever watched. Obviously the blacks know this is the way their culture is. Isn’t it awesome how their great black mini-messiah has united the country?

  106. I notice people constantly saying ” they don’t believe this person because they will not give his or her name”. No wonder, that person would probably receive death threats and more.

  107. Boy, all you people sure are racists. I blame the Manager for this incident. An experienced manager would have taken care of this at the outstart, not waited and let this situation make everyone angry.

  108. – Loud & Obnoxious
    – Bitching about Whitey
    – Using the word nigga
    – Insult a blind white girl

    Yeah this sounds like a pack of niggas, Even if they were seated the bitching about the food being poor, or a mandatory 15% tip would have caused all sorts of hell. MLK had a Dream and the patrons of Wild Wings that night got theirs, these home boys were turned away lol………….

  109. This is exactly how it happened. It’s always some dumb racial thing with all too many blacks today. Too many of them are suffering from a pathological disorder of paranoia believing there’s a whitey conspiracy in everything. I’ve worked in restaurants before and the black patrons were always the worst: inconsiderate, acting as if they were owed something, rude to other customers and the wait staff, and crappy tippers having no clue how to determine what 15% is. It’s really pathetic what’s happened too so many blacks today. I guarantee there will some idiotic lawsuit coming soon to a courtroom near you.

  110. I would like to know why the group did not all in advance to inform management they would be stopping by for a meal and to inquire if there would be a problem being seated, that would be the responsible way to handle themselves to start. Who would wait around so long to be seated? Isn’t it just amazing how they use the pigment of their skin to rant over lack of what they consider their right to be seated?

  111. This woman’s story is credible because many, many of us have had similar experiences all over America with mouthy, deliberately intimidating young ghetto punks (male and female) being loud, impolite, boisterous and obscene, using vile language and the n-word. Nobody likes this but it’s time we start talking about the true state of affairs in ghetto-vs-everybody-else relations. Note that not everybody who behaves “ghetto” is black.

  112. its always racism. i live in a small florida town and took a family member to the ER recently. there was a hispanic man with a child about 5 years old. she was bouncing around and giggling, being cute. there was a sign posted on the wall stating that cases are seen in order of importance, not order of arrival.
    the man’s cell phone rang, and he engaged in an interchange with the person on the other end. he and his caller discussed the child’s rash—the reason she was in the ER. at one point he declared loudly, “we’re still waitin’. they’re taking their sweeeeet time. we’re spanish, so we don’t count.”
    what a despicable value system to pass on to the next generation.

  113. Seriously? Is there anyone that actually believes that a mainstream, corporate owned chicken restaurant in these racially sensitive, racially charged, heavily litigious times would actually and openly refuse service to a group of African Americans because of their race?

    I wasn’t there but I’m guessing their rude behaviour was likely tolerated much longer than the same behaviour would have been had they been any other race.

    The employees story sounds like a reasonable explanation of the event. ‘Unruly Behaviour’ doesn’t have to mean riotous or overtly threatening behaviour. It might mean simply rude attitude or comments that make the staff or other clientele uncomfortable.. which seems to be the case in this instance.

    Seems to me that people are way to quick to blame racism for any and every slight or inconvenience… This whole stupid mess could have been avoided by calling ahead for reservations. I’m thinking that little Wild Wing shop would have been more than happy to sell 25 more of their overpriced wing meals if it didn’t cost them the future business of their other clientele…

  114. I can recall as though it was yesterday thinking that when Obama the Incompetent was first elected – at the very least – a compensation could be that black people would use his status as an opportunity to embrace success.

    Boy was I wrong. Things have degenerated. A lot. I used to root for blacks to make it, but when I see the awful racist behaviors of entitled blacks – when I see them content w/massive unemployment caused by Obama’s ill considered policies, I have to say that for the first time in my life, I’m questioning my assumptions about blacks having a will to improve themselves.

  115. As a server I can tell you most Black People do not tip well almost all of them are CHEAP RUDE and OBNOXIOUS. The very first thing they like to do is play the RACE CARD as soon as that happens we spit in their food.

  116. I was at a sporting event recently with my two kids. We were waiting in line, and a large family was behind us. All of the kids were growing bored and getting impatient and acting up (her kids and mine). However, the mother was swearing and dropping the F-Bomb in every sentence out of her mouth to her kids. After about 10 minutes I turned around and gave her a look and she stopped swearing.

    Nevermind the rudeness and inconsideration shown towards those of us around her with our kids… At least she stopped once she realized that her behavior was not appreciated, but if this woman treats her children like this in a public venue, I can only imagine what goes on at home. This is what is wrong with the culture, and unfortunately this is why certain groups can become broad-brushed by stereotypes. I don’t subscribe to these stereotypes because I know that ignorant and non-ignorant people come in all shapes, sizes and colors — but I know that if I want to be treated with respect, then I need to behave respectfully.

    If you walk into a restaurant and behave badly & use inappropriate language, then you shouldn’t be surprised or pull the race card when you are asked to leave the establishment–it doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Rude is rude.

  117. Few medical, housing, phones, food… But you’re “oppressed”.

    Get real, man.

    Lots if folks out there struggling. Quit blaming race.

  118. Interesting that Lamaj says he doesn’t see how it’s possible that an entire group would be loud and disruptive but then says he knows people who if asked to leave would have required police to be called (I’m guessing there would be threats of violence or extremely disruptive behavior). Why can people just not act in a manner unique to themselves and the situation in which they find themselves.

    Lamaj seems to believe that all blacks should or do act the same. That they should fit a certain profile.

    Common sense should prevail here. There is no way a large, multi-state chain is going to deny service to a large group of people. No way. ESPECIALLY if the group is a group of black folks. I have seen discrimination many times and have spoken up when it’s happened. It happens much more subtly. Like not honoring a website price in the store. Happened in a Walmart in Mississippi. A black guy was looking at a hand-held learning game I had just purchased. I mentioned to him that I had just gotten it for $20 less because of the online price. I saw him in line later and asked if he got it. he hadn’t. He was denied the same price that I had gotten. So, I went over to the service desk and mentioned it to the trashy asst manager and told her there was no reason why he didn’t get the same price that I had. Saw him walking out in the parking lot and asked again what happened. He smiled to me and said yes, he got the game. He knew and I knew what happened. Even though race was never brought up. Point being, it happens.

    But in this instance, no freaking way. I’ve seen this type of behavior too many times to not believe the worker. And again, common sense says there is no way they were denied service without it being justified.

  119. If you show up with out a reservation for 25 patrons you are going to wait, perhaps all night .If you are obnoxious you are going to leave.

  120. These people were trying to make an incident. It is becoming common for a certain group to act up. When they are called out on it, they claim racism.

    It is both a power struggle and a way for them to make money. They will offer to go away and be quiet for money. If no money arrives, then they go to the media and make up whatever stories they want. The media does not appear to every question it. The media is trying not to be called racist.

    This is getting worse. More and more crime. More allegations of racism.. More murders. More robberies. More home invasions.

