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Will Musicoin Cryptocurrency Revolutionize the Music Industry?


Cryptocurrency is huge right now but also volatile and not available to invest in via most major online brokers for those of us who want to be ahead of the 8-ball. Premiere radio PD Hurricane Dave recently informed me that “Cryptocurrency is so new that a lot of the trading companies like Ameritrade don’t trade in cryptocurrency stocks. I do a ton of research and purchase on my own. I use Binance.com 95% of the time when it comes to buying coins. Most people have a Coinbase account but they only have four coins when there is over 1000 coins in the market. As I have to tell everyone I am not a financial advisor. Only invest in what you can afford to lose 100% of.  
I will echo Dave's sentiments, Digital and Radio Facts is also not a financial adviser.
Musicoin ($MUSIC) is in its 4th stage of development and is slated to not only change the way the industry currently works but to also “solve” some of the current issues concerning payment for use in the industry with PPP (Pay Per Play) (ahem). The developers are very ambitious about the concept.
“The streaming industry is ripe for disruption by blockchain technology [30] and Musicoin is the first platform in the cryptocurrency space that is unleashing the power of blockchain technology to heal the woes that afflicts the music industry. Our primary goal is to remove all middlemen and close the gap between the musician and the listener. In the process, Musicoin will abolish the pernicious problems plaguing today’s music industry as outlined above, by decentralizing distribution and consumption of music, making musical contracts fair and automated, and paving the way for a self-sustaining business model. Musicoin, by fairly rewarding all participants on the platform, aspires to be the leading global ecosystem for goods and services built around music.”
The white paper is pretty interesting and if you want to read it click here

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