Witnesses state woman De’Andre Johnson punched at bar called him the N-word


A man striking a woman vs a woman striking a man.  A man should never hit a “lady.” Is an intoxicated confrontational woman a “lady?” Other races using the “N-word.” Should a woman be arrested if she hits a man first?” These are all outrageously sensitive subjects for some people so I’m going to leave it at that. What I will say is it is apparent this woman is intoxicated and confrontational in the video. She obviously did not want to let FSU Quarterback De’Andre Johnson in to get his drink and she tried to block him from the open space as she threatened him then he in-turn attempted to restrain her. Witnesses are coming forth and stating she said to De’Andre after she tried to block him, “Get off me you f’kn Ni$5er” shortly thereafter, she struck him. Did she deserve what she got or was he still wrong?  In the black community someone from another race calling a black man a “Ni$%er” is considered “fighting words.” Should she have also been arrested?  The witnesses are willing to testify in court according to TMZ.  Your thoughts?


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