  121. I worked in a restaurant and know how large groups act when they are not seat quickly. It is the seat me now attitude when a large group comes in a restaurant but some do call ahead to prepare the servers and other staff to get the table ready for their large group. Not just blacks but also whites in large groups venture into restaurants without not giving any prior notice. If a establishment is full at the time, the groups don’t understand that people can’t be made to eat faster or even give up their seats once they are seated. That would be bad policy. Large groups of any race need to contact a restaurants ahead to see if seating for the group is available or perhaps reserve seating before coming in unannounced and complaining of a wait time during a busy service. It is all about manners and respect, today people expect the now attitute and only about me service. Give these servers some credit they work hard for little mone.

  122. Regarding the alleged use of the word “whitey”– These people are in a restaurant, filled with other customers, acting up and being derogatory but not wanting to “jump the shark” yet. Would you expect them to call white folks “crackas” and get in a fight or tossed out immediately, or do you think they might use a less offensive word such as “whitey”?

    Please, enlighten us as to what words blacks, under the circumstances, would use to refer to whites?

  123. I have been in Food and Beverage long enough to know that this indeed has the ring of authenticity. I also know North Charleston very well and know that this type of behavior is not the exception but the norm.Anyone who has ever waited tables or tended bar will tell you that the stereotype is more than well justified. But on another note, fuck BWW anyway and their no-carry corporate policy. I wouldn’t go to one in any event, and not just because niggaz bees likun’ dey chiggin wings.

  124. The terms “whitey,” “white privilege” and “cracker” are intensely racist terms that express the hate philosophy promoted by marxist social engineers. Most people who have racist attitudes to European Americans are unaware of the sources of the validation for their racism. Young people are indoctrinated in politically correct anti-male sexism and anti”white” childhood by the heavily marxism-tainted education industry and by the media that obeys the orders of the social engineering think tanks.

  125. You know why they call it Television programming? It is duplicitous. You assume it refers to the “program” or shows they put on. It really refers to programming or training the sheeple. Your mind is like a computer. It can be programmed. You watch TV and assume everybody is like the characters depicted. Sheep then adopt the mannerisms, words used, style of dress, likes and dislikes off their favorite characters, etc.
    Imagine media that surrounds you with stories, real or fake, about racism daily. TV shows that portray white people as racist(even though we elected Obama), and sitcom episodes dealing with race. At some point a large portion of people(Sheeple) are going to believe it and make judgements and decisions based on that belief.

    I believe right now the media tools of the NWO are trying to stir up a race war by manipulating sheep who have already accepted the programming.
    The NWO pits classes, races, nations, and religions against each other. They watch us destroy each other, then move in and take control. Do not be a sheep and do not be manipulated.
    Turn off your programming and research before it’s too late.

  126. Whenever I hear a complaint of racial discrimination these days from a black person or group of black people I automatically assume they are lying just like in this case. Most blacks today go around with a sense of entitlement and will lie like a dog in the sun if you do not bow down and worship them and give them whatever they want.

  127. My son, who s a cop, says that since theTrayvon Martin case, 90% of the blacks he stops start out saying he is ‘profiling’ them. Even the black man caught red-handed beating a black woman – AND the woman, too. Worse, the department backsoff of many of those cases. No one wants to be Zimmermanned. So my son has already fond another job – and three other officers in his department are looking and intervewing. You can’t keep the community safe and you put your life on the line. This is not going to end well.

  128. This is only the beginning of this crap folks. Its only going to get worse. This is what the government and media have been hoping for. Its so sad see blacks letting themselves get talked into using race baiting as a means to taunt white people who aren’t even bothering them. I don’t think it ends well.

  129. Knowledge from working in the restaurant and bar industry for 10+ years:

    What’s the difference between a canoe and a black person?

    A canoe tips.

  130. I have seen and experienced this type of behavior with blacks innumerable times in my life. When blacks expect something and it doesn’t fall right in line as they demand it is turned into a racial issue. I have no reason to disbelieve this person’s account because I see it happen. I have had it happen to me if there are too many people in my party and a black turning it into a racial issue, absolutely. It also seems when blacks are around the noise volume increases substantially and they are concerned only with receiving their demanded ‘respect’ and no consideration for others.

  131. THE FIRST SECOND! When I first brought up this site my first impression was; ‘Brother’, are they going to get sued or what? Then the words ‘racist’, ‘bigot’ crossed my mind.

    THE SECOND SECOND! Then… HELLO! as my mind slaps the inside of my head. This site caters to Negros. (note: will not use ‘Black’ as I find it derogatory.)

    Disclosure: I am caucasian, sort of. Color & Politically blind on a ‘Personal’ basis. Racist on a race basis. A Bigot with regards to Democrats, Socialist, Marxist, and anyone subscribing to the Hegelian Dialectic concept. Politically I am a Constitutional Conservative.

    I am also a very big fan of Mr. Walter William, phd of economics. Read his newspaper column for years before I discovered he is a Negro. To me he is but a well educated American that makes a lot of sense.

    I have a good buddy from my college days who is a Negro, sort of. Also, God Father to this son who has become an Electronics Engineer. Two others that I keep in contact with, for over 40 years, both family men and successful as are their children.

    One thing I learned early in life; hang with those smarter than you are and more successful. It sort of rubs off on you. And don’t worry about the color or culture as it will not contaminate you or rub off on you.

    Read many of the comments. Most were interesting, providing insight for the state of todays culture.

    I provided the disclosure statement so you would know where I am coming from should you see me again.

  132. Blacks don’t use the word “whitey”? Really? Here is a quote that was attributed (by on-line sites) to the Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz in regards to the George Zimmerman trial outcome:

    “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

  133. Of course she’s telling the truth. What a shock. A group of idiots acting like idiots being tossed out of a restaurant. Isn’t that more likely than “We don’t serve your kind”? Uneducated people behave like idiots and unfortunately, black culture promotes stupidity.

  134. SOMEONE from the Afro-American Community please STEP FORWARD and let the entire country of America know WHEN your’r going to WAKE UP to the FACT that they have MINDLESSLY FOLLOWED RACE BAITERS like Jackson & Sharpton and ARE READY TO ADMIT that THEY are EXACTLY as I have called them out as such?? Can you not think for AND NAVIGATE your way through society ON YOUR OWN?? WHY can’t you elevate JUST ONE UPSTANDING TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT form The Afro-Am Community WHO WILL NOT go to the RACE CARD EVERY TIME things do not happen in your favor??
    Would someone WITH INTELLIGENCE from the Afro-Am Community PLEASE help me TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHY you CANNOT CHOOSE JUST ONE PERSON who CAN lead BY EXAMPLE and NOT be such a racially charged HYPOCRITE LIKE Jackson & Sharpton and EVEN Oprah NOW?

  135. A business has the right to refuse service to ANYONE. If I was in business, I would refuse to serve blacks with saggy pants, Muslims, and other varmints.

  136. All because of Obama and his constant black on white efforts-and the media push to divide the races- young black men are beating and killing the “honkey crackers” and every black is claiming their so-called rights and feeling no remorse or conscience in over stating and loudly demanding any and all privilege!

  137. It seems in at LEAST the past 5 years, there has been an escalating black culture of entitlement, disrespect and when all else fails – play the race card.

    You are no longer responsible for ANY of your actions? You are not responsible for yourself? Your successes? Your failures? It’s all someone else’s fault right? – and of course, it’s always Whitey. How about making YOURSELF accountable?

    Takers vs. The Makers

  138. Did someone cry “wolf” again? #1 waited 2 hours? No food is that good unless it was free and even then not worth it #2 any DRINKING going on while waiting to be seated #3 article did not say what day of the week this was but bring 25 people to ANY RESTAURANT and expect to be seated together without prior arrangements like a RESERVATION is just stupid. #4 6 -to 8 people in a party standing for 2 hours would be loud and obnoxious I can’t imagine 25!
    You were refused service because you were obnoxious loud and disrespectful. Deal with it and don’t blame others because you don’t know how to act in public.
    Some one said the one individual was a minister?And that means what? He can’t be a jerk See Jessie JackAzz, Foul Al, Flager & Wright

  139. Yep! That pretty much sums up the behavior of a large group of blacks. Entitled and superior. The American black is the most racist sub group in America.

  140. I think it is funny how everyone believed the family as soon as they told their side of the story, but call this girl a liar so quickly. It is funny that the gentleman said that someone started taping the incident once they were being thrown out, but they never showed it. And as far as the WHITEY comment, I work in alot of areas where I have been told “whitey doesnt need to be he after dark” so please dont say that it isnt used. I can understand the frustration of watching people being sat before you…I have been in that situation myself. Please dont insult me and others by saying that your WHOLE GROUP was calm and not getting upset watching others being sat. I think that the restaurant was wrong for letting you sit there for as long as you did, but I think that you had issues that caused them to ask you to leave….none of which where racially motivated!!!!! GET OVER THE RACE THING AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

  141. Sounds like typical black group behavior to me. It’s constant and obvious. They want the world handed to them on a platter then get pissed when the world doesn’t respond. They should have been arrested for inciting a riot….oh but wait, THEY never do anything wrong, do they? Trash, that’s all, just trash.

  142. 95% of people, both black and white, are sick of this kind of stuff. We let the other 5% of people, both black and white, who are racist rule the headlines.

  143. I have worked in the food and beverage industry for the last ten years and unfortunately from my own experience this is usually the case…98.9% of the time…just grin and bare it and hopefully you get more than a 1% tip.

  144. This is an all-too familiar story for anyone who has ever eaten out. Some folks don’t have the mental capacity to ask civilized in any setting. They be gansta.

  145. I have worked in restaurants and I know from experience that trying to seat a large group without a reservation is very difficult, much less a group of that size! how on earth would 25 people simply expect that they could be accommodated without a reservation? was the restaurant staff supposed to make everyone move for them? it doesnt happen that way!

    Yes, people in smaller groups, say 2 or 4 will be seated long before your group of 25 and it has nothing to do with preference or color.

    Also I do have to agree with the person who posted that groups that size are sometimes problematic, often demanding, and often throw a fit if the gratuity is included in the check, which is often done with groups that size.

    That being said I am so over hearing the false cries of Racism these days!

  146. For the sake of brevity…. They were just “NbNs”! It’s EXPECTED of them. Non-blacks are ‘pleasantly’ surprised when blacks DON’T act that way. Non-blacks are not at all surprised when blacks DO act that way. The black GROUPTHINK is that of the “racial whine”. It permeates their very existence and rules their lives from cradle to grave. Without the “racial whine” blacks would have no history, no ethnic identity and no future. The black race is the ONLY race on Earth that gets along with no other race on Earth. This group of blacks epitomizes that better than all the words in the world! An entire race of people seemingly with only the one hope to cling to. Racism. They perpetuate it on purpose because without it they would be destitute and have to rely on ‘themselves’. OK I can understand their desperation to make the ‘racial whine’ their legacy.
    What would they do on their own WITHOUT it? Become extinct……….. I grieve over the self destructive nature of the “racial whine” and the innocents who might have been, if not indoctrinated into the church of the “racial whine”!

  147. A simple call for a reservation could have avoided all of this. You can’t possibly expect an business to accommodate a group of 25 people that just show up and expect to be seated together. Use some common sense. Always so quick to pull the race card when you get turned away when you act like idiots.

  148. Regardless of the actual incident, I’m finding many of the explanations for belief or disbelief of the employee comical. Is it really so difficult to understand? Really? First, I’m sure this employee is not making a six-figure salary. In fact, she’s probably making just a little more than minimum wage, along with probably being a student or single parent. Have any of you held jobs? Employers are not too keen on employees speaking for the organization, whether in the positive or negative, because the press and society believe that person to be speaking for the organization. A big No No. This usually results in termination of the employee, due to possible vicarious or stict liability. I’m guessing the girl likes her job, but is in need of it much more. In this economy, who can blame her? Someone else was also showing some congnitive ability when they remarked regular “enlightened” citizens would be coming in to confront her, if they knew her identity. Second, when has “What I would do” or “When it happened to me” ever actually worked in identifying the nature of a person’s actions or thought? Really, people? One other person commenting also displayed some rational thought when they said the truth likely lies somehwere in the middle…

  149. I own a restaurant and can tell you that it IS impossible to find enough free tables at one time to accommodate such a large group. As each table vacates you have to reserve it then wait for the next table in that area and so on. This is true in places that don’t take reservations and who don’t have a banquet room or very large areas set aside for large groups.

    My restaurant has a large black clientele whom I find most delightful and whose patronage I value. People pick up on vibes and hostile vibes combined with poor service (perceived) make for bad situations. This might have been avoided by calling in and alerting the restaurant to your arrival in a few hours. Even if they don’t take reservations, they may be able to seat earlier customers in such a way as to make several tables available in a shorter period of time.

    Regardless, treating the group with respect and dignity and explaining the problem thoroughly might have helped. I often comp dessert if a table is willing to move.

    Finally, my view is that no restaurant, not even mine *s*, is worth an hour wait.

  150. If they had been seated, it would most likely have ended with police being called after the fight. There are plenty of videos of this same scenario all over the United States. More customer’s would have been offended and verbally attacked, the wait staff would have to try and put up with the insults, then they would complain about the food and service and try not to pay their bill. Even other African Americans commenting here say they would not want to be seated next to any group like this, white or black. And blacks do use the word “whitey” I have actually heard it myself, it is usually when they speak to, or in front of white people, and not to each other, when inferring race.

  151. fools on here hollerin about Blacks need to worry about inner city crime…what about the whiteboys that go into schools and shoot multitudes of helpless children,movie theaters..hell everywhere…and dnt let me mention the Oklahoma city bombings.other mass murderers..and always cop out with the insanity plea..lil billybob didn’t get the new madden before everybody else so he goes and gets one of Pa’s thirty weapons and shoots everybody..u want some cheese to go with your wine?..the pedophilia that they love to indulge in…get over it…all races have issues but dnt try to paint yours as “liywhite”….because that’s jus a cover for the filth beneath…I agree..there are more than two sides to this story..ms”anonymous”..the Black patrons..and the real truth which is in the middle…that’s how a rational person thinks..u dnt take sides because of your race..u stand fp\or the truth no matter where it is…learn it and live it suckas..

  152. So sick of this double-standard. As a young white male living in South Florida, I am sick of the entitlement. The black community as a whole needs to wake up and earn the respect that they think that they deserve.

  153. To the person that said that “whitey” is never used, this is not true. I was eating at a local restaurant that gets busy on weekend mornings. They have a “call-ahead” seating policy, and my wife and I have been there many times before.

    We arrived to the restaurant and saw numerous people waiting to be seated. A couple of people went before us, and eventually it was down to us and a black couple in their mid 40’s. When the hostess called our name first, and started to walk us back to our seats, I overheard the black gentleman say, “so I guess whitey gets to go first?” and his wife nudged him and said, “Do something Harold!” visibly upset.

    What they didn’t know was that we called ahead. We were put on the waiting list before we arrived. Regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, anyone could have done the same thing.

  154. I believe the person claiming to work at Wings as I’ve seen exactly this sort of behavior both from large groups. If one person in the large thinks he or she sees a way to put pressure on what is perceived to be the person or people blocking them, he or she will use it. At the top of his or her lungs.

    For several decades, “racist” and “bigot” have caused cowardly whites to yield to obnoxious groups of blacks. The race card has been overused and whites (and white hispanics) are getting fed up with it. No more. Call the cops and bring charges as applicable, or put a bullet in whoever is beating on us, just as Zimmerman did.

    BTW, all the name changes I know of for blacks since Malcolm X came up with “black” have originated in the black community. Each one gets hung onto until the reputation for crime, violence, irresponsibility, and bigotry attached to the previous name catches up with the new name. Don’t like it? Slap down the jerks. Call them on it. Don’t put up with it, and don’t snicker about “Putting one over on whitey”, because you are only putting one over on yourselves.

  155. I think black skinned folks are some of the most racist people I’ve ever seen. And their sense of entitlement is sickening. They will over play their hand soon enough. Look, this is simple, we are all humans living on the same planet, made by the same creator. Skin color is not an issue. Character is. Oh wait, that’s what MLK talked about. Never heard Jackson or Sharpton talk about that. It’s been 50 years today since MLK made his “I Have A Dream” speech. And very few have learned a darn thing from him. Sad state of affairs indeed.

  156. this is the society we wanted, we voted him in and now everything is racist. Im a Flight Attendant and was serving drinks to the passengers where a black guy was sleeping. I asked the passengers what they wanted and he woke up. He saw the passengers get their drinks first and then accused me of serving him last as he was black.
    Thankfully the other passengers told him he was not ignored and accused him of falsely accusing me and that he was just looking for a hand out or a free ticket…yup, thats what I figured too.

  157. Years ago I waited tables and tended bar and I hate to say it, but large groups of blacks were often loud, unruly and disruptive to the other customers.
    When I had such a group, I could pretty much count on getting sent back numerous times for condiments, complaints, etc… and getting no tip.

  158. I am a liberal Democrat and voted for Obama, so I am no racist. However, it has gotten to the point that incivility has become the norm. I don’t think I’m special because I’m white or think I deserve any special treatment. But I do see more black people get abusive over minor unintentional mishaps. Here is an example of what I’m talking about: I was waiting in a line at my bank during lunch time. It was crowded and people were feeling anxious about getting back to work. A man wanted to simply cut through my line on his way to a different section of the bank. When I stepped backwards to allow him to walk through, I accidentally stepped on the foot of the black woman behind me. (I am of normal weight) I immediately apologized, but she was furious and said “Fu*k you, bitch.” Things like this I do not understand. The incident had nothing at all to do with race, it had to do with being civil to another person.

  159. I work in a popular French quarter restaurant and stuff like this happens all the time with large groups of all races. they come in on busy nights for one reason or another and all want to sit together. this puts a huge strain on the restaurant and the front of house staff. the wait is long bc they have to wait for all guests in a particular area to leave and that area has to be large enough to put them. sometimes the wait is 2 or more hours. my restaurant has party rooms available to accommodate large groups but it’s a $75 and hour charge and they don’t want to pay that. they don’t understand that you cant seat a large party that just walks in as you can a smaller party. once they get frustrated with the wait they get rude, beligerant, and downright mean to other customers as well as the staff. we actually had one lady walk up to a table and tell the guests that they had to leave bc her party was waiting. at that point we asked her party to leave the restaurant and refused them service. i’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle of both stories. we now have a policy in place that large parties must split into groups of six. we will try to seat you close to each other but there is no guarantee bc we seat them as 6 top tables become available. if they don’t like that option they are free to leave. for future reference, if you go out to eat with large party and insist on sitting together be patient. they staff is doing their best. don’t act like assholes bc you can’t have your way right away

  160. As usual only one-side of a story comes out. Thanks to the slow response from Wings management, you have a free for all! Of course Managment is AFRAID to do anything but trip all over the place apologizing before they have accurate informaion, and sometimes when they do! I imagine some big money will exchange hands here soon.

  161. There are always two sides to a story and it is a good thing that both have been aired here. I daresay both sides feel themselves to be insulted or unfairly treated. Perhaps, in the future, both sides will also take more care about they way they act and the way they respond to other people around them, whether waiting or serving.

  162. I keep reading that no black person uses the term “whitey”. I call BS on that. I overheard two older black men in grocery store (Dayton, OH) use it less than a month ago. I agree that I don’t hear it often, but it is a term still used my some.

  163. We will only become ‘post-racial’ when bad behavior is rejected no matter what shade a person is on a color wheel. In other words, when ALL COLORS can be criticized or disagreed with, thrown out of a restaurant EQUALLY without unfairly assuming race is the reason, we will live in a colorblind society. When black people stop defining themselves SOLELY by a color, we can move forward. Everyone is ‘more’ than a color yet some oddly choose to only BE a color. Okay, so you are black, what ELSE are you? Rude? Kind? Bright? Angry? Giving? Smart? What ELSE ARE YOU? Remember:Those who separate themselves, shall remain separate. I’ll look forward to the mass epiphany. I hope it happens in my lifetime because we’re ALL sick of this.

  164. Why hasn’t this info been previously released? If they were loud & obnoxious I truly believe that WWC would’ve expressed this prior to this unknown random employee doing so?

  165. “rosa parks Posted August 28, 2013 at 5:33 AM

    “Well, I see the haters and the racists are here in force today spewing the venom…..”

    No, not that many, really. Just you, “rosa parks,” and a few other anti-white bigots.

  166. The whole thing is a joke. My question is, does the place have security cameras? Most do. The camera will tell the story. Its easy to say that the party of 25 was unruly…and maybe they were…who really knows? I read their side of the story…they sound like upstanding civilized people. But at the same time, its easy to write your story and put yourself in favorable light. Same with the restaurant manager..how much of his story is true. Why wouldn’t he apologize? Easy, that would be an admission of guilt…opening himself up to a lawsuit. And I wonder if that’s why the camera suddenly came out..for a future lawsuit. My own theory is… could it be possible, 1 or 2 started getting unruly from the long wait, and others preferring not to say anything, had let them continue getting rowdy. Then they were asked to leave? I think mainly this incident was caused by the racial tensions being created by the news during this past year.

  167. “How do we know that this woman is telling the truth? Why didn’t the restaurant state that the group was unruly if this is true?”

    How do we know that the other group is telling the truth? Why are we making various assumptions when we obviously don’t know all of the relevant facts?

  168. Most of the comments I’ve read are purely emotional responses, no logic or reasoning.. Let’s all keep fighting amongst ourselves and never stop to look up at the real threats to out liberty. Divide and conquer anyone? Imagine if people began to look at the real threat, ‘banksters’, cronies, the ruling class, the 3 sisters, special interest groups, the disposition matrix, and so on..? It’s hard for some to stop and consider what is going on behind the curtains. There’s no way that the few would come together and conspire to rule the many.. Right? He who controls the money, controls the world. And the last time I checked, a select few control the money supply. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this info or apathetic to it, I implore you to do some research.. Things are not what they seem, and yes, reality is stranger than fiction at times… Welcome to the r3VOLution!

  169. Ahem….
    The Rev. is here, the…Rev….Is…Here.
    Sorry it took so long to reply I was busy disproving that those black boys in Oklahoma shot that upside down Aussie Honky, then I had to go up to Washington to prove that the 88 y.o WWII vet that was ‘allegedly’ beat to death by those harmless afro-american teenagers of ours, actually died of natural causes.
    This article is 100% false…DO NOT believe a word of that traitor lady. She has been brainwashed by the White Devil. In the name of Jesse Jackson, Amen.

    Obama is not half white!

  170. Thank you for posting the other side of the story. All I can say about the situation is that if you have a group that large, you need to call ahead and make sure the restaurant knows you are coming. I don’t know of very many restaurants that would be able to handle a group that size without a very long wait. I am in a group of less than 20 that has parties twice a year, and we reserve our spot two months in advance. (I live in Las Vegas. lots of restaurants here)

  171. Blacks in America have secured themselves a “REPUTATION”. Because of that ‘reputation’ blacks are now believed to be the guilty party in ANY altercation of any kind with anyone NOT another black. They made this reputation themselves by behaving as this group of blacks did. Now, they will just have to accept the ‘reputation’ that they, themselves made FOR themselves. As soon as I hear ANY of the “racial whine” I automatically assume that it’s the black living up to the black “groupthink” reputation. Racism. And all that follows is “fabrication” and distortion of facts based on the ‘racial whine’. I just don’t believe what blacks say anymore. Haven’t since the whole ‘racial whine’ started.

  172. I’m from Charleston and I have been to all of the wild wing locations there. The staff are all very accommodating and when I read the story about the group of 25 getting refused seats “because they were black” I laughed my ass off because I knew they were probably being roudy. Thankfully a waitress spoke out telling the true story. How can a group of 25 people, waiting for 2 hours because they expect to sit together without a reservation, regardless of race, not get obnoxious in the waiting room?

  173. Hmmm….let’s see. An “anonymous” caller; a mgr who had them wait for 2 hours; a reason given that a custorm was “uncomfortable” with them;a corp head office that waits 3 wks and doesn’t respond until a complainants facebook page goes viral. I’ll said with the family on this one. And btw, anyone prefacing their comments with “and I’m African-American” probably isn’t.

  174. I frequent this establishment all the time and I am never treated unfairly. I believe this women’s version of the story. I have seen the staff at this establishment treat whites, blacks, native americans, and all other races the same. I am so tired of everything becoming a race issue!!! This is the problem in this country today.

  175. They were ‘entitled’ to be obnoxious by their dear leader.

    I’ve witnessed a huge upsurge in this type of behavior.

    Get this folks, You are SPECIAL……….Just like everyone Else!

    So get over your attitude, it is NOT making you better and it is certainly not helping you get what you want…respect!

  176. White guilt is all used up. For some reason blacks in large groups get aggressive and very racial. Whatever.. who cares anymore? The majority of crime is by blacks. They have a lot of hatred and while our society used to really want to fix that, I think we all realize now that the more we tried, they more entitled and aggressive they become. Our apologetic society has created a huge monster class. The only large group of people left that care about skin color are the blacks. Im done , I don’t care what their ancestors went through. Im American Indian and we were almost wiped out. I mean get over yourselves. I think the first step to control this should be to stop giving extra welfare money for each child popped out after two for whites and blacks and pinks or greens. Quit paying to increase the ghetto class and we will begin to take control of perpetuating this kind of lifestyle and attitude. I want to quit paying for these people. I think America wants to quit paying for these people. Browse youtube and look at the aggression from blacks targeting whites. Its sickening. Im just done pretending. They create their own problems. No sympathy

  177. So, I almost completely side with the staff on this. Even though there’s little evidence in the entire case for either side, honestly, what makes more sense? A restaurant, a place of business that stays open solely on the fact that customers come to purchase their food and can be ruined easily by bad publicity, treated a large group of people (and therefore a decent dinner bill) with disrespect? Or, that these people were being disrespectful and got told to leave and now in an attempt to cause some static or possible eek some money out of the place they cry wolf?

    About two years ago I finished up my third year as a cashier for a locally owned grocery store in a decent suburban area. Take two guesses as to which race of people were the most infuriating and problematic. Sure, there were plenty of white people who were just insufferable. I had a pregnant white woman in the store calling another cashier a bitch, slut, and everything else because when wasn’t allowed to get a roasted chicken with her foodstamps. Being assholes isn’t exclusive to one race. But what I noticed when dealing with black customers (not Hispanic, Asian, or any other minority) is that if anything happened the race card would be the first thing thrown out. And I’m not talking about a bunch of ghetto boys running around acting like lunatics for fun. I’ve had grown women and men which were making a decent living (we chased their paychecks there too) start braying out calling me a racist at the silliest of things.

    I pressed a food stamp button while cashing a check once. The buttons are literally right on top of each other with | | that much space in between. It was an honest mistake and I corrected it on my own as soon as it happened. No problem right? No, there was obviously a problem. The women (a black woman btw) decides to start complaining about how I’m a racist for assuming she had foodstamps and when I tried to explain to her it was a misunderstanding she just pushed the issue. I’m obviously under the impression that she’s trashy because I’m white and she’s black and blah, blah, blah. So, she goes on a rant for about five minutes, drawing the attention of the other customers and making a spectacle of herself. At this point I gave up and just let her go on with whatever she was trying to do. Now, she’s calling to her family across the store and telling them to come over and talk to the “whitey with a bad impression of our people”. My manager comes up eventually and tells the family to leave. Being that my boss was also white, things didn’t get much better. To make this long story a little shorter I ended up telling the woman off a little. Nothing insulting but rather stating the obvious that this had nothing to do with race and she’s only bring this up because all she can see about me was that my skin color was different than hers, if she didn’t like what was going on then she can leave and go call the store owner or file a report with whoever handles this kind of stuff. We had to call the cops to get her to leave.

    Bonus info – This woman was the wife of a minister. He was a regular customer but his wife had never been there before that day. He came back and apologized to us later. I was around 18 years old at the time and this woman was probably in her mid-30’s, so she felt the need to accost a teenager in public. Also, I was in an interracial relationship at the time and currently am married and have a child with the same person. So yeah, pressing the wrong buttons make you racist.

    After all this I was reprimanded for speaking to the woman so this might be why the person didn’t give a name. Business can be so backwards some times. I know where I worked we were “encouraged” to keep silent if problems like this happened even if we were attempting to defend ourselves. I’ve seen many coworkers give out half-forced apologies to assholes because “the customer’s always right”.

  178. He had a dream, when man would not be judged by the colour of his skin but by the but by the content of their character. Our problem in this case seems that we don’t know for sure whether it was the content of their caracter or the colour of their skin. Since I was not there I chose not to judge either party. Is it possible that both are telling some part of the same truth but are unwilling to tell the whole truth. Why weren’t they told that there would be about an hours wait? And yes if my wife and I had to wait an hour and hadn’t beed told, my wife would be all over them, obnoxious and making flippant comments to customers and staff. I’m afraid it’s not the colour of her skin, but the content of her character. But I sort of like that character when they are on your side.

  179. But really, 2 hours wait and you don’t expect people to get irate??? What type of management do they have? If you have one area that could accommodate them and you have agreed to give them an area for all to be seated together, as the customers left that area you don’t keep seating smaller parties there. And you will not make me believe it took two hours for that area to be cleared! And this so called employee has made the situation worse and should be disciplined for speaking out of order.

  180. I frequent this wild wing in fact im sitting here right now and im telling you there is no discrimination that goes on here. You really have to be over the top to be asked to leave. I will have to say that there are alot of rude African americans in the North Charleston area. Ive traveled the country and have never seen such rude entitled folks here. There was a table just the other day of my fellow Boeing workers who were all African american and they ran up a $180 tab with great service mind you and left 0 tip.

  181. Oh and btw this wasnt Buffalo Wild Wings by Tanger it was Wild Wing Cafe on Rivers just found that out but same thing applies. Rude assholes get booted period no matter your skin color!

  182. Well i know this group of people, and they are not the type to say these words. One person is a preacher and talented music instructor. I dont believe the worker at all

  183. If there was ever any doubt that the group was discriminated against all you need to do is read all the comments from the racist bigots in here. Thank you for demonstrating so well why bigots like you should be mocked and ridiculed.

  184. This makes me laugh so hard! Some of you are unbearably ignorant because you have determined in your feeble minds that ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. When a group of black individuals from the Boule and Jack and Jill or MENSA step into a restaurant, do you honestly believe they are going to act the same as a group of people from Hood-Town USA? Honestly?
    You probably don’t even know MENSA, or that your are using a PC because a black man managed a team that created the modern PC (and he holds the patents).
    ANYWAYS, I refuse to take a side in this story because everyone wants to make their side look better.
    I WANT VIDEO! But oh wait, they had to turn that off because . . . why? Think about it.

  185. Oh Terrel, here you are accusing us of taking the first thing we hear and running with it and it looks to me like you are really excited to take the second thing you hear and run the opposite direction. I bet every wingnut on the planet will be sharing this from here to China within an hour like it was handed down from above. By tonight this woman will have grown a name and picture and be snapping her gum in a video. I too found a couple things that just don’t seem right. Its almost like this thing tries to hit every racist talking point from a list. And ya, I really don’t hear “whitey” used by anyone much besides white people who are trying to parody black people. This thing is about as phony sounding as George Zimmerman’s heroic rescue. And Kingpin, the last time I heard anyone call themself an Afro-American was in the 70’s. Good try guys but this dog don’t hunt……

  186. No way I can’t believe a group of people acting stupid got kicked out of a restaurant!!! Wtf people? Really? Doesn’t matter the color of your skin, you act like an idiot and and are disrespectful to an establishment you will most likely get kicked out! Now the fact that they were black makes it wrong? Just because they were black? White people do dumb sh*t all the time and yes to all our surprise get arrested and thrown out of restaurants and clubs and bars just the same as blacks. So why is this controversial? Oh they were black, that’s right I guess the restaurant owes them something now.. Right!!


  188. I find it amazing how some people act in restaurants. If they acted that way at somebody’s home as a dinner guest they would be kicked out at gunpoint!

    Courtesy is something lacking these days. I’ve seen many mouthy and arrogant black diners, I wished I knew where they learned that kind of behavior. If you’re over 13 years old and still doing that you have a problem!

  189. I don’t find this hard to believe at all!!!! I see black people act like this on a daily basis. And it is only getting worse. I live in Tulsa OK and I am Native American and it is disgusting to me that they think American’s owe them EVERYTHING!!! If you want to be treated with respect, no matter what color you are, SHOW RESPECT to EVERYONE!!! if you don’t like it here, you claim you’re African American, then GO BACK TO AFRICA!!! and shut the hell up with your damn ebonics. . . it just makes you sound stupid and uneducated!!!

  190. There are two sides to every story…but this side seemed to somehow weave every stereotype of large groups of African Americans into it. They were loud, rude, impatient, bullies who called people whitey? I am surprised she didn’t throw in a comment about them threatening not to tip. Not to mention, thus far her story is the ONLY counter claim from that night.

    • Stereotype: a set of generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly

      Stereotypes occur through repeated experiences that lead to predictions of an expected behavior.

      If you want a different stereotype, the group needs to learn to behave in a civilized world

  191. I’m calling bullshit on this supposed “confession” by the “worker”

    This supposed story from a worker who supposedly contacted this website of all places…is nothing more than a comment left by a reader of the original story. I saw this yesterday. Anyone could have written that. Bullshit like that easily takes on a life of its own because you all are so ready to believe that blacks are just whining about racism and are the cause of EVERY negative encounter that you don’t even care how bogus the source is as long as the words back up your biased opinions….

  192. I sure wish you black people would stop ruining it for those blacks who chose to make something of themselves and are now doctors lawyers and even President and arguably the most powerful person in the world.

    pull up your draws, get an education, get some manners get a job and stop whining like a girl.

    Black americans have it better than blacks in any country on the planet.

    Don’t make me come out of this grave and haunt you!

  193. If this was an issue of some unruly people whether black or white why would corporate offer a FREE MEAL. Businesses are in this to MAKE money not give it away. As for that Unknown woman if you were a racist getting flack for being a racist dont you think she may just try to be ANONYMOUS?? I would to save my job. Give me a break. Look Mrs. Manager maybe you ought to own up or are you one of those people that think they are perfect. Humans make mistakes. Its also a good idea to own up instead of COVER UP. Maybe you parents didnt teach you that.

  194. It doesn’t matter what color you are, not calling to make a reservation or at least give a restaurant a heads up BEFORE you arrive when your party is more then ten people is stupid.

  195. I believe this story, I am a black woman, I know Micheal Brown from RB Stall High School, I know he had an affair on his wife with a former group member of focus, and I also was one of many that laughed my ass of to see he was a so called Minister when he sent me a friend req on facebook. It is sad that some white people view us in a negative light, however when we act like all the stereotypes put on us, we empower those who hate us, we lower the power of those who have been discriminated against. It is just like women who want to be respected, and boycott using the word bitch, hoe, or whore. Yet you raise your daughters to twerk, and have different men in and out of your life. There are three sides to every story… To the idiots that wonder why this woman choose to be Annonymous, in any corporation there is a person or department that handle speaking with the media, anyone who makes a comment will be terminated immediately. It is sad racism still exists, but we all have preconceived notions about other races. Open your eyes Trayvonn Martin believed another cracker was about to mess with him, and Zimmerman was stuck on they always get away. My confession, after 911 every Muslim was out to get us, you would have a grand wizard and black panther believe that they may have to join forces to kill the Taliban. DC sniper…. Every black person including myself initially thought this is some crazy ass white boy. Being that Ive known this man from age 11 to 23, I am currently 34 and still communicate with the former focus member who slept with him for years and aborted his child. Some people can change, but he isn’t one of them. Wolves in the pulpit is another Charleston tragedy. I believe the wild wing worker’s story to be more credible. Noone
    here mentioned this woman is married to a black man with bi-racial children. #stopthehate #stopthelies #everywhitepersonisnotaracist

    • Thank you for your honesty. I think most of us are decent people that want to get along but the hatemongers on all sides have their own agenda. Your post gives me hope.

  196. Black racists create public disturbance, get kicked out, blame it on “racism.” What disgusting hypocrites.
    I’m sure that this restaurant has served many blacks and not had to kick them out. These were just entitled white-hating racists. Period.
    White people are going to have to start standing up and stop being doormats for these black bigots.

  197. This is so depressing on so many levels. When I first read the story it didn’t ring true for obvious reasons. No corporation wants to be hit with the race card and no restaurant wants to lose 25 paying customers. A “white woman” saying she felt threatened “for no reason” and the guy pulling out his phone to film the manager when they were asked to leave triggered all alarms on the bs detector. Firstly, no one with any sense or manners walks into a restaurant with a party of 25. Secondly, no one, least of all a white person, is going to say they feel threatened by a party of black customers in this increasingly anti-white, everyone’s a racist except blacks, climate unless some kind of altercation transpired. Thirdly, setting up a FB page to boycott the restaurant, claiming to have footage and alleging racism in a restaurant largely patronized by blacks smacks of someone looking for a quick easy payday from Corporate America which has probably already cut the check. That the truth even came out at all is surprising. I voted for Obama and have never felt more scared for my country than I do now. Race relations in this country were better when I was a baby. Any intelligent conservative black person who tries to address the real problems facing their community, ie Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Bill Cosby et al, get dismissed as “Uncle Toms”. 40+ years of affirmative action and welfare benefits has resulted in an entitled underclass of violent angry people that blame everyone else for their problems and refuse to take responsibility for anything, even something as simple as using a restaurant that takes reservations and booking a private room for a party of 25. So much easier to call everyone else a racist and be a victim than behave like a grown-up. Meanwhile violent hate crimes committed by blacks against whites and asians go largely unreported and ignored by the media. Even in rare instances where they are ie Chris Lane or Delbert Belton, the silence from the White House is deafening. Civil rights have been hijacked by militant racists who only care about who they can sue and blame and get their “pound of flesh” from. Equal justice for all was a dream we all shared but sadly there is no Dr. King to lead or unite us now.

  198. Anyone responding to this using the term “Afro-American” is just a racist pretending to be black. No one says Afro-American anymore, you backwards idiots.

  199. At the end of the day Wild Wings got cameras like any other well established business especially for security at that hour… Videos don’t lie! I don’t believe the employee… The best defense is the security cameras! Also why apologize if the establishment was in the right…(you can’t possibly say that was the professional way…LMAO!) NORMAL professional theory would be to make a section to accommodate the costumers! Unprofessional!

    • BIG DICK yup you’re the eminent entrepreneur here and we should all listen well since you deign to even dignify us w your wealth of restaurant expertise.

      your post is too transparent and we know you are one of those people

      DICK what’s the dif between blacks and canoes? Canoes tip

      • Can we please stop the ignorance. And just to state facts: I have seen non tippers cross all race and socioeconomic statuses, including wealthier white men. So please leave your racist comments to yourself. Obviously, we know what type of person you are.

        • yeah coming from an Obama supporting myrmidon who has never been a server and can’t define “racist”. first go look up the definition and get back with me.

        • I kind of am jumping in the middle here & it appears that some comments have been made in a rather unpleasant way. However I have to say the simple fact is that black people do have a name for not typing period. My gf is black & not only does she also say so but hate to say it she is a tight wad when tipping. My daughter, son, ex-wife(yrs ago) & several family friends have been servers & every single one complained that black people don’t tip. I found this to be true when I was a bartender at 3 different establishments. So y’all get mad but facts are facts LMAO black servers fight that they don’t want to serve other black people for this reason.

  200. I think the answer is simple.This isn’t anybody else’s problem but their own. Let them deal with it, and let them figure it out for themselves. If we cry foul everytimw someone has a bad experience at a restaurant or a store, all we will hear in the world is complaining.

    Listen, we are quick to intervene online because we are relatively distant to the situation, but if this wasn’t a situation that you would have been willing to interfere in in person, then move on.

    There are a lot more serious situations in the world that need real action. This isn’t taking action. This is throwing your two cents into the conversation without any real solution.

    We can’t control each other, if nature taught us anything is that life will take the course it chooses but we can guide it if we at least try. However guiding doesn’t mean controlling because when life is controlled, over time it will never flourish. You have to trust and believe and hope that your true actions will bring a happier tomorrow.

    Our time in this world is too short to not take action while we are still on it. To stay passive and take no action is to watch it as it crumbles. You want to change this world than believe that there are heroes, and become one. Prove it everyday with your actions and try to make it better one interaction and step at a time. If anything we should learn from the world around us, is that change takes time but if you have the power to make this world different now then prove it with your actions.

  201. I have read both sides to this story & I can only speak from my 50 yrs of life & my last 4 yrs in particular. The last 4 yrs I have been dating a woman that happens to be black & all her friends are black. I am often if not always the only white person in the group when with her friends. I don’t mean to be judgmental but I have seen exactly what this employee said happened on many occasions. I am with me GF & her friends often when the say “I hate white people cracka”. Then they politely turn to me & say OWWW not you Bobby oww well then it’s ok WTF REALLY. The words Niggar & nigger roll out of their mouths like please & thank you. When I say I am offended I get a WTF attitude that they are entitled to talk like that. SO wait a sec if someone at a reassertion talks to my GF like that I should I want to kick there ass but her friend does it’s ok BULLSH*T

  202. Nice try, but even corporate management is apologizing. Is this what it has come down to? Instead of acknowledging racism, make up some twisted story to play into the stereotype of the loud obnoxious blacks? Most likely you found them threatening & loud for the simple fact that they were black and there were 25 of them. If they were doing so wrong why did they start videotaping to catch the bigotry on film? None of what’s said repudiates the actual facts of the story, which is that they were waiting for only 2 hours and couldn’t be seated because a white woman felt “threatened” by them. Nice try, but this is pathetic

  203. The manager should be terminated. Not because of a racist act; but because of their lack of situational management skills. if a restaurant cannot accommodate a crowd (which happens), you should say something long before people wait for even one hour! Of course the customers may begin to become rowdy!
    The manager is apparently not trained to properly manage (which include communication) different situations; therefore allowing the situation to become an issue. In my mind, the manager used the customer’s complaint/concern to address the issue of inability to accommodate the crowd, making both customers (the white person with the issue and the blacks who were waiting) victims of their own incapability.

  204. The manager should be terminated. Not because of a racist act; but because of their lack of situational management skills. if a restaurant cannot accommodate a crowd (which happens), you should say something long before people wait for even one hour! Of course the customers may begin to become rowdy!
    The manager is apparently not trained to properly manage (which include communication) different situations; therefore allowing the situation to become an issue. In my mind, the manager used the customer’s complaint/concern to address the issue of inability to accommodate the crowd, making both customers (the white person with the issue and the blacks who were waiting) victims of their (the manager’s) own incapability.

  205. One thing that is undisputed is that a party of 25 showed up at a restaurant during a meal serving and expected to be seated together with a short wait at most. Wasn’t at least one of the 25 worldly enough or with just a bit of common sense to realize that it would be advisable to call the restaurant ahead of time to make a reservation or to just give the restaurant a heads up so that they could be accommodated as they wanted? Seating a large party such as this one especially during a serving time involves making sure that a sufficient number of tables are clear in an area so that they can be pushed together. Even if the restaurant had a private room for parties a call would be necessary to reserve the room. And let’s not forget, it was a WHITE person complaining about black individuals using the N-word, not the other way around.

  206. I knew this was the real version of the story! I don’t understand why it’s always a color issue, it’s called act like a well mannered adult when you’re in public that’s it ! I don’t wanna hear your loud obnoxious cursing self when I’m paying to eat at a decent place. Glad this woman spoke up!

  207. I’m buying this version too….I know dang well that no group of 25 Black people didn’t hang around for 2 hours without starting some ignorance…they probably came in wild and just cause they wanted to party doesn’t mean everybody else that came in the restaurant wants too. I am buying this one.

  208. Has any new information surfaced on this situation? This story is nearly 2 years old. This just didn’t happen yesterday.

  209. Two things, 1) if 25 of you are going to a restaurant, call and make sure theycan accommodate a large number such as that.
    2)Eat at home! Y’all cook your favourite meal, come together and share!

  210. I know this is an old post but who in the hell Waits 2 hours to be seated. If you’re going to have a large party of people shouldn’t you call and make a reservation so they can already have that section cleared for you. I am an African American and I do not sell out my people but I do have friends that constantly use the n-word in public. I find myself sometimes having to parent my friends language especially when we’re in a family-friendly restaurant. Sometimes I just want to put my head under the table. You should have different personalities for different places. When you are at home you behave a certain way because you’re at your house comma when you’re at your friend’s house you should behave a certain way because you’re a guest and when you’re at a restaurant or any other public place you should behave how you want people to treat you. Customer service is based on how you behave. If you want the best customer service be the best individual you can be. When I go out into public I don’t behave nor speak the same way I behave and speak at home because I am responsible for being a role model to my students and to my family members.

  211. I don’t believe that lie
    Yes, there are two sides but the white man’s side is always going to make their side the right one. If they were being loud after waiting two hours wtf did you expect. I will be sure that I don’t go there next week when I visit Charleston.. My family enjoys eating there but they will get over it.

  212. I don’t know how much of this is true. you honestly would have to take both stories and blend them to get the truth. I don’t know many black people out there dropping nigger repeatedly. note if she would of said nigga then I would be like yeah OK make sense. but who knows

  213. I believe some may have been upset yet, would have never waited TWO HOURS. I believe the story about Wild Wings because it’s happened to me a couple of years ago in Augusta, GA. We had a party of “four ” and everyone that came in after us were quickly acknowledged and seated (All Whites). After the fourth party was seated I went to the hostess and asked did the prior parties have reservations, she looked at me like I was speaking French, and said “I didn’t see you guys sitting there”………. This is the same young lady that signed my name on the log and came in the exact same waiting area to get the people to be seated…… I nicely informed her that she was correct and that we weren’t sitting there any longer” We left without an argument and have NEVER been back. So, I believe what the group says happened, if it went down the way the employee stated, the police would have been called.. quickly.

  214. I suspect both things could be true. Members of the Black group may have said something ugly and the restaurant staff didn’t want them there after. However according to the Facebook post they were offered a free meal. If they were a real problem why offer them anything.

  215. I don’t believe the unidentified person story myself, because first and foremost why would you offer to give them a free meal? And second of all waiting for two hours to be seated is possible if it’s a large group btw. And another thing if they can’t talk to the press but can make a post on fb gtfoh the person just didn’t want nobody to know who they was because just maybe it’s all lies!!!

  216. If you show up at a restaurant with 25 people without a reservation expect to wait. If you and your group were respectful to the restaurant and the worker’s without rude comments about your wait when you know that you should have made a reservation than no you should have not been asked to leave. And by the way 2 hours is not a bad wait fir 25 people. However, if you and your party or someone in your party was being loud and rude and making racial comments such as whitey. Then yes you should have
    been asked to leave. Im black and I wouldn’t want you in a restaurant were I was acting like that.

  217. Perhaps if this restaurant is a nation-wide chain place, we should boycott their places all over to teach them a lesson, we deserve respect like anyone else.

  218. Sorry I’m white and I don’t believe her bull.

    They were supposedly rowdy and loud for two hours calling other customers names and were rude to a deaf lady? For two hours? And you didn’t ask them to leave for two hours?
    Well then all the staff should be sacked for terrible customer service. If I was one of your customers trying to enjoy my meal while a crowd was shouting and cussing people out and being rude to other customers they would have been removed and banned from there after one warning which would have been given after five minutes of unrulyness.

    There is not one restaurant on this planet that would withstand two hours of rowdy behaviour before acting on it.

    As someone else said you would be willing to identify yourself, if this was true, because you would have no reason to hide or do you think the big bad black man is gonna get you in the dark? /sarcasm.

    Finally the guy said he taped the staff asking him and the staff freaked. If there was nothing bad going on wouldn’t you want it filmed as evidence to prove you did nothing wrong. Reminds me of all those cops who’s camera stopped working at just the right time.

    This story is a complete fabrication.

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